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If you work as part of a team or manage campaigns for more than one client, you’re going to love this one. Campaign Monitor now supports full team management with more flexible permissions and workflow control, making it easy for teams large and small to collaborate on their email marketing.

Better team management has been at the top of our customer request pile for a long time now, and we poured over every last bit of your feedback in shaping this release. We have lots of different people using Campaign Monitor in different ways, so flexibility was a big part of the brief. As usual, this had to be balanced with an elegant, easy to use interface that made it simple to manage. We’re really happy with how it all came together. Here are some of the highlights:

Multiple people in each client

It’s now easy to add multiple people to each client with total control over exactly what they can and can’t manage for that client. This opens up a whole world of possibilities depending on how you use Campaign Monitor. Here’s how it looks in your account:

Add an unlimited number of people to each clientAdd multiple people to each client with custom permissions

We’ve also been sure to migrate any of your existing clients and their permissions across to this new multi-person model behind the scenes, so there’s nothing you need to change or update.

More flexible permissions

You might have noticed in the screenshot above that we’ve added some highly requested new permissions to give you more flexibility. Here are some of the highlights:

People can create campaigns, but not send them

We’ve had loads of requests for this one. You can now set up more flexible workflow restrictions for people within a client. For example, a person can now import their own designs, create campaigns and run tests to make sure everything looks great, but can’t send the campaign. Another person on the team can then jump in, review the pending campaign and then approve it for delivery.

Clients can now manage their templates

We have a lot of designers that have other designers as clients. Previously you had to do all the design work and template management for them. The new “build or import their own templates” permission means they can now manage their templates and use our popular template builder to roll their own designs. The template builder is even a great option for those less savvy clients that still want to take more control of their template designs.

Clients can manage their team

If you’re doing work for a larger client with lots of stakeholders, it can be a big time waster to have to constantly manage their account access on that client’s behalf. Now you can hand the account management keys over to a person at that client who can easily add and remove new team members, including managing their permissions.

Introducing privacy mode

Ever want to give someone access to view reports, but not expose private information like your subscriber’s email addresses or even more sensitive data. Privacy mode is perfect for providing account access to contractors, third parties or team members that are on a need-to-know basis.

Privacy Mode

Simply uncheck the “showing subscriber details” option, and we’ll show a higher level version of your campaign reports that prevents that person from drilling down and looking at individual subscriber actions or data.

Multiple administrators

Previously, Campaign Monitor only supported a single main account holder. This often forced you to share a single username and password across multiple people in your team, an obvious security no-no, and plain old bad experience.

As part of this update, you can have multiple administrators that can access every corner of your account, from all clients, billing and subscriber details. It’s for the members of your team that needs to see it all.

Add as many administrators as you needAdd as many administrators as you need and set a primary contact

Now that we support multiple administrators, we needed to tweak a few things around who gets certain emails (like campaign sent confirmations, invoices, etc.). You can now nominate one of your administrators to be the primary contact for your account, indicated by the small mail icon next to their name.

Simple, secure invite system

We built the entire team management system on top of a simple, secure invite system which makes it easy to add new team members without ever exposing passwords. Each team member can set and change their password at any time, and an administrator (or person with the right permissions) can revoke access with a single click.

Secure invite systemSimple invite system lets people set their passwords.

Of course, the entire process is totally private label, so you can easily invite people to use your software, and we’ll use your name and branding throughout.

You might also notice we’ve dropped usernames altogether, and everyone can now log in using their email address and password. Your old usernames will also continue to work, but they are no longer required for any new people you add to your account. We’re also enforcing slightly stricter password requirements from now on.

API updates

We’ve extended all our new team management functionality across to our API. This means it’s easy to trigger invitations for new team members, set their permissions, choose a primary contact and much more, all from your own applications and integrations. Here’s the latest documentation on working with people within clients as well as administrators.

We’ve also updated all of our official wrappers in Ruby, Python, PHP, NET, and Java to cover this new functionality, so it’s a piece of cake to work with. And as you’d expect, any deprecated methods will continue to work as they always have, so you don’t need to make any changes to any existing code you might already have written.

Keep that feedback coming

Like I mentioned earlier, every aspect of this update was based on thoughtful requests and feedback from customers just like you. You’ve probably heard me mention it a few times, but it bears repeating—we keep track of every single piece of feedback that lands our way, and are always listening. We’d love to hear what you think of this big update in the comments below, and if you’ve got any other ideas on what we can improve, no matter how trivial, we’re all ears.

  • Matt Trimarchi

    The fact that you guys used Anchorman references makes this post awesome.

    But yeah, granular access control is awesome!

  • Shaun Bent

    Fantastic addition to the system – our clients will love this.

    Great work guys

  • Alexander

    This is great news! Now all that’s missing is the option to limit access to certain subscriber lists. Different departments have different lists. It would be horrible if a newsletter got sent to the wrong list.

  • Jan-Willem

    This is a very nice birthday present! Thank you! I didn’t forget last year present when you surprised me with a new template language, this year with team management and collaboration! Thumbs up guys! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • Steve

    Great edition.

    Would be nice to allow users access to “allowed” templates instead of all templates and some control for the formatting options available to a user in the WYSIWYG editor.

    Is this possible?


  • David Greiner

    Thanks for the great feedback so far everyone.

    @Alexander, have you ever considered treating each department as a client? That way you can still segregate people and lists and ensure no accidents can happen.

    @Jan, great to hear you’re loving it. I owe you an email too, and will be in touch soon.

    @Steve, right now it’s all or nothing with the templates, but I’ll add your vote for that option. Cheers.

  • Chris Guillou

    Awesome all across the board with a special mention for client access to template building !

    Keep up the great work and spirit :-)

  • Julian Wellings

    A really useful addition. Stumbled across this yesterday when a client was asking for additional logons and lo and behold there it was!

  • Brian Thies


  • Paul Hearne

    Hallelujah! A great email marketing system may just have been perfected :-)

  • uwe

    great feature…..the only thing i would change is the fact that you can´t choose if a team-member has access to the billing-settings. not really cool if an apprentice or someone like this has access to this.

  • Ben Parizek

    Glad to see this. This is going to help make things easier to use for clients. And I love the personalized submit button! You folks are always innovating on the details. Nice touch.

  • Stefano

    Excellent. Very useful indeed.

  • BraceRosso

    First, let me say that this should be great for CM, designers and clients.
    Second, I support Alexander’s suggestion for list controls and Steve’s for template controls.

    My suggestion / question is why automatically send a generic email to all users that are added when it’s not required when you create a new client account? (unless that’s changed too). I’d like to be able to create the new person’s credentials, and let them change them if they’d like, and send them the invitation or instructions myself (or have the client with permissions to add users do it).

  • MrDean

    I can’t believe the timing of this as I was about to start work with the API to give one team the subscribers list only.
    One thing that jumps out from the screen shot is that you can ‘add subscribers’ although the ability to remove subscribers would be very usefull for my team.

  • Scott

    Possible to have a list that spans across clients in terms of duplicates? I have a case where the same newsletter gets sent out by multiple clients, each who has there own list, but it’s likely that the same subscriber is on multiple lists. I guess a feature that allows me to see duplicates across all client lists is what I’m looking for. Thanks!

  • gggt

    Great news, but with multiple access comes multiple accessing. Can you clarify how the edit locking works?

    Previously it was all too easy for one user to overwrite another’s edits, since a single login could have multiple sessions. Is there a solution/alert?

  • Michael Clark

    Can you add a single user to multiple clients at one time? In other words, I want to add a user to the system, but then grant him access to a list of clients at one time. I do not want to add him 20 times to all sub-clients.

  • Michael Barber

    Great addition by you guys, but there is one thing missing. Why can’t one email address be associated to two different clients?

  • Scot Smith

    I KNEW you guys would make this update worth the wait, that’s why I held on. BOOM!! Thanks guys!!

  • Nate

    Very awesome! I just created a test account client to check everything out. It all looks great.

    One thing that would be really nice, would be that on the Templates page for a client – there’s 3 buttons. Launch template builder; Upload your own, and the a button for “Check out our template language”. That link goes to campaignmonitor.com/create instead of going to a private label page. Could this just link to the private labeled “Quick glossary of all content tags” page under the help section (since that is private label)?

    This is all pretty exciting stuff

  • Bruce

    Brilliant – love it how a great tool gets even better!! Now to find some time to dig deeper.

  • Scott Wickberg

    Question, What if I want a user to be able to manage his own list and add people but not be able to delete other peoples lists. My fear has always be that a disgruntle employee could wipe out the entire lists, but I still want employees to be able to manage their own individual contact lists.

  • Julian Aston

    Thank you! More amazing relevant stuff added to your awesome system. Question: I remember the editing feature update of a year or more ago was introduced with a descriptive video we could pass on to clients. Is there something available we can use…even a static PDF file would be great if we could private label it? I also wanted to emphasize access to specific lists…something that would be a natural and needed fit with these new features.

  • Matt Purser

    With pre-existing accounts, so a client has access previously with username/password. How do I reset that username/password? because I don’t see that anymore!!

    In fact I can’t reset anyones passwords for any clients I assume they self manage this?

    Aside from that element it is awesome :)

  • Toon

    Guys, of I use your preformatted template, it’s in English. Is it possible to use/translate it to, for example, Dutch?

  • David Greiner

    @uwe, thanks for the feedback. If you’re adding administrators, they can access everything. but, if you’re adding a person to a client, you can choose which areas of the app they can access. If they have the ability to create and send campaigns, or have full access, they’ll be able to see the billing history for that client.

    @BraceRusso, we’ve changed the process of adding a new client too. You can invite as many people as you like during this process, and it works the same as inviting someone to an existing client. Everything works just like you’re hoping, only we send the invite (in your name) instead of you going it manually. The person can still change their details like name and email, plus choose their own password. I think we’re on the same page with this one already.

    @MrDean, great to hear we got this to you in time. You’ll be pleased to know that if someone can add subscribers, they can also remove them. Sorry if this wasn’t crystal clear in the screenshot.

    @Scott, that’s not really something we focused on for this release sorry.

    @gggt, good call, this is an area we’ll keep improving, and the editor is where we’ll be starting. We’re looking forward to more feedback on this.

    @Michael Clark and @Michael Barber, not at this stage, no. If you want someone to access multiple clients, you’d be best adding them as an administrator, so they can access all clients with a single login.

    @Scot Smith, awesome, thanks for the super kind words.

    @Nate, that’s a good call and something we’ll consider. Unfortunately the quick glossary of tags doesn’t really cover everything you can do with our template language, which is why we currently link to the full docs. From memory, we made the assumption that if someone is exposed to our complete template language, it’s very unlikely they are being private labelled. Keen for your thoughts on this.

    @Scott, permissions aren’t list specific right now. Of course, one of the motivations for multiple people is that it’s easy to revoke a previous employee’s access with a single click instead of sharing login credentials with everyone.

    @Julian, we’re putting together a ton more resources for resellers right now, and a white label video promoting the editor is part of that plan. We’ll share it in the blog as soon as it;s good to go.

    @Matt Purser, your clients can now reset or change their own passwords, wither by clicking on the “Can’t access your account?” link on the front page, or from the Setting section of their account. Basically, everyone is now responsible for managing their own passwords (which is the way it should have always been).

    @Toon, you’ll be very happy to know we have a multilingual version of the template builder coming out very soon which will do exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Brendan

    Brilliant work guys!

  • Nate

    @David Greiner – Thaks for the reply & I get what you’re saying there. But it’s definitely a bummer to have everything private labeled… just for clients to unmask all that (and see cm base pricing) by clicking on a main link on the Template page inside their brand new account that they’ll probably be exploring through after first being created.

    The quick workaround for this (on our end) is to create a template for them before I even give them account access, since then the templates page just show templates. But if they happen to delete that “default” one to upload their own, or use the template builder, they will again be presented with a link that will basically give them access to create their own acct with cm. Since this is really only going to be an issue primarily with “new clients”, they won’t really have any loyalty keeping them from doing that.

    The more I think about your comment that “if someone is exposed to our complete template language, it’s very unlikely they are being private labelled” makes me think that particular link doesn’t really need to be in that section to begin with. :-D

  • Jason Hickey

    @Nate – We definitely don’t want to be doing that – we’ll get a fix up quick smart to hide the lower half of that template launchpad for client access, and preserve your white labeling. I’ll post a reply here when we’ve applied this. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Nate

    @Jason Hickey – You guys are great!

  • eDM

    Great to see CM getting better and better.

    Am I right in thinking that you can’t give someone access to manage people without giving them access to managing templates as well?

  • David Greiner

    @eDM, that’s right, people management only comes with full access. Sounds inflexible to begin with, but the reasoning behind this is because if someone can manage people, then they can set permissions for those people, and themselves, which includes giving themselves template access.

  • Jason Hickey

    @Nate Just letting you know we’ve made that fix, and the lower half of that launchpad is removed on client access. Your secret is safe.

  • Murray

    What about approval!!

  • Thibaut

    That’s great to see that CM ig going forward and push new updates,
    That’s great job guys !

    But i still miss a big feature from the beginning : Multi language
    For the moment i’m using CM for me and my client, but i can’t give access to my client until it’s translated in french…

    Please work on this guys….

  • David Greiner

    @Murray, when you say approval, I assume you’re referring to approving campaigns to be sent? If that’s the case, you just need to give that people that have approval rights the permissions to “Send campaigns”, and make sure that’s unchecked for those that don’t.

    Let me know if that’s what you’re after, or if I’m missing anything.

    @Thibaut, great to hear you’re liking these updated. I’m afraid we don’t have any plans to launch a French version of Campaign Monitor sorry. We do have lots of multi-lingual tweaks coming for some parts of the app (like the template builder), but I’m afraid the actual UI itself will remain English only, for the time being.

  • Jonathan

    What can I say?

    Getting a bit teary-eyed here … :-)

    The Benchmark just got even better.

  • Michael Barber

    @David – That is a big hole from my perspective. Let’s say you have a developer or account manager that needs access to multiple clients. Why can’t them simply be associated with those rather than the entire account? Would love to see that happen.

  • Simon

    All great stuff. However, you should NEVER give an analrapist Admin permissions.

  • David Greiner

    @Simon, that’s a very good point, but I might throw in a bit of context for those less familiar with the brilliance of Arrested Development.

    @Michael Barber, gotcha, that is something we’ve considered but didn’t make it into this release, but I’ll notch a request for the ability to limit administrators to specific clients.

  • Mike

    Great feature. And I agree with other comments being able to assign templates to users would be really useful.

    My only gripe is the user invite emails come from invite@creatsend.com rather than my admin email address.


  • Mark Langsworth

    @Mike sadly some mail servers will reject emails as spam that are “from” someone whose email is processed by that mail server. Let me explain.

    Let’s say your administrator is <mike&#64domain.net>. Mail Server X handles all domain.net emails. The administrator invites Simon, whose email address is <simon@domain.net> to your account. An an email is sent “to” simon, “from” mike.

    Mail Server X receives the email “from” mike&#64domain.net. It however has no record of actually sending that email itself, even though it supposedly handles all domain.net email. Mail Server X may reject that email as spam.

    We try to have the best of both worlds though; while the from-address is “invite&#64createsend.com“, the actual reply-to address is the administrator (in the above example, mike&#64domain.net). Thankfully they are two different things. This way if the invitee replies to the email, they’ll be replying to mike&#64domain.net.

  • Zander

    I just want to put my support in for individual list control…. If we have all ‘lists’ set up as ‘clients’ then we need to pay a seperate mohtly send subscription for each… even though they all have the same members

  • Kevin Medeiros

    On the permissions screen, what is the difference between importing your own designs and importing your own templates?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    @Zander – thank you so much for adding your vote here, we’ll keep you posted if we make it possible to extend permissions to individual lists.

    @Kevin – To clarify, ‘importing your own templates’ allows people to access the ‘Templates’ tab, which previously wasn’t possible in client accounts. Campaigns can be created using templates in our email editor, which is different from importing a ready-to-send, static design.

    Thanks for the great feedback everyone – keep it rolling :)

  • Tanya

    Is there an activity log with this new feature? Now that we can add more users and more than one or two people can access the accounts, I thought it would be nice if we could identify who made what changes to a campaign, template, etc.

  • David Greiner

    @Tanya, we don’t give you access to a complete audit trail of who did what just yet, but we do have plans to improve this in future releases now that team management is in place.

  • Brian Allen

    I have been a huge campaign monitor fan for many years and was excited to see this, but as I got into this I am finding that this may be the worst thing to happen to people that manage agencies.

    As an agency we manage multiple accounts on behalf of our clients. Our staff tend to work on various clients. In the past we could have “universal” logins that worked for anyone on an account. Now it is locked down to an email address and there can only be one of that email address in the entire system. This completely cut out all the practicality of team management. We are desperately looking for workarounds at this point.

    I appreciate what you are trying to do with this, but the implementation seems short-sighted.

  • Mathew Patterson

    Thanks for your thoughts Brian, we certainly don’t want to make things harder for you.

    I can see how there is a need in some cases for a person to access one client but not a different client; I assume you can’t just let your staff be overall admins and tell them which clients to look after?

    If you use Gmail or a similar email system you might also be able to generate handy aliases very easily. For example, mathew@mydomain.com and mathew+clientname@mydomain.com are two separate addresses but would both go to the same Gmail inbox.

    You could have an alias for each client, with Gmail you don’t need to specify them you can just use them and it works. Maybe that will help you out.

    In any case, we appreciate your comment and we will pass them on to the team here. We’re always gathering information about how people use Campaign Monitor in different ways and considering that in our design decisions for the future.

  • Andre Van Kets

    Great new features. Thank you.

    Anchorman references are great.

    Arrested Development references even better!!!

  • Giancarlo

    I really love this new feature. I will blog about it so people will know!!!! This is why I love campaign monitor. They really take the effort to improve and make it better for us! Thank you very much!

  • Mika Tuupola

    Current system does not really work for bigger clients. Especially those multilingual clients who we are forced setup different languages as different clients because of poor multilanguage support in Campaign Monitor (I have sent some suggestions on this before and can send them again).

    Anyway, the problem with current team management is that I cannot enter one person (one email address) into multiple clients. Telling an average sales manager to use user+something@example.com is not an option. They are not technically savvy enough to understand why and how they should do that.

  • Mika Tuupola

    Here are the suggestions again on how to improve multi language support.

    Sending multilingual newsletters is already possible with Campaign Monitor. Just set a custom field called language and make a segment using language field. Then send different content to segments. However there are few things which make things quite annoying.

    1) Special pages such as forward to a friend and preferences can only be in one language which is chosen in client admin. Because of this different languages must be setup as different clients. With current team management this causes even more problems because I cannot add one email address to multiple clients.

    Solution would be to enable language parameter in the special page tags. For example [forwardtoafriend language=et]

    2) Autoresponders cannot be sent to segment. Because of this I have to create separate lists for each language just to send birthday emails in correct language. This causes extra work and is easy to get out of sync if people change their language preferences.

    Solution would be to enable autoresponders to segments.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hey there Mika, thank you so much for your detailed feedback, both here and via our support team. We really appreciate it! To respond to your requests:

    > 1) Special pages such as forward to a friend and preferences can only be in one language which is chosen in client admin.

    That’s certainly a shortcoming with our current setup and we’ll certainly see what we can do about this. As an alternative to changing our markup, do you think it would be worth setting language per campaign?

    > 2) Autoresponders cannot be sent to segment.

    This is one that’s been on our radar for a while now, so thank you for keeping it on the agenda. Beyond languages, there’s a lot of great applications for having segment-based autoresponders.

    On both counts, I’ll add your vote internally and keep you posted if we make updates relating to either improvement. Thanks, Mika! Keep sending in the great feedback :D

  • Shaun

    I’d like to add a +1 to having the ability to let one standard user access more than one account.

    We have a client who use the system for two different types of emailer, and wish to split this out into two accounts, which we would have done before but now we need to use email addresses this will not be very easy or clear to the client which email address they should use for each system, especially as they have multiple people working on each one.

    If we could use the same email addresses and then once logged in they pick the system they wish to use, that would be perfect.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hey there Shaun, thank you so much for adding your vote here. We’re definitely keen to make things easier for teams that work across multiple clients, so this is one for us to consider. We really appreciate the feedback, so by all means, let us know if there’s anything else we can improve.

  • Eric

    I’m with @Michael Barber on this one. I need a client to (same email address) to access multipul accounts but not all of them. Is there any more news on this being released?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hey there Eric, it’s still something we’re considering here. I’ll add your vote for this, but if you could kindly contact our team, we’ll get in touch via email if it’s something we add in a future update. Thank you!

  • R. Moskowitz

    Is there a way to give a client access to one particular response report , but not every report under that particular client?

  • Rosanne Hodgekiss

    Hi R.Moskowitz, not at present, I’m sorry to say – we’ll certainly add your vote for this internally and let you know if it’s something we add at a later date, though!

  • Jeremy

    I have a client with many users and each user has his/her own credit card details. Is there any way for CC info to be stored for each user?

  • David Greiner

    Hey Jeremy, I’m afraid we only associate one credit card with each client in your account. If they’re paying monthly, we’ll need that card on file to charge them each month. If they are paying as they go, they could enter their own card for each transaction and simply choose not to have those credit card details saved. Hopefully that helps.

  • opticien skikda

    Any suggestions on sites to start a blog where I can BS sports and another happenings?

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