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Our new Social Sharing feature went live yesterday, making it super easy for you to share your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook and then see a report of the results. Before I dive into the details, here’s a preview of the new Social Sharing report. You can click it for a full-size version.

Click to view the full-size version

We’ve been thinking long and hard about the best way to add this kind of social integration into Campaign Monitor. As always, our goal was to keep the sharing process as simple as possible for you and your subscribers. Here’s how it works.

In-email sharing made easy

The easiest way for your subscribers to share your email is by adding a “Tweet” or “Like” button to your campaign. Then with a couple of clicks any subscriber can share your email with their friends or followers. To do this, we’ve introduced two new tags that you can easily add to your existing designs.

Add a “Like” button to your campaign

Just add the following tag anywhere in your email design and we’ll instantly turn that into a working Facebook “Like” button.

<fblike></fblike>  turns into  {title}

When your subscriber clicks on this button in their email, we’ll load the following lightbox where they can “Like” your campaign and see which of their friends have also liked it. Here’s an example of this in action:


If you don’t want to use the standard “Like” button, just add your own text or image between the tag and we’ll turn that word or image into a link that, when clicked, loads the lightbox like the one above.

Add a tweet button to your campaign

Let your subscribers tweet about your campaigns using the new tag below.

<tweet></tweet>  turns into  {title}

If your subscriber is a Twitter user, clicking that button takes them straight to a compose window with the tweet pre-populated with your campaign subject and a shortened URL linking to the web version. Here’s how that one looks:


Just like the Facebook Like tag, you can add your own text or images between the <tweet></tweet> tags and that will be used instead of the default tweet button, giving you complete design flexibility.

Sharing made simple for your clients

If you’ve built templates for clients, you can easily add permanent “Like” and “Tweet” buttons to them that work for every email they send. We’ve also made it simple for clients to add their own share links to any campaigns they send using the editor.


Get the word out from within Campaign Monitor

Our new social tags aren’t the only way to get the word out about your latest campaign. You can also share them yourselves right from Campaign Monitor. The report for every email you’ve ever sent now includes a new “Share” button in the top right corner. Here’s how it looks:


Clicking the “Share button” will open the modal popup below, where you can share on Twitter or Facebook with a single click:


Whenever that URL is mentioned on Twitter or “Liked” on Facebook, we’ll track the results for you. You and your subscribers can share your campaign any way you like and we’ll handle the rest.

Real-time reporting to bring it all together

While there are lots of different ways to share your campaign, we bring it all together with the new Social Sharing report. This includes who tweeted about your campaign, who liked it on Facebook and who forwarded your email on to friends. Basically, whenever anyone shares your campaign, we’ll show you who it was and how they did it.

The report is broken up into two parts. Up top we’ve got a summary of the activity so far across Twitter, Facebook and email forwards.


Below that is a real-time list that pulls all of this together into a single activity stream. See what people are saying about your campaign on Twitter, who’s sharing on Facebook and which subscribers have forwarded it to their friends.


For each subscriber that tweets, we’ll show you their Twitter avatar and a link to the tweet in question. We also link to the subscriber snapshot and display a gravatar if available for anyone who “Likes” your campaign or forwards it on to friends.

There are loads of other subtle features in this report, but I’ll leave some of them for you to discover once you start sharing. We hope you guys have fun with this new feature. It’s a brilliant way to learn more about who is sharing your campaigns with the world, and what they’re saying about you in the process.

Update: Custom domain support now available

A big thanks to everyone for all the passionate and overwhelmingly positive comments about this new feature. You’ll be pleased to know we now support custom domains for all social sharing, and have more exciting updates to social sharing rolling out shortly.

  • Website design Gold Coast

    Soo good!
    Great new feature, I’m looking forward to using it!

  • James Hunt

    This could be very useful.

  • Vlan Zoiz

    For reseller, will the link match our own domain ?

  • Ant Hodges – Social Media Cons

    Genius! These developments are constantly making CM the best email marketing platform on the planet! Well done guys.

  • David Greiner

    Thanks James and Ant, glad you like what you see. Vlan, right now the link will be the same for all customers, but we’d always consider supporting custom domains if the demand was there.

  • James

    Good work guys!
    Would like to see it with the custom domains though!

  • Toon

    Great work guys!
    The clients will love it!

  • Kate

    Is it my birthday already? Thanks CM!

  • Oz Dean

    Superb update. As always super simple to incorporate. Nice work CM.

  • David Bell

    Awesome feature guys, this is going to be so useful.

  • Julian Wellings

    Excellent! And as always you’ve kept it simple.

  • Secret Pie

    Just logged in to send WeForest.org‘s January Newsletter….don’t touch that dial….back to Dreamweaver to add these functions in!!!

    So pleased you’ve done this, and looks like you’ve (as usual) thought fully about the end to end process and, most importantly, reporting.

    HUGE thanks!!!

  • Mika Tuupola

    Support for custom domains would be nice.

  • Sean

    Secret Pie – Dreamweaver? LOL

  • Ryan

    This is awesome, can we make it a little more Reseller friendly, as well on the Facebook like have the ‘liked on’ the customers details not createsend.com! Still awesome though!

  • Gabriel Porras

    Campaing Monitor rules!!!

  • Chris Burrows

    Excellent feature – can this be intergrated to Linked In?

  • christy kilgore


  • Nickolas Simard

    Wow, such a pretty new year gift!
    Thanks for the hard work… and keep them coming! :P

  • Solveris

    Love this. Thanks for adding. Linkedin would be very important to our customers as well. Hope that is in the works.

  • Patrick Smith

    Does the <tweet> <fblike> code need to be in the <body> tag or can it literally be anywhere?

    Thanks – great feature.

  • Seth

    Nice features! Questions about the tracking to help understand it better to explain to my clients.

    Twitter: Seems that you are pulling tweets based on a search for the shared URL, is that correct? Also, are you storing the tweet data locally or simply displaying the data from a realtime search each time page is rendered?

    Facebook: What is the criteria by which a like will show up in reports? Do privacy settings come into play or will all likes be reported on regardless of user settings?


  • Marcus

    Thank you! It’s this kind of innovative attitude and simplicity that makes CM the best email marketing service there is!

  • Anna Yeaman

    This look great, thanks guys! Quick question abt forwards. Does it track forwards like Litmus, via the forward button in an email client? Or via FTAF. If not I’d love to see that feature in CM (also read rate for that matter if I were being greedy). Though this rocks and I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Érick Loitiere

    Looks good !

  • Alex

    Great, would be better if my own url is used instead of the createsend url.

  • Vincent

    Please do add custom domains though.

  • Graham McLellan


    I’ve noticed an issue when using !important in CSS color properties, specifically H1 & A tags. We use !important in our CSS to try & combat webmail client overrides.

    See screenshot: http://swordfox.co.nz/public/cmfblike.png

    It would be great if you could do the same in https://www.campaignmonitor.com/assets/uploads/social.min.css to override this.

    Also it would be awesome if you could assign a URL to the like button, e.g. <fblike url=”https://www.facebook.com/swordfox“></fblike> maybe only for the template based buttons not those added from the editor.

  • Jeremy

    The “Like” image doesn’t look any good on backgrounds other than white, due to the corners being transparent.

    All good otherwise.

  • Bart

    Awesome update! We’ll be implementing this feature as of tomorrow!

  • David Greiner

    Thanks so much for all the kind words everyone.

    @Seth: “Seems that you are pulling tweets based on a search for the shared URL, is that correct?”

    That’s right. Any time the shared URL is mentioned on Twitter through tweets and retweets we’ll show that in your reports.

    Are you storing the tweet data locally or simply displaying the data from a realtime search each time page is rendered?

    Twitter’s own search wasn’t up to scratch with the results quality we were after, so we’ve partnered with a third party service that indexes tweets to give you guys the most accurate results possible.

    What is the criteria by which a like will show up in reports?

    We’ll show you likes from all subscribers that received the campaign. If any non-subscriber likes it, we show you a sum total of them at the bottom of your activity field.

    Do privacy settings come into play or will all likes be reported on regardless of user settings?

    Not for your own subscribers, we will show them to you regardless, but for any non-subscribers who re-like that campaign from a friend’s Facebook page, we can only show you a count, no personal data will be made available for those people. Hope that helps.

    @Anna: Great to hear you like it, I look forward to seeing what the Style Campaign crew does with it.

    Does it track forwards like Litmus, via the forward button in an email client? Or via FTAF.

    Right now it’s FTAF only. We’re a little concerned with the accuracy of organic forward tracking right now, and will continue to do more testing and tweaking before we introduce something like this into the app. I agree it would be very useful, if it’s accurate.

    @Graham McLellan: Nice spotting Graham, we’ll make some CSS tweaks to ensure this won’t happen in the future and get it live ASAP.

    Also, you can actually supply your own Like or Tweet button, just place your images in between the tags I mentioned in the post and we’ll turn that image into a Like or Tweet button for you.

    @Jeremy: Could you share a screenshot of that please. The buttons should be transparent PNG’s that work on any background colour. I’d like to get to the bottom of that one for you.

  • Jesse Dodds

    We’ve just fixed up the solid background on the Facebook Like button and the https://www.campaignmonitor.com/assets/uploads/social.css file so the h1 and close button links can no longer be overridden by custom styles. Should be going live soon :)

  • Melba Gounas

    Looking forward to using this guys. Nice work!

  • TradiArt

    Amazing!! Thank you for this!!

  • Graham McLellan

    Thanks David, with regard to the image between the like or tween buttons – that’s cool but I was referring to the URL that is liked on Facebook so you can get FB page likes straight from the email.

  • David Greiner

    @Graham: Gotcha. Because Facebook likes require JavaScript or an iframe to work, we can’t do them directly in an email. So, we need to go to a landing page (in this case the web version of your email with a nice lightbox asking them to click Like). If you wanted it to use your URL, you’d need to roll your own Like functionality on your site.

    Hope that helps.

  • Graham McLellan

    @David: Hmm I don’t think we’re on the same page. With the generated JS on the web version the FB code is something like: <fb:like href=”http://createsend.com/t/r-DE90E6BAD2E089A0″ show_faces=”true” width=”400″></fb:like>

    What I am requesting is instead of the href attrib defaulting to that of the email URL it would be good to be able to pass in a particular URL e.g. a face book URL so they can directly like an FB page.

  • David Greiner

    @Graham: I’m on your level now. I’ve discussed this with the team and everyone agrees this would be a useful improvement. We’ll look at giving you this kind of flexibility in a future release, and I’ll be sure to post here when it makes it into Campaign Monitor. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Natural Retreats

    Perfect timing. Was just about to send out our latest newsletter and spotted this new feature. Will definately be integrating this before we send it out. Its going to be very useful


  • Rhys Harry

    Great stuff, some of our clients will be delighted about this.

    How about putting tweet & like links in the forward to a friend page? I think the more opportunity you give recipients to tweet or like as opposed to emailing a max 5 friends the better. This would need to be optional & configured in the Customize Forward to a Friend page as not everyone uses twitter & facebook.

  • John


    Really like this new feature which has been added and will add another interesting layer of insight for our emails.

    One request I would like to see – I would like to be able to share directly to a business page (i.e when sharing currently, I can only share to my own personal profile). So effectively when I click share to Facebook in my reports section, I would be able to choose from a list of pages which I administrate and select one for the message to be shared across on there.

    Is this a feature which is being developed?


  • Shar0n

    Thanks you – an excellent feature. Only downside being the createsend.com references. Keep up the good work guys. I’m sooo glad I found you! Why can’t all companies be like you?

  • Peter

    Indeed nice feature, only custom domains instead of createsend.com is a must have feature.

  • Scott


    Great feature.
    I vote for custom domains though

  • Joel Turner

    Been waiting for this. One word – brilliant!



  • Jacques

    Very cool feature. I was hoping this would be on your list this year. Nice job.

  • David Greiner

    @John: That’s a nice idea and something we’re looking at supporting soon. We hope to make it easy to either let people promote the email itself, or another page you specify like your Facebook profile, or a specific landing page. More on that soon.

    @Rhys: We actually went down that path originally before we built the social sharing and forwards. It’s something we’d consider, but given how easy it now is to add these directly to the email, we’d need a few votes before going down this path. Thanks for the suggestion, and consider your vote added.

  • Jeremy


    Screen shot showing how bad the Facebook “Like” button is on a dark background may be found here:


  • David Greiner

    @Jeremy: Thanks for posting that, can I ask which email client that is, as it doesn’t look like it’s supporting the alpha transparency in the 24-bit PNG. We might have to switch to transparent gifs for the best cross-client support.

  • Jeremy


    The Facebook “Like” button is a gif, and it doesn’t look like it has any transparency. You can find it here:

    The tweet image has transparency (http://img.createsend.com/img/….


  • Jeremy

    David, that was no email client – that was the web preview. Looked the same in Apple Mail and Gmail as well.


  • David Greiner

    Thanks Jeremy, I’ll chat to the guys about getting that sorted this morning.

  • Jesse Dodds

    @Jeremy: we switched the GIFs over to PNGs yesterday with revised transparency. I’ll look into why you’re still getting the older images and fix it up for you.

  • glenn cho

    so great!!!! thank you CMonies!

  • Steve

    This is fantastic…

    but… like other commenters without the ability to specify a custom domain I don’t think any of our clients will use the Facebook like button.

    I guess this would mean either

    * some extra field/s in the client settings page (title/url for facebook like links maybe?)
    * a case by case little form that comes up when you click Facebook LIke in the editor toolbar (would allow different names/url to be used in different campaigns)
    * some variables that can be added to the template tag <fblike title="My Site Name" url="http://www.mysitedomain.com">


  • Steve

    oops didn’t like my html :-)

  • David Greiner

    @Steve: Yep, we’re looking into custom domain support now, as well as more flexibility about what the subscriber will actually “Like”, be it the campaign itself, a landing page, or your company on Facebook. We want to keep this as flexible as possible for you and your clients.

  • Traus

    Great feature! Just used this for a live send and really like how simple it is. I would like to add to the requests for custom domains though.

    Also, can this be part of the send process? We schedule lots of emails in advance and it may get confusing if we need to go back to deploy them to Twitter and Facebook once they have gone out.

  • Juan

    This is good. I was thinking on how to integrate my newsletters to my online profiles, now I know how! Good job!

  • Steve

    Thanks David,

    Will keep my ear out for updates.

  • Karo

    Great feature! Would be nice to have it with custom domain names!

  • Phil Gilmore

    @Jeremy: as Jesse said, the GIFs were switched to PNGs some time ago.

    You might be using a template or campaign imported before we made that switch, in which case you’ll need to reimport in order to pick up the new images.

  • Luciano Santa Brígida

    Thanks so much! Will the results be availiable through the API?

  • Marni “The MacAngel” Melrose

    I would like if it were possbile to put the 10 latest Twitter posts and/or the 10 latest Facebook posts into my newsletter so that my recipients can see what are the hot topics of the moment. Are you planning anything like that or if I can already do that, tell me how. I can do that with MailChimp, but I want to switch to you.

    I put an iframe in for the Facebook and that works OK. However, I cannot find a Twitter widget that doesn’t use Javascript.

  • David Greiner

    @Luciano: It’s not available via the API right now, but we’re always looking to add as much of the app functionality to the API, so it’s definitely something we’ll get to eventually.

    @Marni: This isn’t on our roadmap right now, but may be something we’d consider if more votes came in. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • jdilelle

    Awesome addition — thanks so much.

    I am giving it a try right now and there’s one thing that I don’t get: the Facebook lightbox reads “Share your campaign with friends and family with one click!”. Will the recipients see that? That copy doesn’t seem right for the recipients… or am I missing something?


  • Rhys Harry

    Hi, thanks for the feedback David.

    On a different point, i agree with jdilelle above, the text on the Facebook lightbox seems very cold from a recipients point of view, it would be great to take in the campaign name instead of ‘your campaign’.

  • David Greiner

    @jdilelle and @Rhys, thanks for your thoughts on the copy at the top of the Facebook lightbox. We agree with you guys completely and have just removed it altogether. This change has been pushed live into production too, so it will no longer be visible for any future shares.

    As always, we appreciate the feedback.

  • Michael Marlborough

    Great addition and another vote for custom domain names!

  • Tommy

    1 more vote for custom domain names !!

  • Mikey

    Another vote here for custom domain names with cherries on top : )

  • Michael M

    Great new feature. It’s something my clients have been waiting for!

    Any possibility of instead of having to post this to the client’s Social feeds after the email has already deployed, being able to post it automatically when the email is scheduled to deploy?

    I’d also love the the custom domains.

  • Supplements Australia

    Great feature! Cant wait to see this in action :)

  • Chris Harold

    This is truly awesome!

  • Michael

    Another vote for custom domains :)

  • Kym

    yep +1 for custom domains for sure
    gone to all the effort and then they are sharing a “createsend.com” URL
    confusin for some, and of course we all like to avoid any confisuon from clients

    also this note
    “One request I would like to see – I would like to be able to share directly to a business page (i.e when sharing currently, I can only share to my own personal profile). So effectively when I click share to Facebook in my reports section, I would be able to choose from a list of pages which I administrate and select one for the message to be shared across on there.

    Is this a feature which is being developed?”

    this is definitely needed
    i just tried to share a sent campaign from within CM admin to test it out and it will only share to my personal wall?
    this seems a bit odd…as would think from within CM admin itself…most clients would always want to share the sent campagin to a business page?
    or am i missing somehting here?

  • Maria Nieto

    I’ve been trying to add the tag to a template newsletter but it does not seem to work. Are the tags for emails only?

  • Mathew Patterson

    Maria, the tags will work in all Campaign Monitor templates too (in fact you can add them directly from the content editor).

    Contact support with details if you can’t get it working and we can help you out.

  • Victor

    I know this is already a great feature, but my client asked me if we can somehow show how many others like it as well… you know how on a website we can click the facebook ‘like’ button and then it will show up how many others has like it too?

    If I don’t have to use the <fbtag> cm tag , that’s fine as well

    Any idea?

    thanks in advance.

  • Charlotte Babb

    I have a number of different facebook fan pages, and it would be awesome to highlight different ones with my campaigns through the year. PLEEEEEZZZZE add custom domains to FB and twitter buttons!

  • Eric Eisenberg

    Great feature! With Facebook, it would be great if this posted to the Wall (as opposed to the Profile page) for significantly higher visibility. Also, in its current format (unless we’re implementing it incorrectly) the post reads:

    “Eric likes “XYZ” on createsend.com

    Would be great if it read: “Eric likes “XYZ” on client-name.com


  • ronin

    +1 for custom domains

  • sol

    yup – me too for custom domain + displaying number of likes and also the ability to customise the hover message

    Cheers CM!

  • Dave

    Yes, custom domains please. I can’t see any response to this number 1 request from CM – why?

    We’re here as resellers. How about letting us know eh?

    Otherwise the cat’s out of the (already gaping) bag.


  • David Greiner

    @Dave, you’ll be pleased to know we’re working hard on custom domain support right now, and hope to have it release soon. We’ll announce it in the blog the moment it’s available. We’ve also got some other cool improvements to our social report that makes it infinitely more flexible in how and what you can share with subscribers.

  • Rowan Sentesy

    Something wrong with your ‘share’ button for Facebook on this article.
    url being opened is: http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=&#123twt:title_url&#125
    which doesn’t do much.

    looks sweet, however, even if I have to copy & past the url of this article announching your new feature :) ! great work guys!


  • Steve

    great update!

  • John Natoli

    This is a beautiful thing – love the reporting!

  • Colton

    +1 for custom domain support

  • Tonia

    This is great guys!! I have a campaign to send out tomorrow, and I will be using the facebook and twitter buttons for sure!

    My only question is if a campaign administrator like myself can designate a Facebook Page to post the “spreadin’ the news” rather than through my individual profile status update. I only use Campaign Monitor newsletters for my business pages, so one should be able to select a FanPage to link the email news post.


  • Raul

    Love the Tweet button.

    However, would rather have the Facebook Like button be tied to our Facebook page than the email campaign. Is there a way to do this?

  • David Greiner

    @Tonia and @Raul, we completely agree with you guys there and are working on an update now that would let your subscribers not only like the email, but any other page you specify too, such as your own Facebook page. Details on that will be coming soon.

  • Coby Chapple

    Fantasmically awesome feature, but I’m not sure about showing the world the ‘createsend.com/etc’ URL…

    I think I’ll wait till custom domains are supported

  • Adam

    It’s a great feature, but you really needed to sort the ‘Custom Domain’ stuff out before launching it or indeed similar products. Agencies will not happy with this oversight, and you’ve potentially caused a lot of embarrassing issues with their clients. You make such a great effort to assist agencies in all other ways and then to do this seems utter madness. Please be more aware of this and similar issues in the future to protect the hands that feed you.

  • Richard

    Good additions however it’s a real pity the “export list of people who forwarded the campaign” function has gone.

  • Glenecia Green

    Love this feature!

    A couple of questions: Will I be able to see the Like and Tweet buttons if I send a test to myself? Also, does it post the entire campaign or just that specific article when it’s shared (wondering if I should place it after each story or just one for the entire newsletter).

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    @Glenecia – Yes, you can see the buttons when you send a test to yourself. The webversion of the campaign is what’s shared, so anyone who clicks through will see the entire email campaign.

  • Phil Gutteridge

    Just putting my hand up for the custom domains functionality – this is crucial! Not looking to use this feature until this is up and running :)

  • Michael

    Excellent option. The social networks are indispensable today.
    Facebook, twitter, and the other ? :)

  • Margreet

    Great feature, although I very much agree with the custom domain support request.

    In addition, a button to share via Linkedin? Or does this already exist…?

  • Jody Gibbons

    This is a great update and something we are very much looking to use! Well done. We currently don’t have a facebook page but we do have a Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Is there any plans for a similar share feature for LinkedIn too?


  • Nick Lindwall

    This is very cool guys. I’m going to implement it on a campaign I’m sending out this Friday. Nice Work!

  • David

    Haven’t read all comments but has someone mentioned that for the client inline Quick Links the alt text that displays on hover is misleading. For the fb link the text is “Like this campaign on Facebook” (correct) whereas the Twitter one says “Share your campaign on Twitter” – surely it should say “Share this…”. If I’m being really picky I’d also rather it used the word “e-mail” than “campaign”. Otherwise a neat addition.

  • Dan Stevens

    @David, I was just about to ask the same question. It should say something like “share this on Twitter” (don’t even mention campaign or email – especially campaign, that’s internal marketing speak). Ideally it would be nice if we could customize these phrases.

    One other issue I’m experiencing – and this happens when I view the email in a browser (or during testing), I get a warning in IE that the site is trying to download a file to my browser. After accepting this to see what is going on here, https://www.campaignmonitor.com/assets/uploads/xd_proxy.css is being downloaded from static.ak.fbcdn.net. Can you shed some insight on this? I can see this triggering corporate/ISP spam/phishing filters which will further reduce our deliverability.

  • Dan Stevens

    One other issue I’m experiencing (building off of the second issue above), when I preview the email in my inbox, it’s taking a very long time for the images contained within the email to appear. This only happened AFTER I added the socialization buttons.

  • Phil Gilmore

    @Dan Stevens – responding to the warning in IE.

    Firstly you don’t need to worry about this triggering any issues with email filters at all. Requests to static.ak.fbcdn.net are for generating facebook like box itself, which is only loaded when looking at the web version (it depends on iframes and javascript, so we only insert it when viewing the web version). It’s not a part of the email content.

    As for why you’re seeing this warning, I can’t be sure. I’ve tested in IE6/7/8/9, and don’t get any security warnings in any of them, and you’re the first customer to have mentioned this. Do you have any custom security settings? Perhaps contact us at “support at campaignmonitor dot com” with a screenshot if it’s still causing problems for you.


  • Paul

    This will bring me back from Mail Chimp – I never really wanted to leave!

  • Dreigenannt

    huge vote for custom domains. it kind of defeats the purpose of presenting a focused message if the like/tweet points you to a newsletter and an unrelated website!

  • Thomas

    Awesome! Great job!

  • Michael Barber

    Hi Campaign Monitor,

    Question for you. The title of the email is generated from the meta-title of the campaign which would assume that for each email you would adjust the template so that it would be more related to your send. Any future enhancement planned so this information would be pulled from another place? From name? Subject line?


  • Dan Stevens

    As you look to improve/refine this functionality, i hope consideration is given to using Facebook SHARE in addition to LIKE. I’ve always felt sharing something on Facebook is more impactful than liking something. Plus i believe sharing also auto-generates a thumbnail image to accompany the shared content.

  • Tam Nguyen Minh

    i also vote for Facebook sharing button in the email :)

  • Andy White – Squidge Media Web

    I like it but it would be even better if you were able to populate the tweet text with something specific. i.e. a short message containing a hash-tag or a RT @me etc.

    Otherwise it’s not that useful.

    Same with FB really, if we were able to customise the message I think this would be a far more valuable tool.

  • Dan Stevens

    By providing Facebook “sharing” instead of “liking”, you would be able to add a customized message.

  • J

    My client has reported the same problem as mentioned by Dan Stevens. Using IE8, a security warning appears and leaves the editor unusable (the edit buttons do not work).
    Unfortunately I can’t access their machine to inspect what security settings are causing this, but for now I had to ask them to use a different browser.

  • Jamie Thomas

    This new feature is great, I’ll be using it straight away!

    Just a few things to add:
    1. Ability to edit the default message. It’s a bit of a problem when the default message is the Subject line, especially if it has personalization tags in it.

    2. It would great if you could have the option to only post a certain article section instead of the whole campaign.

    3. +1 for custom domains.

  • Yaffa

    We love this new feature and would love to add it to our mail outs except that you currently don’t support custom domains. We’re going to wait until you do before we add this to our newsletters.

  • Collin

    Love these new features. Two things: can we have FB share show a thumbnail? and can we get tags for LinkedIn?

  • Rhys Harry – Reasonably Good

    Once again, great addition.

    Any news on custom domains on FB though? We’ve had to remove the FB like button from client’s emails as they’re not happy with seeing a createsend link. We’re itching to get it back on.


  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Rhys, we’re happy to say that custom domains is going to be included in a (near) future release, alongside some other improvements for Facebook sharing. Stay tuned to the blog as we’ll have full details posted here.

  • Patrick

    Not sure whether its just me, but the the graphics aren’t showing up in all browsers on the MAC properly:


  • David Greiner

    @Patrick: Thanks for letting us know. We just did a pile of testing across those and other browsers and couldn’t replicate this one. If you’re still seeing it, could you please get in touch with more details so we can get to the bottom of it for you.

  • Heath

    I think Jamie Thomas is having the same issue .2 but the text that gets pulled into the teaser text currently is the top part of the email header which isn’t ideal. Is there anyway of controlling what text goes in here?

    Or is it best to push that text to the bottom of the email instead?

  • David Greiner

    @Heath, we’ve got some helps docs on that coming soon. You can add some simple meta tags to your HTML email to tell Facebook what to use for the image, title and description when your email is shared.

    Until ours is ready, here are the details of the meta tags in Facebook’s documentation.

  • Heath

    @David, Great thanks for that I’ll suss it out tonight and let you know how it goes.

  • Nelly


  • Pavlos Linos

    Good work guys!! I believe that clients will love it, and our sales pitch just got another advantage :)

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