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In a few days time we’re taking the wrapping paper off a huge upgrade to the Campaign Monitor editor. This update has been months in the making, and is the sum total of thousands of bits of feedback from passionate customers. We’re pretty excited about it, but before I dig into all the gory details, here’s a video showing some of the highlights.

The first thing you probably noticed is the new vertical split window. Now that you can have an unlimited number of elements in a repeater, we switched to a vertical split so you can still see most of your email when you’re adding content. I’ve been using this version for a couple of weeks now, and it’s a huge improvement on the old horizontal split. Now you can see most or all of your email as you add content to it.

On top of the new layout, here are some of the exciting bits.

Put anything in a repeater

By far the biggest request for the editor was more flexible repeaters, and it was the first thing we built into this update. Now you can have a repeater with 6 images, no images, 5 titles, whatever you like. You can also add your own labels for each of these elements so you and your clients know what you’re updating.

What this really means for you is total design flexibility. You can now throw any template design at the new editor, and it will still be a piece of cake for your clients to add their content to.

Design multiple layouts within the same repeater

Multiple layouts in the same repeaterThis is probably my favorite new feature for the editor. Let’s say you want a repeater where an image is sitting on the right for the first item, but on the left for the second, then back on the right again. Using the new <layout> tag (which I explain below), you can specify any combo of different layouts in the same repeater.

What’s more, you can even label each of these different layouts and give your client the option of choosing which one to use and when.

Streamlined WYSIWYG editor

The experience of formatting content was another area we wanted to nail with this update. The first step was simplifying things. We’ve combined all the different ways to add special items to your content into a single “Insert” button. You can add a link, personalization, social sharing buttons plus lots of other goodies all from a clean menu system.

The new Insert menu

We’ve also given your clients the ability to tweak the font size for any content. This was a hard one for us. As designers we think most of this should be defined for our clients in the template itself, but the requests were overwhelming. To keep a balance we’ve kept the size options within a reasonable range to minimize the chances of client-uglification. We’ve also cleaned up and streamlined the way text is pasted (goodbye annoying popup), especially from places like Microsoft Word.

Add alt text to any images

Another shortcoming of the old editor meant your clients couldn’t add alternate text to any images added to their email content. Image blocking in many email clients makes alt text a valuable fallback when an image isn’t loaded and it’s now super easy for clients to add or edit the alt text for any images they insert in their email.

Add alt text to any image

On top of some of these larger improvements, we also snuck in a ton of other niceties. Drag and drop is now smoother, we auto generate thumbnails for any templates you add, plus images now upload automatically and appear instantly.

Updated template language

To accommodate some of these great new features, we also made a number of changes to the existing template language. I’ll dig into these changes in more detail when the new editor launches this coming Monday, but wanted to mention that your old templates will continue to work.

As part of the launch next week we’ll be automatically converting all existing templates to use the updated tags. We’ll always be backwards compatible too, so even if you import a template using older tags, we’ll convert them for you silently behind the scenes. The changes aren’t radical anyway, but rest assured we’ve been working hard to make sure the transition will be a smooth one.

White label video for your clients

We’ve also set up a brief, white labeled video demo showing off some of these updates that any reseller can show their clients. We don’t mention designer-y stuff like repeaters, but show off the new look and feel and some of the new features. Here’s the video if you’re looking for a quick way to keep clients in the loop:

All this and more this coming Monday, July 11

We’ll be pushing the new editor to all accounts on Sunday at 10am Sydney time (see this in your time zone), so it will be ready to roll for you and your clients first thing Monday. Look out for a new post then with all the details about the updated template language. This update has been a big effort by the Campaign Monitor team, but none of it would have happened without the passionate feedback from all of you. We’re always listening, so please keep it coming.

Update: The new editor is now live

The update was a success and the new editor is ready to roll in your account. Get the skinny on the new template language and download a sample template to learn how you can get the most out of this big update.

  • Richard@FM

    Hurrah…looking forward to this… it’s been becoming a struggle to sell on CM last year or so… this sounds like a huge leap technologically and will help resellers enormously.

  • Stumpy

    Hot! Love the video and song choice.

  • Jay

    Frickin sexy stuff!

    P.S. What song is that?

  • Jack Faulkner

    So good!

  • Lee

    @Jay : Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye

  • David Greiner

    Spot on @Lee. The funny part is the coincidental “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life” line coming out just as we show off flexible repeaters. It has been a while…

  • Damo

    Will the new editor work on iPad? The corrent one doesn’t allow the text field to be selected.

  • David Greiner

    @Damo, we’ve made some special tweaks to make it much more iPad friendly, but there are some limitations we can’t get around like no WYSIWYG support. It actually works really well, and is super handy if you need to make quick changes or get a newsletter out when not at your desk.

  • Heath

    That’s awesome! can’t wait for this. Massive improvement in UI.

    And yeah! great song choice. How did you get a license to use that.

  • Jay

    @Lee Thx. It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head the 1st time you hear it.

    Jeez can’t wait to try out the new repeaters.

    Ok back to bed. Text message from my CM RSS feed got me out of bed just to see this update. :-P

  • Damo

    Awesome stuff – I tried to edit something on iPad last night and went OH, it doesn’t work lol. Great to hear support will be there no matter how basic. As you correctly point out – it’s mainly the odd time you need to make an on the fly correction or whatever. Great to see CM still forging ahead after what is it now? 5-6 years?

  • @JohnW86

    Looks awesome guys, looking forward to giving it a go!

  • Damo

    Sorry, I’ll take the big duh award for commenting before watching the video (which is great by the way). You reckon there will be a way to string together tables (for info/data) using the new features & editor?

  • Toon

    Wow, this looks great!
    Can’t wait to use it.

    Great work!!

  • tomc

    Wow, that’s amazing. Thank you!

  • Marc Sanders

    Wow, great improvements! Can’t wait to start using it.

  • Dan

    Looks impressive.

  • David Couillard

    This is why I stick with Campaign Monitor!
    Amazing UI work guys! Love it!

  • Frank Okemwa

    This is super guys. I am really impressed especially by the repeater functionality and it would even be better if we could have an additional area beneath each image for adding some writeup to support the images (additional info i.e. stock #, price, availability sizes, etc).

    Thanks guys and please consider my request/suggestion in the next upgrade. In addition to this, it would also be good to get a copy of the video for re-sellers. Would be good for client tutorial/demo.

  • Quamm

    Very good job! Looks better than MailChimp…

  • Andrew Philpott

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait for these changes.

  • Brian Thies

    Absolutely amazing! Incredible work and can’t wait to implement. THIS is why there’s so much value in working with Campaign Monitor – when they get it done, they get it done right.

    Great work!!

  • John Stevens

    This is soooooo cool!!!

  • Omi Sahota

    WOW, simply amazing!! Good job guys!!

  • Natalie

    Perfect timing, was just pulling my hair out over not being able to have multiple images in a repeater, among other things. Cannot wait!!

  • Eric

    Is the new editor going to be available through the api?

  • Marijana • AkaÅ¡a

    Crazy, I can not wait to try!

  • Jamie

    Beautiful job.

  • Steve

    I second what Brian said and add to that… Thanks for the white label video for all of us resellers out here! You guys are amazing!

  • Paul Mycroft

    Hey, thanks for the white label video – love any white label stuff.

    This nicely coincides with my website and email newsletter design.

    Great work.

  • Paul Mycroft

    Hey, thanks for the white label video.

    This nicely coincides with my website and email newsletter design.

    Great work.

  • Adrian Forster


  • Diana Potter

    @Frank Okemwa There is actually a whitelabel version of the video for you to share with your clients. You can find that here.

  • Darkl

    Can’t wait to start using it! Looks awesome

  • Dario Grandich

    Oooh what an improvement. Looking forward to checking it out. Awesome song too.

  • Kaelig

    Looks impressive. Can’t wait for Monday to develop a new template with it!

  • Daren Bach

    Roll on Monday, great stuff as always.

  • Julia

    Will there be any tutorial or something we can share with clients, that doesn’t use the Campaign Monitor branding?

    thanks! this is grooooovy!

  • Devin B.

    Yay! So excited about the new interface and alt tag additions! Thanks for the upgrade.

  • Alex Collins


  • Dana DiTomaso

    Love it! Thank you so much!

  • Jannis Gundermann

    This looks great, will the update also bring image cropping if both height and width are specified on an image tag?

    If you could could also have a proprietary ‘anchorPoint’ attribute to decide which the crop focus should be (option could be: top|center|bottom) that would be an added bit of awesome…

    Great stuff, congratz on the Monday release.

  • Matt

    Very very nice!!!

  • Aaron

    Very Nice Cant wait.

  • Topper

    Love it guys – as an software designer/developer, I appreciate the great interface and work involved. Kudos. This will definitely make our monthly newsletter easier to create.

  • Integrati Marketing Consultant

    Great work, thank you Campaign Monitor.

    Looking forwarded to using the new fesatures from Monday the 11th of July 2011!!!


  • karlbright

    I Love You

  • Daniel

    Looking forward to this next week. Too bad we have to get a newsletter out tonight and not Monday! Haha. Sounds like a lot of great improvements, can’t wait to try the new editor. Congrats on rolling out all of your hard work soon.

  • purtle

    I love CM… such an inspiration. Well done guys and gals!

  • Lee Reichardt

    If you don’t mind me asking, what screen capture software did you guys use to make the video and what did you use to edit the video? Just looking at what to use for our own video.

    Oh, also… Looking forward to the new features!

  • David Greiner

    Thanks for all the amazing comments guys, it sure makes the hard work worth it.

    @Lee, we used a combo of Screenflow to capture the video, and the editing was just done in good old iMovie.

  • Geeves

    Thanks so much. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and dive into the new templating language and editor. My clients are just going to love it!

    Great work and a great milestone for CM! It’s kickawesome!

  • Rob Bare

    Looks awesome… especially the FB Like of specific pages!

  • Lisa Bryant

    I have this scary feeling that someone is going to tell me I can already do this… but the change I would have liked to see was a built in spell checker.

  • David Greiner

    @Lisa, that was something we considered for this release, and may stil offer in the future. Spellchecking is something thats easy to get wrong and give a clunky experience, and we wanted to get the majority of these updates in customers hands as soon as we could. It’s definitely still something we’d consider for a future update.

  • Brian Weston

    Awesome! although in your “white label” video the email template has “campaign monitor” in the footer, do you have a version without?

  • Bart Vandebeek

    Glad you guys finally changed the items that we can add to the repeater! Looks awesome guys!!

  • Troy Dean

    I looooooove you guys!

  • Daniel Goncalves

    Looks great. Congratulations for your work!
    Would suggest one thing is to think about some translation features for the future like <$currentdayname lg=’fr’ $> but you certainly think about it.

  • Pixelle

    Look so nice & cool. Just the fact to be able to put 2 images in a repeater or to change size of text, is like to be out of jail.
    Thanks a lot for this nice update & congratulations !

  • Lauren

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  • Craig Killick

    Amazing update guys. Have always been a huge fan and your product development is why. Keep up the good work.

  • Adrianne

    Nice, looking forward to using it.

  • Jeremy

    the new updates look awesome. Only joined CampaignMonitor a few weeks ago… this only makes joining even better! :)

  • tim elwood

    Well done looks like fun – what is the sound track on the vid?

  • Neil Bradley

    Awesome work David and the CM team. The UI looks beautiful. I’m hoping we will be able to use templates and repeaters in a more dynamic way in future, so that we can when an action is done on our website, we can use the API to say make a template using X, Y and Z.

  • Paul Egan

    WOW just what CM needed to become the leader. I want it now !!

  • Andy Greener

    David, looks amazing well done to you and your team! Look forward to having a ‘play’ on the 11th :-)

  • Michel


  • sarah

    BRING IT ON! Love your work. I think I best hold off doing my next newsletter until the 11th :-)

  • Marc Saffar

    Wow, sounds great for better graphic design integration.
    QUESTION : as we had to do some tricky things for our customer’s templates because repeater did not offerred so much, I will have to re design and code some of them to fit new editor.
    Is everything coming out monday or could we prepare things before ?

    Bravo les gars (et les filles) !

  • Maurice

    This makes such a difference. The limitations before were quite frustrating.

    Love the new interface, can’t wait to try it out. Can’t wait to try different repeatable sections.

    I would almost consider using this for my own templates instead of hand coding everything everytime :)

  • Lee

    This is just FANTASTIC! thank you so much for this update. Really cool!

  • Lucas Degen

    Wow, this just made my day. Very nice to see the editor feature on the left and the result on the right. As it should be.

    Great work, well done.

    Cheers from The Netherlands.

  • David Greiner

    @Marc, we’ll be sure to publish the updated template language first thing Monday, but the changes aren’t too dramatic, so even if you tweak an existing template to take advantage of new features like different layouts in the same repeater, it should be a fairly simple process.

  • James Mason

    What about those people who resell this as a ‘white label’ product as it’s pitched?

    As there are no translations available for the editor I have been forced to create videos with voice overs in 6 languages and as of Monday they will be useless!!! I need more notice that two working days on changes like this and a true white label solution would allow me to bypass these ‘enhancements’ if I wasn’t yet ready to upgrade. really disappointed that it’s been handled this way and it will force months of work to be ditched. Is there no way I can bypass these changes and still use the old method?

  • James

    guys this looks amazing – you’ve really excelled yourselves on this one. Cant wait to start playing.

  • David Hollings

    Looks amazing! – Can’t wait to get start using the new editor.

  • John

    I don’t feel you can seriously offer this as a white label product any longer. I have been given 1.5 working days notice of this upgrade which clearly is not long enough.

    It’s a great system, and the upgrades are definately good – but the lack of insight into these changes has made the situation, to put it delicately, ‘awkward’.

    Is there an option NOT to have these upgrades, or to be able to upgrade in a slightly more timeyl fashion, or is it a fate a compli?

  • Bec

    Very much looking forward to this update. CM is already brilliant, but this will make it even better.

  • Sam Hinks

    Looks good and brings the UI up-to-date. Hope my clients grasp the mantle :) Keep it coming. Ciao

  • Mathew Patterson

    John, James,

    We appreciate this is short notice, and I agree that’s something we need to work on for the future for rebranding customers. We hate to cause you wasted time or trouble with your clients.

    Unfortunately there isn’t any way to opt-out – as with most hosted products, everyone is on the same version all the time.

    Thanks for your honest feedback, we will take it on board.

  • David Greiner

    @James and @John, thanks for the feedback. Regarding translations, a handy new feature that’s part of this update is the ability to label every field in your email with more useful terms than “title” and “description”. These are set per template and can be in any language you like. We’ve also re-used most of the same terms in the new editor, and aside from the new vertical layout, the way the editor is actually used remains the same.

    Due to the scale of this update and the amount of testing involved, it’s also tricky to know exactly when a feature will be fine to push. In this case we did want to give more notice, but unfortunately didn’t end up being the case. We do have a few ideas on better ways to give resellers advanced notice, and that’s something we’ll be focusing on for future releases of this size. More on that here soon.

    As Mat said, we’re listening and appreciate the feedback.

  • WPS

    The positives: The new features sound fantastic and can’t wait to see them in action. Great work.

    The negatives: I have to agree with some posts above about the amount of notice given for this – 1 business day… This hardly gives any resellers time to 1; notify our own clients and 2; come a custom to using the new features and how they work. Come Monday morning, I (and resellers in general) will probably have clients on the phone asking how this new editor works… what’s this, what’s that… – answer: I don’t know, haven’t used it my self – a little embarrassing…

    Personally, I’d be giving at least 2-3 weeks notice and providing some thorough documentation of what/how things are done so at least resellers have time to read up and know what’s going on.

  • Rocket

    wow, great new features and just in time for me too :)

  • Mathew Patterson

    Thanks for the comment WPS.

    Hopefully you will find (as we have internally) that from the content creators perspective the changes are actually quite minor. They still have the same tools, things have just moved slightly and work better.

    The big changes are all in the template language side of things, and that’s something you can introduce in your own time. Existing templates will just work as they always did.

    So while it would be a good idea to notify your clients that the editor will look a little different, they really shouldn’t need much more than that to keep creating and sending campaigns.

    Again, we will improve in this area though and I appreciate it is a bit scary especially since you have not seen the editor yourself yet.

  • Nathalie

    Wow, wonderful! Just a bit of a shame it hasn’t come earlier! I’ve just paid a developer to design our Newsletter, which I will send out today… Well done, anyway!

  • James Mason

    @David thanks for the response but saying sorry help the situation, you expect people to work with and trust you but this change is massive and the knock-on effect for some people is huge. I expect for some (like me) it’s make or break. Why not delay the launch? Most ppl on here are developers and understand milestones, road-maps and the like, just delay it a few of weeks to give users the chance to get things ready!

    @Mathew, I don’t think all hosted white label solutions are like this, i’m not even sure WordPress the largest while label community there is does this. I seem to remember there being an ‘upgrade’ button in the backend to allow uses to upgrade if they wished. Why couldn’t you adopt the same method?

  • Andre

    I would watch the video again, just to hear the killer track. Swoon rocks just like you do. Can’t wait to use the new editor. Whoop.

  • chris

    This looks great, bring on July’s newsletter!

  • Stephen Davis

    I’m gonna die! This just puts CM over the TOP! Best update ever. :D

  • debbidoo

    Awesome! CM, you spoil us, you really do! I <3 CM! :)

  • David Greiner

    @James, there’s a good chance the video above might be making this change look like it will have a bigger initial impact than will be the case. MOst of the shiny new features are available through the new template language. For existing templates with floating titles, descriptions and repeaters, the only real difference will be that the editing is done on the left of the page, not the top. We’ve worked very hard to make this transition intuitive for the first-run experience, so no extensive training or client education will be required.

    Once you take a peek at the features in the new template language, then you’ll have all the time you need to get your head around them before introducing them to any clients. Of course, a couple of weeks more notice doesn’t hurt either, and tat’s something we’re hearing loud and clear.

  • HelloDaylight

    Amazing. Awesome work.

  • Shannon

    client-uglification – haha I love it!

  • Na

    improvements look good but expect better from you guys as far as notice, perhaps excitement over the features blinded you to how removed us resellers are from any new stuff… “This update has been months in the making, ” i might be wrong but i can’t recall any notice that anything this substantial was coming… understand you don’t want to be held to release dates/coming features but gotta agree 1 business day notice to push to our users is really poor..

    we’ve got our own documentation, and wed just started making screencast videos appears they will need to be redone along with the documentation… can’t achieve that in one day that’s for sure…

    +1 for improvements
    -1 for release process

  • Andrew Rostron

    Great Thank you for advance notice – look forward to trying it out on Monday

  • Jammy

    Some people are never happy are they…?

  • Kevin M

    Great stuff! Can’t wait. BTW, what is the font that’s used in the video?

  • Burak

    Great update, thanks a lot for your work

  • Ronan Morris

    Well done people. This looks like a giant leap. We were getting worried that some new clients were no longer selecting CM as part of their website package.

    This will make a huge difference.

    Cool video too!

  • John Slater

    What an awesome looking update. Can’t wait to get working on it.

  • Laura Robeson

    Great news, these features were all desperately needed. Can’t wait to see!

  • Rebecca

    Can’t wait!

  • George

    FYI – Usage of the vimeo video player is not for commercial use
    “You may not upload commercials, infomercials, or demos that actively sell or promote a product or service.”

  • Marc-Antoine Duhaime

    Great job. Did your team code all the sexy javascript? Like the file upload with process bar and alt text?

    Look like a great user experience to me. Are you releasing a tutorial on monday for template creating / update ?


  • Jon Edwards

    Almost every request that I’ve sent through in the last few months has been addressed. Thank you for all your efforts and great support. Looking forward to seeing your new list management and form editing capabilities…

  • irina

    Good work, you rock!

  • jen

    I’m just waiting for July 11!!!!

  • Víctor González


  • Realitysmith

    Nice. That’s a good upgrade. Thanks for making it tablet-friendly, too!

  • Colin Rowley

    So excited about this. This will change the way email is done.

  • Mark Wyner

    Wow, that’s super slick. Nice work.

  • Michael

    I’m surprised how many posters say “good job guys”. Do they know for a fact that the team is all guys, or is this sexism?

  • Geary

    Outstanding! Just what I was hoping for in an update. Thank you.

  • suzi

    dear campaign monitor,

    i am sooooo excited to play with the new features! the flexible repeaters function sounds like a dream.

    thank you!

  • Nicki Snoblin

    Thank you, thank you – just as I was wishing for more flexibility, especially allowing my clients to change font size and color (I know, yuck from a design standpoint, but a lot of people ask for it). And thanks for the white-label video.

  • Patrick McKern

    The new flexibility in the repeaters will be a great relief as I bring clients into CM who are used to having all kinds of dangerous flexibility in other platforms. Having an easier way to offer them a good range of options that they can choose from in such an elegant manner will be great–and I can stop building absurd constructions of different options that are hard to navigate in the editing view of the layout.

    Will there be any additional support for the TOC (i.e., beyond linking it to a single repeater)? Perhaps with the new possibilities for picking different layouts from one repeater, this could be less of an issue, but I had to wonder.

    I’m also wondering if there’s any likelihood of a table editing component ever being added to the editor. It’s another reason why I have to placate clients who can’t give up the idea of presenting data in their messages, and had a tool to do that elsewhere….

  • sticki


    “guys”: Informal, Persons of either sex.

  • Sarah

    This looks fantastic – particularly the social sharing changes and the flexible repeater areas. I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks very much.

  • Brian Weston

    Any luck removing “Campaign Monitor” from the white label video? I cant use it as it is. Also do we have a version of the update we can play with? as a reseller our clients are under the impression that this is our product, so not being able to communicate anything prior to launch, as well not knowing the ins and outs of the update will make us look very unprofessional. Also the impending frustration on Monday by not being able to accurately answer questions about the update that many clients are under the impression that we developed. Don’t get me wrong, tt is fantastic that you guys have done an update, but remember as paying customers and resellers we expect a bit more communication about what is going on.

  • Anonymous

    Exciting Updates! Can’t wait! will there be any downtime over the weekend? If so when and how long for?

  • Mathew Patterson

    Hey Brian,

    For your clients, there won’t be too much confusion; they’ll still edit in much the same way as before, it is just moved over to the left, instead of the top.

    We’d recommend you login on Sunday (US time) or Monday morning and just familiarise yourself with it a little, if you can. As noted above, we agree that we need to do better with notifications next time.

  • Claire

    All I can say is Awesome Awesome Awesome. Cant wait.

  • cat

    thanks! this rocks!

  • Jesse Dodds

    @Kevin M — The font is ‘National’ from the KLIM type foundry

  • Mark

    Looks Great So can’t wait to see the new changes

  • Loren Klein

    This looks amazing!

  • Russ

    Great approach to launching an upgrade to an already great product! Keep up the great work CM, we are huge fans!

  • Kat

    Looks like fun! Thank you :)

    Can anyone identify the template used in the video for me?

  • Gareth Hanson

    Whoop, whoop. I am so stoked with this. Can’t wait to try the new editor on Monday. Nice work guys!

  • Luke

    When you say Monday – what time zone are you referring to? We’re an Australian business, and you’re our trusty Sydney-based provider, but I’m aware you also have offices around the world and your customer base is global.

    So does ‘first thing Monday’ mean Monday morning Australian Eastern Time??

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    @Luke – We mean Monday for everyone, including our friends in Kiribati. :) To let you into a secret, we’re doing a lot of the heavy lifting (ie. deployment) over the weekend – so by the time you log in on Monday morning it should be working like a charm for all our customers.

  • HoverKraft

    Looks great guys! It ads so much more ease to setting up and sending a well designed e-mail campaign for our clients!

    HoverKraft – identity & internet

  • Stig Morten Myre

    @Marc, we sure are — there will be a blog post on Monday, about the changes to the existing tags, as well as an introduction to the new tags.

    @Kat, that’s actually the Campaign Monitor newsletter template which we shared a few months ago. The updated version, which takes advantage of the new functionality, will be posted on the blog too.

  • Chris


  • Sarah

    Again on the time thing – not everybody has the same weekend and not everybody takes the weekend off. You say in your email “The update itself will be happening on Sunday, July 10 so it won’t inconvenience you or your clients. While your account will be unavailable, we’ll still be tracking campaign activity and new subscribes behind the scenes.”

    Can you please let us know precisely what times the accounts will be unavailable from and to.

    Very nice that you are making changes, absolutely appalling that you treat your customers in this fashion.

  • David Greiner

    @Sarah, sorry about the ambiguity, the update will be happening at 10am on Sunday Sydney time and will take no more than an hour to complete. Here’s that time frame in all time zones. I’ve updated the blog post to reflect this too.

  • Chris

    I have been selling themes on themeforest. This will make it so much easier for to design and sell email templates. Also have another project on the go. Was going to supply three different templates for the client. Now I only need to do one.

    Great job Cant wait to give it a go.

  • Ant Hodges – Social Media Cons

    Will this mean that other templates that we have created will need any tweaks?

  • Marlon

    The best ever! Great improvements.

    Congrats, Marlon.

  • Diana Potter

    Hi Ant,

    Everything is backwards compatible. Your existing templates will be updated automatically and if you import a new template with the old code they’ll be updated as well. So you don’t need to make any changes.

  • Thomas

    Fantastic update!
    Ditto on the createsend-address on the amazing whitelabel video. I guess I have to tell clients that “India Internet Learning Ventures Pvt. Ltd.” https://demo.createsend.com is one of our foreign clients.

  • Thomas

    ^ And please don’t change it now. Newsletter with that link is scheduled for monday morning :)

  • Stig Morten Myre

    Actually Thomas, sorry that we didn’t think to mention this, but you can replace https://demo.createsend.com in that URL with your account URL (even a custom domain).

    If you don’t see this before Monday, just let us know and we can update the URL in your campaign if you’d like.

  • simon owen

    New prezzies – can’t wait!

    Seriously, this looks very good. Talk about falling in love all over again. All the best with the roll out guys – you deserve it.

  • TCost

    What about the earlier observations that CM is mentioned in the ‘white label’ video (around second 25 – lower right of screen)?
    It’s no good as a white label video as it is….

    Appreciate the update though – well done…

  • Thomas Duncan

    Sweet! Very nice job!

  • Oliver

    Please bring back the resizing possibility for the editor.

    It is quite difficult to edit longer text. The buttons on top dont even show completely when using the editor in german language…


  • Kate


    Thanks for this update – it was long awaited :)

    I tried out the new editor today and have couple of comments – perhaps will help tweak it and make it even better.

    1. editor window resizing.
    In the old version the edit window was usually very wide + we had option to make it height too. Now there is no control and the edit panel is a bit too small – especially when editing the html code.

    2. The “remove link” option
    It is gone in the new panel – no quick way to remove links for the content. I tend to use it, now it takes much more time

    3. The edit buttons
    They show on the right side of every element – absolute right. when I use a really wide screen, they are very far from the content and I cannot see which button relates to which section.

    I haven’t tested the new template language yet. Just used the editor with some old templates. But I definitely will and will pass on any comments I can think of.

    Thanks for doing a great job. Best wishes!

  • Patrick McKern

    Kind of confused as to why the ability to delete an unwanted repeater doesn’t appear until a second instance of it has been added. Of course, I hope that the new layout options will make it easier to avoid including so many throwaway repeaters, but having to delete default content in the editor windows to get the same effect in older templates is kind of a pain….

  • Diana Potter

    @Patrick McKern That one is a bug, so good spotting; you should be able to delete a section and we’re working on a fix. Right now the best workaround is to go ahead and delete that default text, we know it’s a pain, though and hopefully it should all be sorted tomorrow.

  • kelvin

    hey I can’t expand the editor box. When I am writing a long article, make me hard to type.

  • Jonathan Nicol

    Suggestion (and apologies if this has been requested already, but I haven’t read all of the comments): Make text size and color button in the WYSIWYG editor optional via a per-template setting.

    One of the things I like about CM’s templating system is that my clients can’t mess it up. Their emails ALWAYS look good. In my experience, once a client can change the color and size of text, they can very quickly destroy a design.

    I understand some people might want to edit text size/color in the WYSIWYG, but why not make it possible to disable these buttons as a user preference? That way you retain complete backwards compatibility, and can keep us control freaks happy.

  • Jon

    I’ve just had a complaint about the extended colour palette being reduced. Is there any chance of this being reintegrated? It seems quite important to at least one of our users.

    Apart from that, and a few other issues you’re already aware of, this all looks very nice. It just needs ironing :)


  • Ben Marr

    2 of my clients templates have bugged out. On one the footer is now in the right sidebar – http://email.webprofits.com.au/t/ViewEmail/r/ACAEFC871DEACA16

    Hoping the fix is self evident.

  • David Greiner

    Hey ben, did you get in touch with our support team about these specific issues? If not, that would be the best way to get a quick resolution.

  • Denis Degioanni


  • R. Adams

    You guys are so amazing! CM is so awesome. And I love all the new changes. Can I make one request? — Is there a way to provide a fully populated email campaign report? This would allow for a great way to (white label) demo and sell to potential clients. I’ve ran into a problem of not wanting to show them any other client and their private information. So I’ve had to show them the demo I have that is not as populated and a good example of how great the results are.

    Any thoughts? Thanks guys! You are an amazing team

  • Bryce Easton

    Hi there,

    just some feedback and suggestions.

    • Can we have a window resize so people have a larger editor or the option to make it up the top like it was? complaints coming in especially for people on laptops or netbooks.

    • Another, clients (4 calls today) can not right click into the text field to paste text, not a biggy but it is frustrating as it is an intuitive action that has been removed.

    • Edit icons covering text, intro titles and not refreshing properly when images or text added.

    • They didn’t know how to remove a link from an article after they’ve put one in (there used to be an unlink button in the old editor).

    • hey didn’t like how the drag n’ drop re-ordering behaved – they said the page scrolls too fast up/down when their cursor is at the top & bottom edges of their browser, and they can’t precisely place an article in position.

    Any luck on the white label video without Campaign Monitor in it?

    Thanks Guys

  • David Greiner

    Hey Bryce, thanks for the great suggestions. We’ve been keeping track of all of these, and you’ll be happy to know that all of the improvements you mentioned are being considered. We’re pushing 10-15 improvements and fixes to the editor each day at the moment, and you’ll start to see some of these things appear in the coming weeks.

    The white label version of the video is something we’re hoping to have out early next week, and I’ll be sure to update here the moment that happens.

  • Bryce Easton

    Hi David, thanks for the prompt reply! Sounds great we look forward to the fixes being pushed through. Love the update by the way, some clients tend to pick up the bad in change don’t they :)

  • Sharaf

    I like the overall changes, however, there is a big problem with not being able to resize the editor. I have a 2 page content and it is impossible to edit anything right now. This is a big issue for many of my clients.

    Using Chrome 12.0 on Windows 7.

    Any suggestions or fixes?

  • Andrew mac

    Hi CM team

    I am loving the new editor update and your whole package to be honest. I reckon I could offer a money back guarantee scheme to any unsatisfied customers quite comfortably knowing they would never take it up!!

    One question, I am having difficulty embedding your white label video in my site. Any pointers?

    Great work!!

  • David Greiner

    Hey Andrew, great to hear you’re loving these updates. I just made some tweaks to the video settings that should make embedding a little easier. Let me know if that solves it for you.

  • Andrew mac

    Hi David,

    Excellent, its worked. Thank you for such a prompt reply.

    Have a good weekend!


  • Ced Funches

    This is soooooooooooo awesome.

  • Kristy Ewing

    BEAUTIFUL. Thank you.

  • Lee Reichardt

    @David Greiner. Screenflow + iMovie = awesome! Cheers for heads up!

  • Jan Ottenbourg

    Looks like the editor isn’t working in IE6.

  • David Greiner

    @Jan, the new version of editor isn’t supported by IE6 I’m afraid. This is something I meant to clarify in the original announcement, so it’s completely my fault this wasn’t made clearer earlier.

    I’ll be doing a blog post on some of the updates we’ve made since launching the editor on the blog in the next day or so, and I’ll be sure to explain the reasons behind this decision then.

  • Lee Reichardt

    @David Greiner – Screenflow and iMovie put together work brilliantly!

    And now I have finally had a go to play around with the new editor update, it’s awesome! Features that our clients have been asking for are now here, and that makes our life easier :) so thanks!

  • TinaC

    Any update on the changes to the not so white label video?


  • Tony Bianco

    This is a big step up… but you’re still missing something very important. There is no way for an end user to add an image without having the designer lock them into where that image is and it’s position within a content region.

  • Lee Reichardt

    @TinaC – This video looks pretty white label to me http://demo.createsend.com/t/ViewEmail/r/138E419CF01AD8BA

    What more do you want?

  • TinaC

    @Lee Reichardt – The words ‘Campaign Monitor’ are shown at least 3 times in the lower right hand corner of the video – at seconds 10, 15 and 26.

    CM have acknowledged this fact – it has been mentioned previously in this thread and they said last week that they hoped to have a corrected video available early this week. I am hoping to avoid having to create my own version of the video if possible.

  • @CafeGabriel

    Now I know that Campaign Monitor really loves me! Great addition CM team. I was wondering if the editor still works on imported HTML templates though??

  • Liminal Design Cornwall

    Excellent update guys, great work!

  • Liminal Design Cornwall

    Excellent update guys, great work! Love the repeater update – going to make life so much easier!

  • Me Too

    Still can’t change the color of section titles.

  • Rick

    This is the most elegant eMail editor out there – and we work with most all of them. The new “tablet friendly” features make this a great product to maintain relationships on the road.

  • james ballard

    I will take this out for a spin. The timing on this couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • Kat

    Amazing. Great work guys. Love how you care about your product so much! Great usability!

  • Cameron SG

    Very effing nice guys! You guys are at the front line doing it right! :)

  • Mark N Hopgood

    What is a repeater? Please explain.

  • Paris Vega

    Looks beautiful, guys. Thanks for the upgrade!

  • Willem Venter

    Hi Guys I heard abour CM recently & it looks really cool!!!
    I’m still in the trial phase & am not getting the template to appear when I want to create an email..can you please help ?
    Thanx ;-)

  • Ed Kollada

    How do I access the template editor

  • Ove Kristensen

    The video now says “Private video, log in to Vimeo”.

    What’s up with that?

  • Robert Piller

    Private video…please fix.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    @Ove & @Robert – Very sorry about this, we’ve made the video public again so you should be able to view it now. For your convenience, the white-label video can be found here.

  • Kevin

    Guys, can I take your video and brand it to illustrate to my clients the new editor features?

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