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If you use Wufoo or read their blog, you probably know that they’re a team hell-bent on making their online form builder more powerful and sensationally enjoyable by the day. Since they integrated with us earlier this year, there’s been nothing but good news and happy customers on both sides. After all, it seems that Wufoo and Campaign Monitor are a match made in web app heaven.

So, today we woke up to more happy tidings: You can now sync Wufoo’s multiple choice fields, drop down fields and checkboxes with Campaign Monitor’s custom fields! That’s right, you can now segment your subscriber lists and send targeted campaigns, based on information you collect in your Wufoo forms.


While Wufoo has always supported field matching with our custom fields, until now it’s only been with a couple of fields and it didn’t work if you were using dropdowns, radio buttons or checkboxes in Wufoo. As we all know, collecting information via text-fields can be prone to user-error, so this wasn’t entirely practical if your intent was to eventually segment your subscriber lists based on what your subscribers had typed into your forms.

However, that’s all behind us now. Imagine sending a survey to all your subscribers, then having your custom fields automatically populated with the responses. Imagine no more messy exporting, then importing to keep your subscriber list up-to-date. Imagine sending campaigns based on your subscribers’ state or country, frequency preferences or even favorite color. To me, this smells like victory.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re say, using a drop down field in Wufoo and matching it with a custom field in Campaign Monitor, the options available have to match up on both ends like this:


If an option exists on Wufoo’s end, but not ours, then that option simply won’t be recorded in the custom field. Check out Wufoo’s custom field documentation for more on what to keep in mind when matching Wufoo form fields with our custom fields.

We’ve always been big Wufoo fans, but this level of integration really gives them a special place in our heart. For more information on this mega Wufoo update, check out their blog, then get toying with your custom fields!

  • Jason

    Yay Wufoo! Yay Campaign Monitor!

  • Srini Kumar

    ARGH … without an autoresponder feature, i cannot sign up with you guys despite rave reviews… huge wufoo user here but … tragic … i guess i will give it a whirl after autoresponders are finally delivered as implied were impending in a dev response on some thread in your forum (wow, a few years to dev a top requested feature ! – better be good :) thanks

  • David Greiner

    Hi Srini, the good news is that we launched autoresponders yesterday and will be announcing it here in the blog in the next day or so. You can get started using them right now. Here’s an intro from our help docs to get you started.

  • Jacques

    This is awesome! I use Wufoo and CM but didn’t think this level of customization was possible. Thanks to both teams!!

  • Anne Stahl

    very interesting integration. must use it soon. new to wufoo, but looks well worth a try.

  • Edwin Yip | Word add-in for Wr


    Since Wufoo announced the integration with CM, I’ve being taking advantage of that – In the ‘uninstall survey form’ of my software (Writing Outliner Word Add-in for writers) I ask trial users if they want to get informed about future new releases – it has been generating new subscribers!

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