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At Campaign Monitor we do our best to really sweat the details. While we’re all big fans of shiny new features, it’s always important to balance that with continual improvements to the existing software. This is especially important for those common parts of Campaign Monitor you all use day in, day out.

One such area is importing your email content. In many cases, you might import a draft you’ve been working on, send a preview to a colleague and notice one or two tweaks you’d like to make. While we did our best to make this process painless, there were always more clicks in this workflow than we were happy with. Not any more.

Fewer page reloads

We still think the wizard process of building your campaigns is the smartest approach, but this led to some steps being split over multiple pages. We’ve ditched these unnecessary page reloads and combined multiple steps into a single page. Here’s the new import page which loads without a page refresh and takes a tabbed approach to your import options.


Send a preview on import

Instead of requiring you to import your content and select your recipients before you could send yourself a test email, we’ve build that right into the import process. You can now fire off a test email the moment you import your creative. If you spot some changes you’d like to make, you can reimport and re-test in a couple of quick clicks.


You can still do more advanced testing of personalization or run a full design and spam test later in the process, but this is really handy for a quick review or debugging a design issue in a specific email client.

Remembering your preferences

During this redesign process, we had a closer look at which of the two importing options was more popular. Turns out there was a fairly even split between importing via a URL or file upload. Importing from the web was slightly in front, so we made that the default tab. However, the moment you switch to the file upload approach we’ll remember that preference and load that tab by default the next time you import. Of course, you can still switch to the other approach with a single click.

These tweaks are part of a series of optimizations we’re performing across Campaign Monitor, but we’ve also got some exciting new features to announce over the coming days. Stay tuned.

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