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Alongside our ambitious design and spam testing update, we’ve made a handy improvement to subscriber list management, by adding pre-filled ‘state’ and ‘country’ values to your custom fields! Lets have a look at how this can help you collect and update subscriber details, then segment your lists.

New country and US state fields

Prior to this update, creating drop-down lists of countries and states in your subscribe forms could be a real bugbear. In the past, folks have had the choice of using text fields, hacking together a drop-down list with a squillion options, or adding each individual state/country to a custom field via the app. Of course, none of these approaches were really practical, so we added two new data types – ‘Country’ and ‘US States’ – to automatically generate drop-down lists for you.

To add state and country fields to a given subscriber list, simply create a new custom field. In the data type drop-down menu, you will see the two new options:


If you keep “This field should be visible to recipients…” checked, your subscribers can then update their state and country values via your preference center:


Then, in ‘Create a subscribe form’, you can quickly and easily generate a form with a state and/or country drop down list:


If you already have a subscriber list with a list of US states or countries defined, you can import this into Campaign Monitor and map your existing records to state and country custom fields. Any records that don’t match the options available within these fields can be mapped manually during the import process.

Targeting your subscribers by location

It goes without saying that this will be very useful for folks wanting to segment their lists by geographic location. For example, you might want to send a campaign offering free shipping on your products to recipients in North America only. Or perhaps you might want to append links with your recipients’ state, so you can track where most of your clicks (or orders) are coming from. Either way, having pre-filled state and country fields makes this a straightforward and less error-prone task:


Thank you to everyone who suggested improvements to the list management process. Even at the best of times, managing subscribers and custom fields can be a tricky task, so we’re always looking for ways to make things simpler and more efficient. We hope this seemingly small change will save you and your clients a considerable amount of effort when creating custom fields, while making it much easier segment your lists in the long run.

  • Koen Mertens

    “Country” I can understand. “US States” not so much although it is – of course – a nice extra if you are a US based company (or have lots of US based customers).

  • Shaun Robinson

    Can we get UK Counties next?

  • Nickolas Simard

    Simple and effective. I’d like to know two things though:

    Can “Country” be displayed in other languages?
    Are there any plans in adding Canada’s provinces to a similar list?

  • Vitor Junqueira

    Great! I’ve been waiting for this !!!

    I join Nickolas: are you planning on adding translation features?

  • Grant Evans

    An even better option would be to have the ability to paste a list of field values into a textarea that dynamically generates a drop down. That way it’d be easy for you to create your own list.

  • holder10

    I agree, that seems like a great idea Grant!

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Grant, that’s a great idea. That would def make our custom fields very flexible – then you could pretty much add anything to a drop down list. I’ve taken note of this suggestion – thank you for that!

  • lucylyn

    Is it possible to have your own country initially selected?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    HI lucylyn, yes you can have a state/country initially selected in your subscribe forms (using <option value=”xxx” selected=”selected”>), but not in the preference center. Hope this helps!

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