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Boy are we happy to get this one out the door. Ever since we gave your clients the ability to pay for their own campaigns, customers have been asking about distributing credits across their clients. It wasn’t something we figured would be popular, but the votes kept coming in and we couldn’t hold off any longer.

Email credits are a great option for our bigger senders, or those of you with a decent number of clients in your account. By purchasing a reasonable number of credits, you can save up to 50% off our normal prices. When you purchase credits from now on, you have ability to distribute those credits across your clients as you see fit. Here’s a screenshot of credit allocation in action.

Allocating email credits

Once you’ve purchased credits, you can add and remove credits to any client by heading into “Client Settings” and clicking on the “Allocate email credits” link on the right. Please note that you have to pay on behalf of your client in “Client Settings” > “Billing” to get this to work. This new billing option has a number of advantages.

You can indirectly offer bulk discounts to your clients

Previously, if you wanted your clients to send using email credits you purchased, they’d be pulled from your global pool of email credits. This means you couldn’t buy a chunk of credits for one client without them being available for all clients. Now you can make a credit purchase just for a specific client and then allocate all of those credits to their account. Offering bulk discounts also means you can encourage clients to make larger credit purchases to access a better rate.

Automatically cap how much email a client can send

When allocating credits to your clients, you can now set what should happen when those credits run out. You might want to limit the number of campaigns a client sends, and decide they can’t continue sending until you allocate more credits. Alternatively, they can continue sending using your own payment details. It’s up to you and can be set on a client-by-client basis.

We’re excited to get this out into the wild, and hope it gives you even more flexibility over how you bill your clients.

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