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Every now and then, customers ask us to suggest CRM web apps that play nice with Campaign Monitor. The good news is that we now have a handful listed on our new and improved Features and Integrations page. The latest is Simple Sales Tracking – a welcome addition to a library that includes Flowtown, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and more.

So, what makes Simple Sales Tracking different from your run o’ mill CRM web app? First of all, it’s designed to make your workflow as straight-forward and intuitive as possible, by focusing on core tasks like adding leads, scheduling meetings and monitoring the sales pipeline. Simple Sales Tracking also makes it easy to share information with your team and manage your appointments.

But what gets us excited is Campaign Monitor integration, meaning that you can automatically synchronize your Simple Sales Tracking contacts with your subscriber lists. Changes to your contacts’ details within Simple Sales Tracking are passed to Campaign Monitor – for example, if you change the name or email address contained in a record within Simple Sales Tracking, this update will be applied to your Campaign Monitor list, too! Delete a record and the respective subscriber will automatically be removed from your list.

Overall, this makes it really efficient to send email newsletters to new and existing customers. Simple Sales Tracking ensures that subscription details are up to date, while Campaign Monitor keeps the ball rolling by handling the email marketing side of things – everything from newsletter creation, to post-campaign reports.

If you’re already using Campaign Monitor and Simple Sales Tracking, there’s very little that needs to be set up – simply enter your Campaign Monitor API key into Simple Sales Tracking to get started. If not, simply fire up a free Simple Sales Tracking account and give it a whirl.

Campaign Monitor integration is available in both Limited (free) and Full (paid) accounts until the end of June, 2010. After this time, you will have to upgrade to a Full account ($15 user/month) to keep things ticking over. Find out more via the Simple Sales Tracking blog.

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