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Today I couldn’t be more excited to see our new site and brand out in the wild. For the last six months, our very own Buzz Usborne has been working like a crazy man to pull all of this together. As well as a totally new brand, which he’ll share more about soon, we’ve completely rethought the structure of the site to make things easier to find.

Massive resources overhaul

We’ve simplified our resources section with a fresh new design that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. This includes an awesome new Will it Work section collating all our research on what does and doesn’t work in HTML email in one place.

All new guides

We have over 15 email marketing guides designed to help make you a more effective and knowledgeable marketer.

Email marketing resource guides

Beautiful new email gallery

Our email gallery is all about showcasing the amazing email marketing campaigns of our customers.

The Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns

See who you’re talking to

Our new-look FAQ and customer forums make it easy to get your questions answered, but when you need to speak to someone, we now show you who is online and where they’re based in real-time. We pride ourselves on providing super fast 24-hour support from 10 different cities worldwide.

Support team

Take a look around

There really is too much good stuff to include in one post. From the mobile optimized blog, a better way to meet the team, to the best-looking customer forums on the planet, there are improvements to just about every corner of the site.

  • Aaron Gillan

    Awesome job guys!

  • Andy Howard

    Congratulations on the refresh guys, lovely work. Also digging the ‘will it work?’ info and updated resources. Great thinking.

  • Jan

    Looks good, but very new and some things are quite odd (logo switching the side). Think I will get used to it.

    But: Please go back to full post RSS feeds. I loved to get the images of the great newsletters directly in my RSS reader, now it’s just some shorter part of the post content :(

  • David Greiner

    Thanks for the kind words guys, it’s so nice to have this live after all of Buzz’s hard work this year.

    @Jan, good call on the RSS feed, we’ll look at reverting this back to include the full post. Hope you’re digging the new gallery too.

  • Sam

    The site looks damn sexy

  • no2geek

    Awesome fucking work mates.

  • Iain

    Nice work Guys.

  • Alex

    Really digging the new cartoony style.

  • betaMale

    The new /css section is awesome

  • John Faulds

    Yep, top notch work! :)

  • Jody Gibbons

    Hey Campaign Monitor, what can I say? An inspiration as always. Loving the new look.

  • Carlee

    Awesome cool makeover! The colour palette is really inviting, heaps better font size on articles and the dynamic content of the Features > Social page is sweeeet.

  • Heath Vogt

    Great work! As I suspected quality work from a quality company.

  • Osvaldo Osorio

    We can see all the hard work, man. Congratulations.

  • Stuart

    Newism did a great job building out the last site in Expression Engine. Did you keep the same CMS or was this a complete rebuild from the ground up?

  • Matt Downey

    Absolutely stunning, Dave! Congrats to Buzz and the entire team, you can tell a lot of thought and hard work went in to this redesign.

  • MarinDG

    Working my way through the Guides section – great job. One criticism is that the light body text color wears on the ol’ peepers after extended reading. Any chance of bringing it down a shade or two?

  • Jeremy

    When you go to the website from an iPhone, it goes to the mobile theme. There’s no way to get to the full site, which is a pain. So now I get to see the site as designed only when on a desktop computer. Please give people the option.

  • Harj Manhas

    Looking fresh!

  • David Greiner

    @Stuart, we kept the same CMS (and just upgraded EE) for the blog, gallery and integrations sections. The rest of the site is either static or powered by a simple in-house solution. because we’ve got a lot of design skills in-house, we stuck with largely static so we can have as much design flexibility as we want across the site.

    @Jeremy, right now the blog and gallery are the only section of the site optimized for mobile. There is no views to switch between, we just provide a nice reading experience for the blog and gallery but show the full desktop version for the rest of the site. This was more of an experiment than anything else, and we’ve built the site in a way that we can add more responsiveness where it makes sense over time.

  • Lawrence

    Sorry, not impressed.

    As far as design is concerned, the CM has always done awesome work. So this latest piece of awesomeness is just in line with the standard awesomeness.

    Now, if your design had been integrated via an intergalactinc API on a far away planet.. then yes, that would have been impressive. Time to get your space suits out of the closet.

  • AB

    Sabrina wants to marry CM ! She either needs to get out more often or stop stalking web sites :) As a virgin user of CM I must admit I love it – but I prefer red heads so marriage is not an option. Well done to CM on another great Aussie product. AB

  • Travis Hines

    Congrats. Absolutely stunning across the board.

  • Jeff Mackey

    Looks awesome! Congrats!

  • adam alexander

    Loving the headline typeface and the spaciousness, and i’m amazed you’ve been able to do something with an envelope icon, i thought all possibilities had been exhausted sometime mid last decade. Lovely stuff!

  • Louise

    Awsome work…

  • TwitterLOGO

    Site looks great!

    Noticed the Twitter logo isn’t the most up to date version.

  • Dennis Eusebio

    Beautiful work. Love the way the design was shaped around the content and not vice versa. You can really tell care was put into all the pages.

  • Brad

    Good work CM team.

  • Wayde Christie

    Stellar design. Every decision seems to have been thoroughly considered and brilliantly implemented. Well done.

  • Jason

    I second the comment about the body text color being too light. Both for the full site and the mobile.

  • Allan White

    Problem: switching my iPhone from portrait to landscape a few times prevents me from zooming out in landscape. Looks like the device-scale is set in landscape or something.

    Beautiful and fresh redesign.

  • Armistead Booker

    Holy Toledo Batman! Stunning work, Dave & Co… now my next few weeks of being productive are shot because I’ll be wrapping my head around this beautiful site. So many brilliant discoveries to make all over the place. At the moment, digging the logo switcharoo rollover at the top and bottom, the new field guides, and the words “mumbo jumbo”— so much to smile about!

  • Buzz

    @TwitterLOGO The little bird has been updated all over the site now – took a while to get his little beak right at that size :)

    @Armistead Glad you’re liking the subtle touches – I’m planning on writing a post soon about some of the little ‘easter eggs’ around the site

  • Luc Latulippe

    Very nice! Can we expect a similar redesign for the dashboard soon too? :)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hey there Luc! While we don’t have a full-tilt redesign in mind, keep an eye out for lots of handy incremental changes in the coming months. The app, it is a changin’…

  • Alhan Keser

    Great redesign. Hope you get great results.

  • ideaMan

    I agree with MarinDG and Jason – main text color is too light!
    I have to invert my screen colors to even be able to read it with decent contrast. Please fix, thanks!

  • Derry Birkett

    Was your logo inspired by this guy? Or vice versa? http://marshallbock.com/

  • Jonathan

    Have I already said that I love Campaign Monitor? The new design is beautiful.

    That said, for the third time now I have looked for the home link. Can’t get the right-hand side home logo into my little head.

    And that grey text? Probably looks ace on your screens …

  • Web Design Studio Pro

    Thanks for sharing.

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