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Update: We’ve launched a new Salesforce integration. Check it out here

We get loads of interest from customers about how they can best connect their Campaign Monitor account with Salesforce. Today we’re happy to announce another great Salesforce integration that offers loads of highly requested features, is free to try and if you have less than 500 contacts is free for life.

Built in collaboration with our friends at Beaufort 12 and available in AppExchange right now, this is a truly deep integration that brings a lot of the strengths of Campaign Monitor right into Salesforce.

View campaign reports within Salesforce

Now you can access all your campaign reports, including Worldview without ever leaving Salesforce. This also includes comparing the results of multiple campaigns at once.

Automatic syncing based on criteria you set

This is a great one. Automatically add or remove contacts and leads from a Campaign Monitor subscriber list based on custom criteria you set. This might be the amount they’ve spent with you, their location, where they are in your sales process, it’s up to you. There is no limit on the amount of subscribers you can sync and it all happens seamlessly behind the scenes.

Complete sending history

Drill down to a personal level and see your complete sending history with a subscriber without leaving Salesforce. This includes Campaign Monitor specific details like their location, their sharing history on Twitter and Facebook, and much more.

Map custom fields

Take any field from a Lead or a Contact in Salesforce and map it directly to a custom field in Campaign M6onitor, making it very easy to personalize campaigns with Salesforce content.

Easy bulk importing

From Salesforce you can use a list view or a report to add as many contacts as you want to your lists in Campaign Monitor.

On top of these handy features, Salesforce for Campaign Monitor also supports:

  • View which lists a contact or lead is currently subscribed and their status.
  • Link campaigns between Campaign Monitor and Salesforce.
  • Works with Salesforce Professional and up.
  • Integrated with Salesforce Chatter.


Salesforce for Campaign Monitor is available on AppExchange today and includes a 14 day free trial. If you sync less than 500 subscribers it’s free of charge, after that prices start at just $8/month.

Subscribers Price (USD)
0 to 500 FREE
501 to 2,500 $8
2,501 to 5,000 $15
5,001 to 10,000 $25
10,001 to 15,000 $40
15,001 to 25,000 $65
25,001 to 50,000 $100
50,000 Get in touch
  • Andy

    Glad to see this is up here! How does this differ from the SF connector that SMB Apps makes? We currently use that one, but would consider switching if there were a significant difference.

  • James

    OOh please tell us that this means we’re one step closer to being able to iframe pages of the app in our own systems? This seems to be what you’re doing with SalesForce?

  • Vincent

    So still not able to create a target list based on whatever criteria in SalesForce, and then associate to a campaign to send?


  • Shaun

    I’m with Andy on this one too.

  • Matthew

    Hey @Vincent – you can create target lists based on pretty much any criteria in Salesforce – the first step is to build up the campaign in Salesforce and then add those members to Campaign Monitor using the button “Add Members to Subscriber List” (the campaign members/contacts/leads are built using standard Salesforce reports). See: http://support.beaufort12.com/customer/portal/articles/740166-adding-campaign-members-related-list

    The other option is to add via List Views (however this is a little limited in terms of the related records you can query on).

    We’d be happy to give you a demo. Feel free to contact us (Beaufort 12) at support@beaufort12.com

  • David Greiner

    @James, the nice spotting with the iframe support. It’s something we trialled with this integration and plan to offer to more customers on a case-by-case basis. There are a few little quirks and security issue we want to nail first, but as soon as that’s sorted well be sure to make an announcement here, as we have lots of customers doing some really nice integrations that this would be perfect for.

  • Shelley

    Again we’ve been looking at the SNB app recently and were just about to purchase it. Is there an option to buy this outright like the SNB app rather than pay monthly?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Shelley, not at present, however we’ll certainly look into this at a later date and keep you updated. SNB Apps’ connector is also a solid choice :)

  • Benjamin

    Will your app then update Salesforce records with things like “unsubscribe” info?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Benjamin, I believe the subscriber’s ‘Status’ in Salesforce will reflect if the subscriber is active or unsubscribed. Is there more specific information you’re after?

  • Ross Layton

    Hi Benjamin – thought I’d chime in here, @Ros is correct, the new Beaufort12 connector will be automatically update Salesforce with the latest status (e.g. Active, Unsubscribed, Deleted, Bounced etc).

  • Chris

    Looks solid, but no support for Salesforce Group Edition?

  • Michael Ward

    Is the app available for customers of agencies without Campaign Monitor branding?

  • Rosanne Hodgekiss

    Ross – thank you :D

    Chris – Honestly I’m not sure, so I’d recommend contacting the developer, Beaufort12 for details.

    Michael – Not at present, however it’s one for us to look into at a later date. We’ll pass on your feedback and be sure to keep you updated if this is something we change :) Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Michael Morgenstern

    2 Questions: Are there any major differences between Salesforce for Campaign Monitor and the SNB App Connector? I was also wondering if there is a maximum number of contacts that can be added from Salesforce to a Campaign Monitor campaign at one time?

  • Rochelle Saddleman

    If I add the same contact list of 500 twice (having modified one), will I be charged for 500 contacts or 1000 contacts? My contact lists change and I need to update them in CM before sending out each campaign.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Michael, sorry about the late response here. To my knowledge, both connectors provide a slightly different experience, so it’s well worth trialling both and seeing which sits better with you. However, we did work closely with Beaufort12 on the ‘Salesforce for Campaign Monitor’ connector, so you may find that it’s a tighter integration, in terms of how Campaign Monitor displays from within Salesforce.

    That aside, both connectors have different pricing schemes, so this may play a part in distinguishing between the two.

    Rochelle – If the email addresses in each list are exactly the same (ie. you’re simply updating the custom fields), then you should only be charged for 500 contacts. We only charge for unique email addresses when on a PAYG plan.

    Note that our monthly pricing plans are tiered according to the number of active subscribers across all lists, so that’s something to keep in mind :)

  • David Wilson

    Does click-thru information transfer into salesforce from CM? i.e If we have certain links in most of our emails, like Facebook/Linked/Twitter etc. Can the click through rates on these update fields in salesforce? So that we could produce a report which list all our campaigns and the click through rate each link received?

  • Carissa Phillips

    Hi David, I’m not positive, but the feature listed as Automatic syncing of Subscribers and Campaign results” seems to suggest that it might be possible, but It’s best to contact Beaufort 12 for specific help.

  • Bruce Burgess

    We’re currently using Vertical Response as our email package within Salesforce and it drives us nuts that our organisation can only send emails and access email data based on our salesforce email login – ie. if I send an email, another person in our organisation can’t copy it or see the stats at all unless I give them my unique salesforce login id. Is this issue fixed if we go with Campaign Monitor? (ie is there organisation view rather than salesforce email id login view of emails)? Many thanks!

  • Paul West

    Hi Bruce, I have had a look at the Beaufort 12 support pages to see how this works with Campaign Monitor, this article does provide some information, but I’m afraid it’s not clear exactly how this works. The support team at Beaufort 12 will be able to help out, you can contact them here: http://support.beaufort12.com/

  • Anchalee

    Hi we use salesforce for 3 different business units and as they are different “entities” we have 3 different campaign monitor accounts. Will this mean that I will only be able to sync one account to salesforce?

  • Paul West

    Hi Anchalee, From my understanding, you do need to purchase a Salesforce Connector for each Campaign Monitor account that you have. It would be best to contact Beaufort 12 to confirm that.

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