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After a marathon project, the new Campaign Monitor is finally here! It’s been months long, and a lot of listening, planning, design, effort, sweat and takeaway Thai food went into making it happen. Now that it is finally live, we’d like to introduce you to Campaign Monitor again, and cover some of the common questions.

What’s new?

The biggest thing is of course the merger of the old Campaign Monitor and MailBuild into one product. That means you can now choose for any client whether to send for them, give them access just to reports, or subscribers, or let them send their own campaigns.

This has been a very popular request for some time, so thanks to everyone who let us know what they wanted! For MailBuild customers, the launch has brought along with it all those features of Campaign Monitor you have been coveting, like design and spam testing and authentication.

You’ll find new reporting, better subscriber management and more as you start using Campaign Monitor in earnest. We’ll post more about the new features over the coming weeks.

I’d like to thank…

While the entire Freshview team put in a huge effort, we did not do it alone. An official ‘double thumbs up’ award goes to the super talented Jesse Bennett Chamberlain for the spectacular design of this very website.

Taking the design and turning it into a living breathing website are fellow Aussies Wayde and Leevi from Newism, who we can’t recommend highly enough. Their ExpressionEngine implementation is a joy to use and their front end coding of the highest quality.

A couple of FAQs

While this launch was by most measures trouble free, there are a couple of common questions we can help with:

Can I merge my Campaign Monitor and MailBuild account?

Although we would have loved to make this possible, lots of research indicated it just would not be feasible. We’d advise you to choose one account for all your future usage, and keep the other for historical data. We’ll never expire your old reports. You can of course export your subscriber lists at any time for importing into your other accounts.

Ah! My lists and clients have disappeared!

Don’t panic! If you log in and suddenly don’t see some of your information, it’s just that you had more than one account in Campaign Monitor or MailBuild (or both). If you had a MailBuild account, just continue to log in from your site address you’ve always used. If it’s a Campaign Monitor account, use our login page, but don’t enter a site address. You’ll be prompted to set up your new site address for that account next.

What’s next for Campaign Monitor?

Once we’ve made sure that things are running smoothly (and the team has had a nice cup of tea and a good lie down) we’ve got some pretty cool improvements planned. You might have noticed things have been quiet on the feature front for a while, and now you understand why.

We’ll be changing that soon enough, getting stuck into some of the things we’ve been wanting to add for ages. We always love to get your feedback, so drop us a line or leave a comment because now would be the perfect time to be heard.


Thanks so much to everyone who has been patient while we had downtime this weekend, and while we had to turn down really great feature requests to focus on this upgrade. We hope you’ll find that it was all worthwhile. We’re looking forward to sharing a big 2009 with all of you.

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