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When you create a subscribe form for a list, you can choose to allow the visitor to also sign up to any of your other lists (in the same client account) as seen below.


In the past, only the subscriber’s name and email address would be added to those additional lists, even if you were collecting custom fields. The good news is that we’ve recently made Campaign Monitor a little smarter!

### Custom fields added to all lists

Now when people check a box to join more of your lists, Campaign Monitor will check to see if those lists also have the same custom fields. If they do, then the custom field data is added to those lists too. Any list which does not have the same fields will just get the name and email address.

To make this work, all you need to do is ensure all the custom fields you want to share are exactly the same — the same name, and the same field options if applicable. Check that by going to ‘custom fields’ for each list. You will find that in the right hand column on each list’s page.

Thanks to the customers who have given us feedback and explanations about how you use this feature.

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