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Earlier this week we released a big improvement to the snapshot page you use to see what your subscribers have been up to. While the old design focused only on their campaign activity, the new design makes things a lot more personal. Here’s how it looks (click the image for a full-size version):


The new snapshot includes a great deal more about each subscriber, but does so in a cleaner and less cluttered design. For each subscriber, we now also show you…

Where they’re based

The launch of Worldview earlier this year opened up a new world of geo data on your subscribers. For any subscriber that’s opened an email from you, or clicked a link, we’ll now show you where they were on a map the last time they interacted with you.

On top of the latest location, we’ll also show you where each open, click and share has taken place over time. It’s amazing how may of our own subscribers open our emails in lots of different locations.

What they look like

If the data is available, we’ll also show you a small photo of your subscriber. While it won’t be available for everyone, it’s a nice touch that makes for a much more personal experience than just seeing an email address.

If they love you or not

The new snapshot now shows a small chart that illustrates how each subscriber has been interacting with you over time. It’s a nice way to spot trends at a glance and see if your subscribers are becoming more or less likely to open your emails, visit your site or share your content with their friends.

Super quick editing

On top of this new data, updating any subscriber’s details is now much snappier allowing you to basically edit in place instead of redirecting you off to a different form. It’s only a subtle change, but makes for a much nicer experience, especially when you need to update more than one subscriber’s details.

  • Ced Funches

    Very cool

  • Robin D’hooge

    wow, how does the photo thing work?

  • David Greiner

    @Robin, we check to see if that subscriber has set up their own avatar/picture with Gravatar, the free avatar hosting service from the team behind WordPress.

  • Katie @ Women Magazine

    Frankly speaking the design looks pretty awesome, i am sure you can work a bit on the activity tab and make it more user friendly and informative.

  • Mark James

    Looks great but how do we get to it? I’m in WorldView now but don’t see how to get to this view.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    @Mark James – sorry about the confusion there, but subscriber snapshots can be found in your subscriber lists. Simply click on the subscriber you want to see :)

  • Tony Bianco

    This is really cool. I’m loving your platform. One thing I am missing is MailChimp’s social feature where you can see who on your subscribers list is part of what social media sites. If you had this hear then I would be extremely happy!

  • Kevin Medeiros

    Excellent! You guys rock.

  • scott

    I’d think only around 1.5% of my subscribers would have a gravatar profile.

  • Jay

    Being able to add a logo or custom image if no Gravatar is present would be a nice touch.


    If the subscriber details (custom field) contain a twitter account, their twitter avatar? :-)

  • Simon Hamp

    @Jay +1

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    @Tony – Thanks for the great suggestion, I’ve added this as a feature request internally. Will certainly let you know if we add this to the app.

    @Jay & Simon – Good calls here, too. It’s a bit of a challenge getting profile pics en masse using services other than Gravatar, but we’ll certainly look into this.

  • Jurgen Tegel

    Great guys,

    Our CARTwise customers are very happy with Campaign Monitor.

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