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While our approval process is a necessary evil to ensure we can offer you and your clients great email deliverability, it can occasionally cause a frustrating delay when you have an urgent campaign to send. Even though it’s a one-off process for most, that’s little compensation when you have a client demanding why their newsletter isn’t in their inbox yet.

We’re always looking at ways we can make this process as non-disruptive as possible, while still being effective. Truth be told, it’s not until a campaign is ready to be sent with the final creative and subscribers selected that our approvals team has all the details necessary to give you the green light.

Less questions, more answers

One of the biggest causes of delay is unnecessary back and forth trying to get down to the nitty gritty of permission. In an effort to reduce this, we’ve made a number of changes to the approval form. Along with numerous copy changes, we’ve also added a quick list of the details we need to get any campaign approved quickly. It’s right in the sidebar of the approval form, shown below.


Since we released this update, we’ve received significantly better explanations from you guys and a big reduction in the back-and-forth emails aimed at covering all of these points

Killing the double approval

As you know, we have a tiered approval process at Campaign Monitor. Most of you will only ever need to be approved once, but we have many popular companies using our software who see consistently high numbers of new subscribers every single day.

As of this update, if your total subscriber count is close to the next level up when you go through the approval process, you’ll automatically be moved up two levels to ensure you don’t need to go through the same process for the next campaign you send. This is an edge case, but when it does happen it can be frustrating and we’re happy to see the back of it.

As we continue to get your feedback and balance that with our duties to safeguard our sending reputation, there will no doubt be more tweaks made to this process. A big thanks also to the passionate customers who got in touch to let us know how much they appreciate the changes, and support our efforts to ensure their emails keep arriving in the inbox.

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