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When we re-launched Campaign Monitor last month, we made the hard decision to remove the export functionality from the reports. The original export feature created a basic HTML page that contained a summary of your campaign, but we were never really happy with it. The formatting wasn’t consistent with the app, it printed poorly and many customers found the HTML format always required extra work to “pretty up” for clients.

While most of you share your campaign reports with clients by giving them access to their account, there are also a big number of you that use these report exports to keep your customers in the loop. They are especially handy for those busy clients that just want a succinct summary of the results of the campaign.

With this in mind, we’ve rebuilt the export feature from the ground up to be much more consistent with the new reporting style. The reports are white-labeled so there is never any mention of Campaign Monitor and we’ve moved to PDF format so you can instantly pass it on to your clients. Here’s a quick shot of a report I just printed up.

A printed version of the new campaign reports

The export feature is now available in all accounts from your Campaign Snapshot page. Just click the Export button in the top right corner and we’ll generate a great looking report with the latest statistics from your campaign. Thanks again for your patience as we overhauled the report, we hope you like it.

  • Wayde Christie

    Awesome work!

  • Anna Yeaman

    Thanks for making me look good with this low maintenance way to keep my clients happy!

  • Sanne Wijbenga

    Nice! Would be even better if the report would be more complete (clicks over time, who clicked what etc…). Maybe some kind of wizard?

  • David Greiner

    Thanks for the great comments guys. Sanne, based on customer feedback we decided to go for more of an executive summary than pull all the reports together. This seemed to be the most common way people were using the reports.

    Of course, we’ll always consider adding more details if that’s what you guys need, but for more detailed reporting, the best approach is probably giving that client full report access.

  • Steve

    Thank you a million times over. If it could bear the logo graphic on the account holders setup that would be another nice touch.

    Hopefully next will be an export button for spam and design testing!

  • John O

    Excellent work. CM just gets better and better. This make me look extra smart to my clients (who are already impressed with the service).

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