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Today, I’m very happy to announce the release of RSS to email support in Campaign Monitor. Sure, RSS to email has been done before, but I can promise you it’s never been done like this. We went back to the drawing board and put together what we think is the nicest, easiest to use RSS to email tool on the market. Over the last few years this has consistently been one of the most requested features we’ve ever had, and we’re really happy with how it came together. Here’s how it works…

A new type of campaign

Recurring RSS is an entirely new type of email campaign. In a nutshell, it allows you to automatically send an email to your subscribers whenever you update your site or blog. We then show you elegant reports that make it easy to see what your readers are actually interested in. Here’s a quick video tour showing some of the highlights:

There are lots of nice touches throughout this feature, but here are a few of the standouts.

Reporting you can learn from

Just like regular one-off campaigns, we provide you with a detailed report that shows the performance of your recurring campaigns over time. You can easily spot trends over time, dig into what posts were popular for a specific email, and even see what the most popular posts of all time are.


We also show you which countries your readers are from, and with complete Worldview integration you can even watch your subscribers open your campaigns in real-time.

Roll your own design

Instead of limiting your emails to a range of templates, you can create your own recurring RSS design by adding a few simple tags to any HTML page. Those of you already familiar with our template language will be right at home with the new <datarepeater> tag.

imageView the RSS template language and download a sample template

Our new template language for RSS campaigns allow you to include specifics from each post in your RSS feed like the date it was published, a link to comments, the author who wrote it and more. You can even use the <layout> to create a series of alternating designs for each item in your RSS feed.

Or, customize a template in seconds

For those of you that don’t want to start from the ground up, you can use the template builder to quickly create a great looking mobile-optimized design for your RSS campaigns. We’ll automatically show you your feed content and let you customize how it should be displayed to your subscribers.

Facebook and Twitter integration

We’ve made it easy to add social sharing features to your recurring RSS campaigns. By adding our social sharing tags, your subscribers can easily Like any post on Facebook or tweet about it to their own followers.

Flexible scheduling

You can choose to send these campaigns on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can get even more granular and send each campaign on the second Monday of every month at 9.25am. We’ll leave it up to you.

As well as flexible scheduling, you can also select a range of recipients. It might be a single list, multiple lists or even different segments. This means you can create multiple recurring RSS campaigns and then let your subscribers choose the frequency they’d like to get updates from you. Passionate readers can get daily updates, while others can get a slimmer summary each month.

That’s not all folks

While automatically sending is great for some, what if you’d like to populate some of your email content from an RSS feed, but not necessarily send it on autopilot. Maybe you only want to include certain posts, or it’s secondary content like a sidebar of upcoming events you’ll be hosting.

In the next few days we’ll have another exciting new feature to share that lets you do just that. And here it is… introducing One-Click Content.

Update: PAYG support is here

While we initially launched RSS to Email for only monthly customers, we just released an update that means PAYG customers can now set up recurring RSS campaigns too. Check out the details.

  • James

    Matt for president. (Well done guys).

  • Kai

    You guys keep pushing the envelope. ♥

  • William Ashworth

    This is really cool. I’m so over Feedburner for this. Matching my brand with stuff that goes out is awesome.

    Do we have any idea what the cost might be? I can’t see paying $5 + $0.01/user every time I post an article once daily, that cost would add up incredibly fast.

  • Mathew Patterson

    Hey William,

    RSS to email campaigns are currently only available for people on monthly plans, and those campaigns are included as part of the cost you’ve already paid. You can view our plans here.

  • Rhys

    This is brilliant, would be great for our imminent blog, not to mention those of our clients. However, we’re not likely to switch to monthly plans as we don’t have the volume to justify it.

    Sincerely hope you extend this to payg, it would be a real shame for smaller businesses to miss out.

  • Ben

    I was just about to set up feedburner emails this morning (urgh) and here this is – awesome, awesome timing.

  • Shaun

    Just in time for our new blog. W00t!

  • Jesse Semchuck

    Wow amazing. I’m going to set this up as soon as I get a second!

  • Harrie van der Lubbe

    Great stuff guys. Campaign Monitor is so user oriented! I can’t wait to start using this

  • Peter

    Awesome! Goodbye FeedBurner!

  • Steve

    That’s awesome guys. Thanks a lot.

  • sharon smith


  • Chr1s

    Terrific feature. But…. we got approx 200 customers on PAYG, so I would very much like this feature available for PAYG soon. I imagine the same pricing as autoresponders would work, wouldn’t it?

    So: can I have a show of hands for RSS-to-email-for-PAYG? ;-)

    +1 !

  • Mike

    Great – perfect timing

  • Thomas

    Amazing stuff guys!

    Just one consern: Is this available to all our (monthly plan-) clients by default, or can we restrict access?
    We haven’t (and don’t want to) introduce our clients to the template builder for various reasons.

  • Ash Bryant

    This looks great.

    On a side note, can you guys stop adding your name to your videos & screen grabs? They would be great for me to show to get clients to sign up to the system, but I can show them to anyone, when your name is all over them.

  • Jeff Mackey

    This is great, thank you! Definitely an alternative to the Google RSS feedburner to email solution.

    By the way, what is the artist/song in the demo video? That rocks!

  • Sarah

    This looks amazing!! Please add my vote for allowing PAYG users to use this too.

  • Chris

    Great new feature.

    + 1 for making it available for PAYG users – really important, we have like 200 of them…

  • James

    Can you just confirm what content the email picks up:

    * If I set an email to go daily and there’s no new content from the previous email will it just omit sending an email?
    * If there is new content, then does it send just those new stories or all the content of the RSS feed?
    * For the first send of a feed does it send the full contents of the RSS feed?

  • David Greiner

    @Thomas, while recurring RSS campaigns are available to all clients on monthly, they won’t have access to the template builder, and will only be able to use an RSS template you’ve added for them. If there aren’t any RSS templates available, they won’t be able to set up a recurring campaign.

    @Jeff, the song is called Animalia by Voltaire Twins, a great Aussie band we’ve licensed the music from.

    @James, all great questions – here’s what happens:

    If I set an email to go daily and there’s no new content from the previous email will it just omit sending an email?
    We’ll only ever send an email when new content is available since the last email was sent.

    If there is new content, then does it send just those new stories or all the content of the RSS feed?
    We’ll only send the new posts added in the period. For example, if you’re sending weekly we’ll only send the new posts added during the week since the last email was sent.

    For the first send of a feed does it send the full contents of the RSS feed
    Nope, we get a little clever here and look at the sending frequency you’ve already selected. For example, if you choose to send each week, we’ll only include the last week’s content for the initial send. If you’re sending daily, then we’ll only include anything posted in the last 24 hours.

    Thanks for all the great feedback everyone, especially the votes for PAYG. We’re listening, so keep it coming.

  • Jeff Miller

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Campaign Monitor comes through again.

    Couple of ideas for when it’s time for version 2:

    – More scheduling options. For example, sending a daily email on Mon-Fri only.
    – Allow access to password protected feeds. Something like “http://username:password@www.w…“

  • Tibor

    Please, please, allow PAYG to this feature also!

  • Tom

    +1 for supporting PAYG customers.

  • Andy Howard

    This is so awesome. Can’t wait to start using it.

    +1 for PAYG support.

  • Jason

    What is the process for testing this new feature? Is there a mechanism in place for sending test emails?

  • David Greiner

    @Jason, right now you need to be on a monthly plan to start a recurring campaign, so if that’s you then you can try it out with a test list free of charge. Based on the demain for PAYG support we’re working hard on that right now, so once that launches there will be a simple way for all customers to try this out without spending a cent.

  • Gerald

    Great, i ´ll have to try it out.

  • Raphael

    I am going to use it ASAP

  • Ken

    Hi, I was wondering do you offer a white label version of your video so we can direct our clients to it. I am wary to send them one branded with campaign monitor…



  • Phil

    Would love this feature to be available for PAYG customers. As another reader suggested a pricing plan similar to that of autoresponders would work well. Great addition to the Campaign Monitor features.

  • Ian

    Just made the switch from Mailchimp – glad to see you guys have added this feature. One thing that I sorely miss already is ability to pull the Title from the blog post that my RSS feed is connected to as the subject line of the email. Makes a huge difference in the open rates and in the presentation in the inbox. Any possibility this is coming? Thanks again! You guys rock!

  • Peter

    Love it – but all of our clients are on PAYG.

    Please, please, please….

  • Dee

    I second Peter’s comment and request! ^^^

  • Rachel

    OMG. OMG. OMG.

  • Nicknafplio

    Thank the Gods! This is fantastic news and is going to make my life easier.

    I’ll be switching from PAYG to monthly at the next pit-stop.

    Well done and congratulations on all the hard work.

  • Marcel

    Can the RSS feed be used in the API ?

  • David Greiner

    @Marcel, recurring RSS campaigns are only available via the CM interface right now, but we have plans to offer API support down the road.

  • Jop Berkhout

    Great, I’m trying out this new feature in the upcoming week. My client would like to send two times a week though, instead of daily or weekly. Any chance we’ll get this flexibility in scheduling?

  • David Greiner

    @Job, we don’t have any plans to tweak scheduling right now, but I’ve added a vote for you at our end. Thanks for the feedback.

  • David

    +1 for PAYG! This would be great for us because we only send emails a few times each year

  • James Mehorter

    You guys just made my day!! Now I can ditch the feedburner rss signup forms on sites we build and just use a CM form and just send both the newsletter and rss from the same subscriber list… you guys inspire me! :p

  • Saul

    After slaving over a hot keyboard, thats made my day .. you guys are killin’ it

  • Jacob Langvad Nilsson

    Good stuff – I’m looking forward to try this out.

    One question: What are the advantages/disadvantages in using a Feedburner RSS feed rather than a standard ‘raw’ RSS feed directly from the website in a recurring RSS campaign?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Jacob, you can use either, as long as it’s in a standard RSS format. The potential advantages to using Feedburner is that it’s super-easy to setup and manage, provides reporting and allows you to do extra things like include advertising.

  • Mike Thompson


  • jk

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you folks. Keep up the great work.

  • lucy

    ok, not very techy this one…what is the backing music to the video? – I love it but can’t trace it.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hey lucy, that would be ‘Animalia’ by the Voltaire Twins. You can download it here.

  • naomi


  • Annie

    Are there any plans to roll out API support for recurring RSS campaigns within the next two weeks?

  • Annie

    Opps I meant rolling out API support for recurring RSS campaigns within the next two months…

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Annie, sorry about the late response here. Adding API support isn’t in our immediate plans, but I’ll certainly let you know if it’s something we add in the future. Many thanks!

  • Stephen Muchmore

    At the momenet it only pulls through 3 articles from our rss feed. It validates and shows all the articles when you look directly at the rss feed.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Stephen, we’re happy to take a look at why this is happening for you – kindly contact our team with campaign/account details and we’ll do our best to see why this is the case. All the best!

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