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Today we’re super excited to announce a new mobile optimized version of Campaign Monitor that gives you and your clients quick access to great looking reports on any campaigns you’ve sent. It’s fast, looks great and is available now. Just head to your account on any popular mobile device like an iPhone or Android and the mobile version will be shown by default. You don’t need to install anything, because it is a web application, not a native phone application.

Here’s a quick preview of how it looks on an iPhone.


A focus on reporting

When deciding what functionality to include in the mobile version, we’ve been keeping a close eye on our customers. It turns out that the most popular section of your account accessed by a mobile device is campaign reporting, so that’s where we focused our efforts. More than 95% of all mobile visitors also come in on an iPod or iPhone variant, so we put a lot of work into making sure the experience was perfect on these devices in particular. It’s a really nice way to get the latest stats on a campaign you’ve sent in a couple of thumb presses.

Great for resellers

One of the biggest issues that stopped us from building a dedicated iPhone application (as opposed to a mobile optimized web version) was that it wouldn’t be any use to our customers who were reselling Campaign Monitor to their clients. We’d have to mention the name Campaign Monitor for starters.

By taking the web application approach, we can keep everything private label. When you or your clients log into their account, there is no mention of Campaign Monitor. We even honor the color scheme you’ve chosen in your account and use that same theme in the mobile version. It’s a great new feature you can pitch to your clients, especially if they’re iPhone addicts like most of our office.

Launch it like a real application

One great thing about the iPhone is that you can launch web applications just like a traditional app you’ve bought from the App Store. By heading into your account with Safari and adding it to your Home screen, you have a dedicated button that will load your latest reports with a single click. We even provide a nice icon and loading screen for you and your clients while the latest stats are downloading.


There is lots of cool technology under the hood of our mobile version, and I’ll be sure to share some of the more interesting details in a future post.

Easy switching

While the mobile version is all about your campaign reports right now, you can still switch to the full version of Campaign Monitor and access all our functionality with a single click. At the footer of every page is a link to switch to the corresponding page in the full version of the app. We’ll automatically switch you back to the mobile version the next time you log in.

Tell us what’s next

We’ve got lots of our own ideas on other features that would be handy in the mobile version. With the first release out the door, we’d love to hear what else (if anything) you would like to see in future updates.

  • Glyn

    I like it, I like it a lot!

  • Peter Andrews

    This is great, love the simple UI!

  • Andrew Beeston

    Great stuff! I was using the web version on my phone but no reporting graphs. Now I can use it nicely :)

  • Jason

    I almost got really upset, as an android owner, I was thinking… “Another iPhone app with no mobile website?!?!?

    And then I read the first paragraph :-)

    Perhaps a change to the title to “CM on your smart phone”?

    Anyways, super excited about this, will make it a lot easier to check in on my client accounts while on the move. The fact you retain the “disguised” client interface is a huge WIN. Well done guys!

  • David Greiner

    Thanks Jason, we’re dedicated to making this version available to all modern smart phones, so please get in touch if you spot anything not working right on your device. Testing can be a challenge.

  • Wayde Christie

    Sweet Safari 3D transitions FTW!!!

  • Gareth Brown

    Great UI, well done for not creating this as an app.

  • Jason Ferrell

    Awesome execution as always. Congrats and well done. Cheers!

  • Mike Bowzeylo

    Love the UI. Customers are gonna really love this. Very polished as usual. Good jobs guys and gals!

  • stephen

    Awesome. nice addition to the platform guys. Would really like to access the list growth graphs tho.

  • Steve Guberman

    Wonderful news, and by far, a really beautiful interface. A few things I noticed on the iPhone:
    • The initial login screen almost seems as though it’s been overlooked in comparison to the rest of the UI design
    • When in reports, the “View Campaign” buttons seems out of place
    • After clicking the “View Campaign” button and getting into the campaign, the only way back is the back button, but that doesn’t take you back to the report, it takes you back to your listing of accounts.

    Other than that, I love it. Great job as usual from you guys!

  • David Greiner

    Steve, glad you’re liking it so far and thanks for the additional feedback.

    Regarding the login screen design, we actually stuck with the standard iPhone login UI for this. We wanted to give you and your clients a consistent experience between our app and others on the iPhone.

    Thanks for the other feedback too, I’ll be sure to discuss this with the team, especially the Back link not taking you to the report you came from. Much appreciated.

  • david

    Yeh I think the login button is in the wrong place – should be bigger and below the 2 entry fields.

    Any chance you used jqtouch for this? or something else.

  • David Greiner

    Thanks David, we did use jQTouch and we plan on writing a post shortly to explain the whole process. jQTouch is brilliant.

    As for the login button, thanks for the feedback. Like I mentioned above, this is the same way Apple layout their login form in native iPhone apps, so we went for consistency for launch. If that suggestion keeps rolling in we’ll look at making some tweaks.

  • david

    @DG No worries. I had to look around to find it first time – not where I was expecting it.

  • Kenneth

    Great work. Love it.

  • Integrati Marketing

    Ooo nice.

  • Karl

    Very nice guys. Could we have an alphabetised client listing? (or did I miss something?)

  • Kev Charlton

    Very well executed, top notch guys!

  • Jon M

    Excellent job and congratulations on getting it launched!

    A couple of thinsg:

    > I agree with Steve about the Login – could be nicer (just saying, no deal breaker!)
    > Also, is there a way to remember your password? I’m getting to get fed up pretty quickly typing it in every time!



  • Rich

    Very nice – can’t help feeling like you just pulled the rug from under me though!

  • Andrew

    I quit my job, so I would never have a boss again. But if I ever am ever gonna have a boss again, can it be your boss?

  • afredenslund

    nice job looks, and works great

  • David Greiner

    Jon M, good catch on the repeated logins being required. We’re working on this now to ensure the mobile version remembers your password and loads your clients/reports immediately.

    Thanks again for all the brilliant feedback everyone else, it’s great to hear.

  • Nick Lindwall

    Awesome tool, great work guys. We’re a reseller so this will be a great marketing tool for us.

  • holder10

    first of all: Looks great. I can imagine quite a few other things that would make sense in a mobile interface (Add Subscriber, Send Campaign, etc.).

    Anyway, I got a few things that could be improved, too:

    1) I got an account where I deleted all the send campaigns/reports, so it doesn’t display anything on the Mac. On the mobile version, it does display my old – deleted – campaigns and reports. Thought they were gone? ;)

    2) The Back-Button when viewing a campaign is currently a text link, not a real button. Why that? Doesn’t fit in the rest of the UI nicely.

    3) I agree that there is a need for a “remember password” option.

    4) The home screen icon isn’t bad, but I think you could do way better. :)

    These are just the details anyway, definitely an awesome addition to CM. :)

  • Sharif Ewees

    I’d love to see a way to deploy saved campaigns through the mobile version. I often set up draft campaigns, send a round of tests, and then wait for client approval by phone or email. It would be great to be able to pull the trigger on a campaign from my phone, for those times when I’m away from my office.

    And I second – third? fourth? – the motion for a saved password feature…

  • holder10

    Just found something like a bug: When you browse through the app starting it from the home screen, view the campaign and then click the “Back to campaign report” link, it opens in the safari app instead of the CM “app”.

    And when switching to the full version, I can’t switch back to the mobile version. Maybe a small link to switch back when being on a mobile device would be handy there.

  • Ron

    Finally! Yay!! I’ve been checking the App Store every few weeks to see if there was a Campaign Monitor App. Great job! This will make me look even better to my clients.

  • Simon

    Is this out in the UK yet?

    I can’t find it in the App store

  • D

    all good but is this on the uk app store – can’t find it

  • Diana Potter

    Hi @ Simon and @D, this isn’t an app, it’s a mobile optimized version that should work on many mobile phones. You’ll just want to head to your account via your phone’s browser to check it out. It isn’t limited to just the iPhone (as an Android phone owner I can confirm that it works elsewhere :) ).

  • Simon

    Thanks Diana – looks great

  • Jim

    Hi David,

    We’ve added this to our iPhone/mobile email marketing list post and posted about the release here: http://www.theemailguide.com/email-marketing/campaign-monitor-releases-iphonemobile-app/


  • Vince

    This is brilliant.
    Only issue I’m having is when switching to full version, and click on a client, it doesn’t take me to the client account but instead a little ‘bin’ icon appears

    Great though for v.1.0

  • Tom Hermans

    great ! was recommending CM to my colleagues, with this I think I can convince them.. (them iphone-lovers, me android user ;) ) !

  • Jason

    Great work, although we have problems using it on Android on an HTC Hero. When you click on a campaign within a client it just goes back to the client list. Is this a bug? Or us doing something wrong?

  • David Greiner

    Jim, thanks for helping spread the word.

    jason, thanks for the feedback on the Hero, we’ll look into this and see if there are some changes we can make to get it working.

    We’re making a number of tweaks to the app now based on some great feedback, and we’ll have that release live soon.

  • blackabee


  • Samuel Lavoie

    great news for all of us!
    Cool to see that you guys eat your own dog food using Analytics data to focus on the feature users are really using :)

  • Jeff Cook

    I second what Sharif said:
    “I’d love to see a way to deploy saved campaigns through the mobile version. I often set up draft campaigns, send a round of tests, and then wait for client approval by phone or email. It would be great to be able to pull the trigger on a campaign from my phone, for those times when I’m away from my office. “

    I would LOVE this. There has been two or three times in the last month where I really needed this.

    The mobile optimized version is sweet. :thumbsup:


  • David Greiner

    Thanks Jeff and Sharif, that makes perfect sense. Consider your votes counted. Don’t forget, you can still fire a draft campaign off using the normal version of Campaign Monitor any time from your phone right now. It’s just not us, well, optimized.

  • David Greiner

    Karl, thanks for the feedback on sorting clients alphanumerically, that’s been done and is live now.

  • Anthony Otyehel

    It is not coming up in the app store in the UK.

    Please advise.

  • Anthony Otyehel


    Answered my own question. So this is an iPhone Web App.

    Will there be a standalone iPhone app at any point?

  • Anthony Otyehel

    Looks great – if a bit limited.

    So I can only see campaigns that have been sent – and I can’t see the signup rate or manage the subscribers.

    And I can’t send a campaign from my iPhone.

    I think that users will want something more fully featured – otherwise they’ll just keep switching to the full view version in safari.

    But I know you are probably scaling your development and that there wil be more to come ;0)

  • Mathew Patterson

    Thanks for the feedback Anthony. There probably will be more to come, but we’re trying to build something practical and actually usable, so it isn’t about getting every possible feature into the mobile view.

    A lot of Campaign Monitor just doesn’t make sense to be trying to do on a tiny screen, so it is quite deliberately a limited portion that is available. As you say, if you need to you can switch to the full site.

    Keep an eye out for more updates in the future though, as we carefully think through what is possible and what is the most useful. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Greg

    It is planned to have an Android or Symbian version of this app ?

  • Kym

    login screen that uses our logo would be very cool
    make it look a lot more pro

    so maybe a new setting in admin to upload a mobile login screen logo?
    nice work guys keep it up!

    autoresponders next please! :)

  • Mathew Patterson

    @Greg It’s actually a web app, not an iPhone specific application, so you can use it on any old mobile device right now.

  • Simon

    I can’t see it in the app store.

    I’m only kidding, I just wanted you to all to bang your head against the wall thinking ANOTHER person hasn’t read your blog posting properly. ;-)

  • Finge

    Supercool! Have been waiting for this.

  • Torbjoern Karlevid

    Looks very promising now I need some clients ;)

  • David

    what is the mobile address for those on a Palm Pre, as you for some reason don’t recognize that platform.

  • Vince

    It’s easy for most to get confused thinking it’s only for the iPhone.

    You may want to change the title from “… for your iPhone” to something else :-)
    Maybe even change the picture so it doesn’t just display an iPhone – 3 times! ;-)

  • Mathew Patterson

    @David you can just go to your normal login and add /m on the end to manually choose the mobile version.

  • David Greiner

    David, like Mat said, just add a /m to the URL to see the mobile version. We’d also love to know how the app renders on a Palm Pre (haven’t had one available to test yet), so please let us know if you spot any issues.

  • K,C,

    as a reseller, this is a great application and it will be great to help market my service to my clients.

    Are there any marketing assets available for this add-on, like html pages, descriptions, flyers, etc.?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi KC, not at present. We’ll be looking at what marketing assets we can create for this and other features in the coming months. Please keep the suggestions coming as we’d like to provide our resellers with more white-label content they can present to their clients.

  • James

    Great web app. As for future updates, perhaps the ability to upload a custom icon .png for those we resell under their own brand?

  • Derek


  • Andrew

    Ok so where do I get it? Did a search on ITunes Stores and couldn’t find it?

  • Mathew Patterson

    @Andrew – this is a web application, you don’t need to install anything, just visit your normal login page on your phone.

  • jak


  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi folks, as a result of your excellent feedback on this post, we’ve updated the web application. Here’s a short write-up on the improvements.

    We’re still listening to your suggestions, so please keep sending them in! As always, your input is pivotal to making Campaign Monitor more useful and enjoyable for all involved, so thank you for your efforts so far.

  • Jon M

    Great news about taking the comments onboard guys – will give it a whirl now!

  • Peter Collins

    This is fantastic, and I’ll be making my client aware of this in the morning. One thing which would be great, and carry on from the way that it’s rebrandable, is would it be possible to create both a favicon for general web browsers, and also an iPhone icon for saved sites? If I could upload my own designs for those files, that’d be wonderful.

    Great work though, with this and the other simplifications of importing and creating campaigns.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Cheers for the feedback, Peter! I’ll pass it on to our team, that would be a neat addition. Thanks again for giving our latest improvements a whirl, it’s much appreciated.

  • Jrock

    Great new feature! Looking forward to the next version!

  • shimul

    Hi I just visited http://demo.webapp-net.com/ , my question is, is jQtouch transitions are smooth as like as http://demo.webapp-net.com/ ?? if yes then how , because I now the jqtouch page transitions are not smooth like that one

  • Dan Oersnes

    Really impressed with the first edition. Looks promising. Can’t wait for updates. I will be using this a lot :-)

  • Ian Hunter Gray (Rock and Pop

    Excellent! Love all you do and this someone on the run like me is perfect as I have 10 different things on the go at once. This is invaluable. Thanks people. Ian Gray (Rock and Pop Tours)

  • Michael Dakwa


  • Brian

    Love the use of css3. Nice job!

  • Barbara Zaccone

    I have to say I am thrilled with this addition. Our company BZA just started offering mobile web design so this fits in perfectly with our new line of services. Thank you Campaign Monitor!!!

  • JohnONolan

    Major props for doing this in the browser, AS IT SHOULD BE! :)

  • Nate

    Awesome, it looks great on the Palm Pre once you add the /m to force view the mobile site.

    Dunno if this html will show the screenshot, but I’ll try it.
    <img src=”http://i489.photobucket.com/albums/rr257/brne4x4/photos-temp-0jpg.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”>

    Great job!

  • Craig

    Had this set up and working on an iPhone – now when I tap to open the ‘app’ I get a Safari error stating, “Cannot Open Page – Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred.” Anyone else seeing this?

  • mike

    i like it but would like it to save my login details when i log in.. is this possible?

  • Alexander

    Great stuff! Looks very nice on my N900, although I had to add the /m to the URL as my device behaves more like a “grown-up” computer (which in turn means I can also access the full version just fine, including the graphics). Anyway, I love the new mobile web app – any chance you’d like to add a “switch to mobile” link to the regular login page for users like me?

    Two issues I’ve encountered:
    The label text is a bit short, so the names of some clients and the titles of some campaigns were cut off at the end.
    The “View campaign” link did not work for me, got a 404 from your server

    Thanks again! :)

  • Fernando Lopez

    Wow, once I was on vacation and I need to send a campaign, thanks to this tool, it’ll be easy wheter you’re in the office or out, thanks.

  • James Noble

    On my way to the studio this morning while looking for change in my bag to buy a tram ticket. Pulled out yesterdays Taxi receipts from meeting clients. Its times like this I can turn on my iPhone, add these expenses and not forget once the day has begun. Excellent work people, excellent!

  • SEO Strasbourg

    Great News ! Hope to see one day the real standalone application, that brings cache and offline view better than a web app ;-)

  • 5050shop.nl

    Also a blackberry version would be nice!

    And when can we use this..

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi 5050shop, it’s available now when you head to your account. I’m not sure what Blackberry device you’re using, but I’d say that this should be available if you have a recent Blackberry browser.

  • Mike

    4:20. Eh, Campaign Monitor?

    (I like.)

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