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For the past few months we’ve been gathering feedback from developers through email, Twitter and our forums on what you guys might like to see in the Campaign Monitor API. For those not familiar with it, our API makes it easy for you to interact with your Campaign Monitor account from your own web sites and applications. It’s the plumbing behind our growing list of plugins for tools like WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

While the available methods were great for managing subscribers, accessing reports and even sending campaigns, there was still lots of functionality available in the application that you couldn’t manage via the API. Today we’re much closer to closing that gap with a host of new methods and updates to our most popular wrappers.

New Methods

The new methods focus on giving our resellers access to client management from their own tools and applications. Now you can add new clients to your account, change the prices you charge someone and create new subscriber lists all without logging in. And that’s just the start. Here’s an overview of the new methods available.

Client Management

It’s now possible to create, edit and delete new clients. You can tweak their billing settings and even their permission levels. Here are the new methods at the client level. For those of you rebranding Campaign monitor and selling it to your customers, you can now automatically let clients signup to your account, create free trials and set your own prices. Reselling has never been easier to automate.

* Client.Create
* Client.Delete
* Client.GetCampaigns
* Client.GetDetail
* Client.GetLists
* Client.GetSegments
* Client.GetSuppressionList
* Client.UpdateAccessAndBilling
* Client.UpdateBasics

List Management

This has been a hugely requested feature. You can now create update and delete single and confirmed opt-in subscriber lists for each of your clients. You can even manage custom fields and set your own confirmation page on your server. Here are the new list management methods available.

* List.Create
* List.CreateCustomField
* List.Delete
* List.DeleteCustomField
* List.GetCustomFields
* List.GetDetail
* List.Update

Sending test campaigns is now possible

Last year we added the ability to send campaigns through Campaign Monitor from your own systems. You handle the creative, we’ll take care of deliverability and reporting, all without needing to log into your account. In this update we made a small but very useful improvement to the Campaign.Send method. You can now send a limited number of test campaigns via this method free of charge.

Previously, there was no way to send a campaign without actually paying for it via a saved credit card. This obviously made it tricky (and kinda pricey) to test this method when working with it. We were initially giving API developers free credits for this, but now each account comes with the ability to send a limited number of campaigns to less than 5 recipients free of charge.

New API Wrappers for .NET and PHP

To make it as easy as possible for you guys to work with the new methods, we’ve also updated the .NET and PHP wrappers to cover all of these new methods. This means there should be minimal code for you to write if you work in these environments.

You can access both wrappers and other API kits for Flash and Ruby in our API documentation. We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with once you get your hands dirty with the new methods. As usual, feel free to post any feedback, ideas or thoughts on the API in the API developer community within our forums.

  • Wayde Christie

    AWESOME!!! My brain’s now ticking over with sweet CM integration ideas!

    Brilliant work guys – can’t wait to try these out.

  • James

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Amazing work guys

  • smallfurrything

    It’s like Christmas all over again!

  • Kev

    Is it possible to create segments through the API yet? If not, we’d love to have that feature!

  • David Greiner

    Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

    @Kev, thanks for the request, that didn’t make it into this round of updates, but we’ve had a few requests for it to date and it’s certainly something we’ll consider for a future update.

  • Malcolm H

    Thanks for the new APIs, they will help greatly.

    Any news on template add, this would make the new client.add api really shine as without it, we still have to add the templates manually.

  • David Greiner

    @Malcolm, thanks for the suggestion. We can definitely see how that would be useful, especially if you have a default set of templates you provide for clients. This hasn’t been heavily requested to date because most of you upload custom templates for each client.

    I’ve added your request internally. Keep the feedback coming guys.

  • Malcolm H

    @David, cheers for reply. The reason this is so important to us is that we are building a templates creator for our clients that will create all the code required to pass to your system, this way we can allow clients a wide variety of templates tailored to their needs, colour schemes etc – then it can appear in their accounts ready for use. We could then either provide the service free or minimal cost based on type of functionality.

    If it sways you we could always licence the solution!.

  • David Greiner

    Very cool Malcolm, I love that idea. I’ve passed the request on to our developers, so thanks for clarifying how you plan on implementing it.

  • Chris

    Here’s my vote for Malcom’s suggestion, because it would also facilitate automatically letting new customers sign up for a demo account.

  • Anonimo

    i need sements my users, helpme please

  • Mike M.

    Once a list is created, can the API be used to add a couple thousand new subscribers to that list? I’m pretty sure it can’t, we’d love to see that feature.

  • Tom Collins

    We would love to Add Template via API function too.

    We have 500 new clients(dealers of a major franchise) that need to be added as clients automatically, but pre-loaded with a set of templates

    Any update would be much appreciated.

  • Adski

    We would also like to see an “Add/Update Template” function in your api. Please read my forum response here:


    Thanks in advance ;)

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