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We recently made an update to reduce anxiety, but this one is aimed purely at reducing frustration. Previously, when making changes to either the HTML or text component of your email creative from the Campaign Snapshot, you’d be forced to go through the update steps for both.

This became all the more frustrating when you wanted to make a small tweak to the text component of your email, but were forced to re-import your HTML version first. Today I’m pleased to say this annoyance has been removed and as per the screenshot below, you can now make quick changes to either your HTML or text versions in a single click.

Screenshot of the new editing functionality available in the campaign snapshot

This was one of those annoyances that kept getting delayed for bigger updates, but enough was enough!

  • Damien

    Another good update – nothing major but plenty of time saving improvements. Keep up the good work!

  • Cheshire

    That’s funny — I used that function tonight and thought, “I wonder why I never noticed that before — what a handy thing.” Such a natural addition, it’s like it’s been there the whole time. Nice work.

  • Dave Foy

    Hurrraaay!!! Thanks guys.

  • Michael Williams

    This is great, but I think it could be even better. Right now I’m making tiny, iterative changes to the HTML of my email, which I keep on the my website, and I’m having to click next half a dozen times each time to send each test email (Edit, Next, Get My Campaign, Next, Define Delivery, Tick, Send Test).

    A link next to the HTML version’s Edit and Preview which does a “Refresh”, i.e. grabs the HTML from the URL you’ve previously used, and leaves you on the Campaign Snapshot, would make this much less tedious (Refresh, Define Delivery, Tick, Send Test). The Refresh link could dump you in the usual place if there are errors, and the Edit link would still be there if you needed to change the URL from which the HTML was grabbed.

    There could even be a “Refresh HTML and Resend Test T These Recipients” link somewhere on the Test the Campaign page, so the whole thing can be done in one click!

  • Dave Greiner

    Michael, thanks so much for the thoughtful suggestion, but we’ve already got a feature that makes this process a piece of cake. You can use our “Test Campaign” feature under the Create/Send tab to easily send a URL to an email address. This will allow you to send your changes to yourself in a single click, and is precisely what we built this feature for.

    Hope that helps.

  • Michael Williams

    Ah, right you are. I figured this must be such a common usage scenario that I couldn’t be the only one missing the feature. I do think it would be nice to integrate it into the Create Campaign process as I describe, as well as breaking it off into a quick fire-and-forget Test Campaign tab, but what’s there now is fine. Thanks for the quick reply.

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