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As part of the A/B testing feature we released yesterday, you might have also noticed some other subtle changes when sending a campaign. To explain the changes we made and why, it’s important to provide a little perspective.

A blast from the past

When we launched Campaign Monitor to the public back in 2004, it was originally a fixed width app built for the staggering screen width of 800 pixels. If you’ve been with us for longer than a year, then this screenshot should bring back some memories.

The original Campaign Monitor interface

Because of the steps required in creating a campaign, importing your content and selecting your recipients, a wizard-style experience has always made sense. It makes it clear where you are in the process and sets expectations about what’s coming next.

To control your place in the process, we used Next and Previous buttons. In keeping with the wizard-like experience, we went with the logical positions of Previous on the left and Next on the right.

Where did that button go?

When we launched a redesigned Campaign Monitor interface in December last year, we stuck with the same Next and Previous approach. The problem was, the new interface used a fluid width that adjusted to your screen width. At the maximum width we allowed of 1,800 pixels, trying to click the Next button required a desk extension so your mouse could reach it. Click the screenshot below for a bigger version.

No man's land

Not only is the button for the next action almost out of sight, the button to go back looks like the right button to press. Luke Wroblewski would not be impressed!

A smarter approach

With the redesign of the create and send process for A/B testing, we decided to resolve this issue once and for all. We’ve abandoned the concept of a Previous button altogether and opted for a simple text-based version after the Next button.

Our new design approach

This approach allows the right weight to be put on the primary action of the page, which is progressing forward through the process. This change also meant the primary button was now where it belongs, right under the form you’ve just completed. And finally, this change ensures the create and send process is now consistent with the form and button style of the rest of the application.

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