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You have always been able to send email campaigns in non-English languages with Campaign Monitor. We send in UTF-8 encoding, which supports the majority of character sets so every æ and ¿ renders fine. Signup forms, confirmation pages and the like are also fully customizable.

The only limitations were the forward to a friend and preference center pages, which had English labels. Today we have removed that last stumbling block with the release of several language options for use on those pages.

We’re launching with four new languages, French, German, Danish and Norwegian (thanks Stig!) and we’ve got a couple more on the way.

To select the language, just jump into the ‘client settings’ tab for each client. In the right hand column you’ll see the links to customize the forward to a friend and preference center pages. Pick the language from the drop down and you are done.

Selecting a language

Don’t worry if your own language of choice is not listed, because we’ve built this to be extensible. If you’d like to help us (and other customers) by adding a translation, please get in touch and we can let you know what is needed.

Here’s what the forward to a friend looks like in Norwegian:


Thanks to everybody who has requested this feature, and thanks also to our Freshview intern Pete, who has made it happen.

  • g


  • mc123

    Will the ability to hide/show and order custom fields in the preference centre be happening soon?

  • Satoshi

    Nice !!

  • Chriz

    Great – thank you guys!

  • Malcolm H

    Great Additional Feature as usual.

    It would be nice to have a setting for UK English throughout the system though as the US English and AUS English use the word customize rather the the UK customise. This single word makes it hard for me to convince my clients that it is a UK service. It appears a few times in headings and throughout the help system.

  • David Greiner

    @mc123 Great question, you’ll be pleased to know that the ability to show and hide custom fields is in our schedule and something we plan on supporting soon. I’ll add a vote for the abilty to reorder now.

    @Malcolm H Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know that was a big issue. I’ll make sure that it’s something we consider.

  • Darren

    @David, good news about custom fields, we’ve had a few requests over the years to do that.

    @Malcolm H, never spotted that before, but I think if some of our clients spotted it they’d scrutinize the system. Having that language option would be useful.

  • James

    I’d also vote for the UK English… because it should be called Preference Centre rather than Preference Center

  • Thijs van Schadewijk

    Great, can I help you getting Dutch ready?

  • clyve bosteels

    nice nice and thank you !!!

    campaignmonitor in french !!!

    i speak not english or very little :-)

  • Michael Michel

    Hi, I can help you guys for the dutch one.


  • Ole Fritz

    Good work.

    Looking forward to the complete l10n of campaign monitor ;)


  • Stacey Waspe

    Hi guys! This is great! We’ve been sending localized newsletters for years, so this is a wonderful addition.

    Will this feature be available on a per campaign or per list basis in the future, or will it always be restricted to the client I’m sending for?

    We use CM to send localized messages to our clients around the world, so the lists are segmented by territory/language. I don’t have each list set up as it’s own client.

    Do I need to set up faux “clients” based on language? Or set up each of my 13 lists as individual clients?

  • Bogdan

    Very nice thank you! Now please please make Campaign Monitor itself multilingual. The non-english speaking world is just waiting for this great service!

  • Brett Flower

    Go Pete Wooow!

  • Christopher guillou

    Alright !
    Big thanks to the CM team for filling this gap.
    *Off to add the feature to client campaigns*


    Paris – France

  • Mario Leduc

    That is great! We’ve been looking forward for that. Thanks guys!

  • Mario Leduc

    Just one small question, With a bilingual campaign is it possible to have a language toggle button to switch to a different language. or even better insert parameter to the <forwardtoafriend> tag?

  • Mathew Patterson

    Right now this is a setting per client, so it’s not possible to switch it within a list or campaign. Thanks for the feedback though.

  • Tom

    fantastic! another great selling point for current or potential clients!

  • Brian

    Count my vote for setting the language preference in the <forwardtoafriend> tag — setting the client’s language isn’t as useful as setting the recipient’s language!

    Thanks for putting in the groundwork!

  • Graham Laker

    Another excellent addition – well done guys

  • Manolo

    Indeed great; a huge break-through! Just the setting on client level is a problem; I send each newsletter for one of my clients in 3 languages … thus each time 3 campaigns, but for the same client …

    Anyway, need help with the Greek version? Let me know!

  • David Greiner

    Thanks for the feedback Manolo, we’re currently looking at allowing you to customize the language used on a per campaign or even per-recipient basis. More on that soon.

    We’d love help with the Greek version too, if you have a spare 10 minutes then please get in touch.

  • Onur Özer

    It’s wonderful to see that my translation for the Turkish version is online as well! I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time.

    +1 for setting language with a parameter in <forwardtoafriend> tag.

  • Jonathan

    @Manolo & @David: Let me second that. We also send in English and German, and would like to switch language on a subscriber list basis.

    Can you also have a look at the code support for new subcribers. äs, ös, üs etc. are getting lost when users enter them.

    Keep up the good work!

  • mIDO

    spanishhh please :D

  • Antonio Volpon

    Hi. Nice opportunity, but maybe it would be better to link the language to the subscribers rather than to the client. It could happen that a client has a version of the newsletter for its country, and another for internationa audience.


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