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A couple of hours ago we launched Enlist, an app that turns your iPad into a beautiful subscribe form. It’s perfect for the counter at your store, an event you might be hosting, or anywhere else where people might like to join your list when they’re not in front of their computer. It’s totally free and available now.

Enlist in action

Customize everything

When we built Enlist, the most important thing was that it could be completely customized to match your own look and feel. When it’s sitting at the counter in your store, it should look like it was built just for you.

We’ve included 10 great looking themes to make it easy to get started, but you can throw in your own logo and background image, change the copy to suit, the button label, the fonts, text sizes and plenty more. To make this easy, we’ve gone for a live preview approach so you can see exactly how your form will look as you make changes.


Once you’ve designed your form, you can easily secure it by setting a passcode, ready for people to start subscribing. This means anyone can join your list, but they can’t make any changes to the form or your settings. If you want to make any tweaks, just enter your passcode and you’re good to go.

Works offline

Let’s say you sell handmade goods each weekend at the local fair. Now you can take your Wifi only iPad with Enlist installed, set it up on the tabletop and hundreds of people can sign up to your weekly newsletter, all without an Internet connection.

After a successful day of selling, Enlist will automatically sync all your new subscribers straight into your Campaign Monitor account the moment it’s connected to the web. This all happens seamlessly behind the scenes without you lifting a finger.

Beautiful, flexible forms

As well as looking great, we made sure Enlist was as easy to use as possible for your subscribers. We designed stunning custom form controls that looks awesome on a retina display. We also give you control over which fields to show, and what order they should be displayed.

Total control

You can also set certain fields as required, and we’ll handle error checking for your subscribers to let them know if they missed something.

Available now, for free

Enlist launched in the App Store a few hours ago. It’s free to download, all you need is a Campaign Monitor account. When you first run the app you can choose which list you’d like to connect it to, but you can easily change this to any other list at a later date.

Install now

We’re really excited about getting our first dedicated app out there. We’ve got plans for more improvements down the line, so please give it a try and let us know what you think.

  • Luciano

    Looks awesome! Now, please, make an Android App as well.

  • Ben Parsonson

    This is awesome! You might want to remind people to turn on Guided Access (assuming the App doesn’t do this automatically) so that people can’t use the Home button to exit the App.

  • Andrea

    Yes, ‘droid please.

  • Kieran McMillan

    What perfect timing! I’m a long-term Campaign Monitor user, and I need exactly this tool for collecting subscribers in a space that has limited internet coverage!

  • Flyn

    Super awesome playing with it now thanks guys!

  • Nate

    Super awesome guys. Already set it up and reviewed it in the app store.

  • Jan

    Awesome. Definately smoother than counter cultures. Great job!

    One request which was the first that hit me: Remove the Campaign Monitor logo.

  • David Greiner

    Thanks for the amazing feedback so far everyone, such a great response.

    @Ben, that’s a great call and is perfect for this kind of app, we’ll look at where the best place might be to recommend this.

    @Andrea and @Luciano, we’ll definitely consider an Android version of the demand is there. We’ve made a note of your feedback.

    @Jan, we might consider a private label version in the future, but Enlist will remain a Campaign Monitor branded app for now.

  • Michiel

    I’m not sure yet, but is this app also available in other languages? Or can you customize label names?

    (I know what you’re thinking: download the free app and find out for yourself. But I’m nowhere near my iPad, and I’m dying to know.)

    Would be awesome if multiple languages are supported.

  • Adam

    Thats a great idea. We just need a physical shop now, Great idea for conferences or live events though.

  • Andy Walton

    This is fantastic, just what I needed! Thank you :)

  • David Greiner

    @Michiel, because you customize just about everything with Enlist, it would work great no natter what language you speak. The only bit you can’t customize right now is the success message when a subscriber joins your list, but it’s predominantly a big tick and it automatically reverts back to an empty form after a few seconds.

  • Karl

    Really nice work guys. I had a play with the app and wasn’t sure whether its possible to put background colours behind text blocks? Sometimes text with a transparent bg just doesn’t quite work over a background image.

    Other thing that would be great – the option to hide the ‘Source’ input. I’d like to set it as ‘offline event’ for instance, then hide that from the subscriber.

    Other than that, brilliant! Thanks so much!

  • David Greiner

    @Karl, great suggestion around the ability to hide certain fields and set pre-defined values for them. It’s on our list of possible improvements too.

  • C Moseley

    I can’t get enlist to reconize my campaign monitor login info?

  • David Greiner

    @C Mosely, if you’re still having problems accessing your account, get in touch and we’ll get to the bottom of it for you.

  • Aaron

    +1 for an Android version. We already have a bunch of clients asking for it!

  • Jan

    Slideshow function as in counter cultures would be amazing. I will buy around of beers for the office it’s that’s implemented this year. :)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Luciano, Aaron and others, you’ll find that SignUpAnywhere has an Android version that syncs with us, so this may be an alternative for now. As Dave mentioned above, we’ll certainly look into demand and will let you know if we work on a version of Enlist for Android devices.

  • Karl

    +1 for Android as well – but will try SignUpAnywhere for now :(

  • Matt Barker

    Christmas came early!! Thanks guys.

  • AC

    Cool new product. Thanks guys.

  • Sven

    This is a great app. Really well done.

    Can only account owners sign in, or could my clients use this as well? I tried one of my client’s log-ins and had no luck, though my account worked fine.


  • Paul McEwan

    I am happy to see this but I am sad with your comments…

    You’ll make an android version if the demand is there? Who did that market research :)


  • T design

    Can a template be created and shared across multiple devices? For example I have a sales force of ten people at a trade show for my brand, I want to create 1 un-editable template and then each of my 10 sales people downloads my template (somehow) and they can each use them in on their pads? AND if I change the template it will update on their pads? Also will there be a static website that someone with a desktop station can use? (similar to how you have a static sharable address for email campaigns on campaign mon.)

    Thanks and great product.

  • Rani

    How do you modify the form after it has been created?

  • David

    I have a love/hate relationship with you guys:

    I left my last newsletter provider because you were so much easier to work with. I swallowed the fact that for my list size you were $500 when they were half the price. I hated that.

    Then you dropped your prices and were about the same. I loved that.

    I was hoping for this app so bad. I even contacted the guys at Counter Culture a few weeks ago to see if they’d revert back to their app automatically sending updating the associated accout (you have to use iTunes now to import the info) and they said no. I hated that.

    I was so close to moving my more than 27,000 email list back to my old newsletter provider since they have an app that works amazingly perfect, then you guys come out with this! Really great work! I love that!!

    However now that I read I CAN’T remove the branding and it has to stay with your name on it, I have to revert back to my old provider. That sucks! Why are you doing this to me? Just give us the option – why would I ever want clients to know who I’m using? I don’t let them know who I’m using for their newsletters. Doesn’t make sense. I hate that!

    Anyway, I prefer you guys but have to protect my business. All because you can’t remove your branding and let us keep it a secret like we do with our newsletters. Boo. I hate that. Bye.

  • Paul

    Great idea, but I feel you missed a great opportunity to let people really use this and integrate it in their app. For this you’d have to open source it, but I a great believer that if you open source things you will get more value back.

    I’m also on the side with David about the branding. For me it’s a no go, so I won’t be able to use it.

    Why I may sound critical, I do think this is a great idea, hell I’ve even downloaded it, and I love the way you’ve made it easy to customise. But I’ve love if you embraced your developer community more, and gave them them access to the source. You never know, maybe version 2.0 could have community input.

  • David Greiner

    @Sven, you’ll be pleased to know Enlist will work with your login, or any of your clients login details. When you log in you can choose from a list of all your clients first. When they log in, they’ll just choose the subscriber list they’d like to use. If you’re still having trouble logging in as a client, let us know and we’ll get to the bottom of it for you.

    @T design, templates are a great idea when you’ve got a lot of people on the ground, great idea. Right now each install will need to be set up separately I’m afraid. Having said that, we did try and make it as easy and quick as possible to change the look and feel.

    @Rani, to modify the fields in the form, just click the form and a popup will be shown where you can choose the fields, change their order, etc. To change the design of anything, just tap on it and the options will be shown.

    @David, thanks for the feedback around rebranding, and sorry to hear it’s not exactly what you’re after. Appreciate the honest feedback.

    @Paul, we’ll actually be releasing an open source Objective C wrapper for the CM API soon that will make it easy for any developer to roll their own apps, just like this. Enlist was purely built with publicly available API methods, so it would be easy for anyone to create an alternate implementation, which we’d love to see happen.

  • paul savage

    Great to hear David Greiner ! I’ll consider it my early Christmas present :D

  • Rakipalaki

    Rebranding would be awesome. Why is it not possible? Wouldn’t that boost your business too? Imagine how much more subscribers could be easily collected. I have clients who really would need an app like that. It’s just a question of time that they come up with that and then I have to deliver. Hopefully then it’s your rebrandable app :D Go folks!!

  • Tom

    Another vote for an Android version … I don’t iAnything.

  • Kym

    at first glance thought awesome also!
    but then can see its all branded with CM
    so heres another vote for rebrandable
    CM is a primarily a white label email marketing app
    we are encouraged to pass off CM as our own, but to then try use this doesnt make sense, it immediately gives away the supplier.

    cant you make a version similar to how you white label other things
    call it create send in itunes or somehting and just dont mention CM

    ask for API, or LIST ID etc
    but just no mention of CM
    then we can roll it out to clients

    setting up their accounts initially for them
    but not worried they will come across CM branding while fiddling with settings

  • Marissa

    Is the opt-in checkbox not required with this app?

  • Cate

    Have tried a few test sign-ups and they’re not appearing in the list I selected. Does it take a while to appear?

  • Cate Rayson

    Ignore the above. It works fine, now.

  • Hon

    The only issue I have with providing clients with this app is that we white label Campaign Monitor’s services (sorry).

  • David – Closemarketing

    Really Nice!

    But now, we have to search for an iPad’s holder in order to get that leads form.

  • Andy Francis

    Nice interface and easy to setup, big cheers from here but once form is created and complete how do you go back and edit it??
    Close app, restart ipad, click Enlist and it takes me straight to my form ready to complete the next sign up. No editing options? Plus would be good to create multiple forms for multiple clients and lists?

  • Andy Francis

    Aha…..the unlock icon can’t be seen when the background is black :)

    How do you edit the thank you page?

  • Vitor Junqueira

    Looks really nice. I’ll definitely look forward for an Android version and localization abilities. Giving the user the choice of the form language is not really an option for us :)

  • Rae

    I’m with David … why this is branded Campaign Monitor I have no idea. You guys go to such great lengths to protect our brand from yours, I also don’t understand why you would brand this Campaign Monitor. Basically means we can’t share this with our clients.

    Shame, because it *is* a great app.

    Having said that, I will be trialling it tomorrow at a launch event. It’s going to be perfect. But the only reason I can use it is a) I’m going to be there and b) the client already knows about Campaign Monitor so there’s no smoke and mirrors anyway!

  • MGX

    Why this is branded Campaign Monitor????
    Unusable until we can remove your logo, etc.

  • Sten

    Thumbs up for private label. Until then this is not a go-go. I just can’t see the logic behind this with your current business model.

  • Såten

    Or even just a no-branded one would be great.

  • David Greiner

    Thanks so much for the amazing response so far everyone. We even managed to make it into the top ten business apps for a while there.

    We also appreciate the feedback about a white label version too. The challenge here relates to Apple requiring a registered business name which appears clear as day in iTunes. To get the app registered, we need to be transparent about this. Having said that, the demand is clearly there, and we’re investigating ways we might be able to work around this for a future update. Cheers.

  • Skimbo

    Hey Dave, I’m with everyone else here, unless its white-label we cant use it either. Disappointing its available to some but not perhaps those who need it most eg your re-sellers. We need ongoing support to help us continue to differentiate “our” service from other more cost effective providers who already offer these types of things is eg mail chimp

    http://www.countercultureapp.com/ to some contact other than @freshview, as a quick look at freshview gives the game away.

    Not wanting to be paranoid, but its competitive out here in the web agency world, and wed like to protect our suppliers where possible.


  • Ed

    Yet another vote for white-label version please!!

  • Todd

    @Dave – in terms of the white label argument – why couldn’t you submit the name of the app as ‘Enlist – Email signup’ in the the apps store instead or Enlist – Campaign Monitor. You already have freshview pty. ltd as the seller so you are half way there. Then all you would need to do is re-brand the icon and interface pages (I make it sound so simple I know). Maybe even call it – ‘Enlist – CreateSendSignup’ using the white label web address that all CM users know and love. Just some ideas for the pot.

  • Kyrre

    Awesome app! This will make our life much easier. No more encoding of bad handwriting!

    Any chance that the success message, buttons such as “Done” and “Cancel” and even the greyed out Required-box will be changeable any time soon? That would make the app even greater…

  • Skimbo

    hi guys, any repsonse to my post above from a few weeks ago?

  • David Greiner

    @Skimbo, not sure if you could my reply earlier, but I did briefly explain why we started with a branded version. Having said that, you’ll be pleased to know we’re looking into a white label alternative as I type this. We’ll have more news for our resellers about this soon.

  • Skimbo

    thanks dave really looking forward to this
    working on a number of Point of Sale signup pages as we speak which im having to do manually for now..
    so yep would REALLY love this in place to help clients jump straight on a POS list growth strategy with minimal effort/extra cost

  • Kayla

    The post says you can customize the fields (name, email, DOB, etc.) I click and all I seem to be able to do is uncheck the name field so that it is no longer included. How do I add DOB and zip code?

    Also, can you customize the thank you page?

  • David Greiner

    Hi Kayla, to add these fields, you’ll first need to add them in your Campaign Monitor account. Here’s a walkthrough on adding custom fields if you haven’t done this before. Right now you can’t customize the thank you page, but that’s something we’re considering for a future update.

  • Bram


    I have to say I love CM, but what I do not like is the support for multiple languages. Espacially in the subscribe form and appearently also in Enlist.

    It seems not too much trouble to customize the label of a field.

    And if it is possible I did not find it yet.


  • dmcphee

    I freaking LOVE this app – awesome work guys. Feature request: It’d be great if you could add support for multiple backgrounds (with a cross-fade transition or similar) – think this would really help bring attention to the unit at a store counter.

  • Lauren

    Its nice that I can customize the words and colors on the main page, but I really need to change the wording on the “thank you” page. Can you please tell me know to do that?
    And to make our logo bigger – it is not filling up the space nicely…

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Bram, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. This is a small, yet important detail and we’re more than happy to look at how we can better localize Enlist in this manner, so I’ll add your vote internally and keep you posted on this one :)

    Thanks dmcphee – that’s a great suggestion. I recommend checking out Counter Culture in the interim, as this provides the ability to display promotional slide shows :)

    Lauren, that’s something for us to look into making possible, sorry for not being as flexible as you’d like here. We’ll hopefully make this screen customizable at a later date and will surely keep you posted on this one – thank you for letting us know.

  • James

    What, no Android app? :O

  • Joao Ribeiro

    Great app! How can I customize the message, once you submit an entry?

  • Lennie

    Any update on a coming android app??? Would seem there is a very clear demand.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi James and Lennie, as Dave mentioned earlier, we’re still gauging interest in this and will let you know if it’s something we get to work on. SignUpAnywhere may be a viable alternative in the interim.

    Joao – It isn’t possible to customize this message just yet, but we’ll certainly consider it for a later update. Thanks for your feedback here :)

  • Roohbir Singh

    Is there a limit to the number of people that can be logged in to my Campaign Monitor account? We’re trying to log in to 15 different iPads for this large conference tomorrow(!) where all our people will have the enlist app on the iPads to capture important data.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Roohbir, that should be fine. However, as always, we highly recommend you give it a quick test beforehand :D Best of luck with the conference!

  • haze

    Android version desired…

  • Marcela

    Hi guys, I love Campaign Monitor and I love this app. But I have tried to subscribe test users off-line, and they never get to the subscriber list (yes, I have connected to the network to sync, but nothing happens).

    I then checked the Settings menu to see if Enlist was there and had a sync option, and I saw the version… 0.9.4! What the…! Because my Appstore says I have 1.3. And then I saw that 1.3 should have a “Syncing…” label when doing so.

    I am really looking forward to introduce this app to my customers, but I need to be sure that they can collect subscribers off-line.

    Thanks for the great job, anyway. I still love the app :-)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Marcela, it sounds like the app hasn’t updated successfully on your device. Could you kindly try deleting, then re-downloading the app? Hopefully then things will work out, but let us know how you go :)

  • Ballsy

    Awesome app clients love it. At data input is there anyway to disable the way the keyboard is engaged on an iPad making the submit button redundant?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Ballsy, thank you so much, we’re pad you and your clients are enjoying the app! We’d love to know more about what we can improve – could you kindly send us a screenshot of what you’re seeing here, plus any other details you feel may help? Thank you!

  • Carola Janssen

    Please help. We’ve been collecting addresses all day at a festival. Now we went online but we don’t see any addresses in our list! What can possible have gone wrong? Or does it take more than half an hour to sync? I’m very worried!

  • Mathew Patterson

    Hi Carola,

    Sorry to hear that, It definitely shouldn’t take 30 minutes to sync. If you are using the latest version (1.3 from March 1st) then you will see a synchronising animation in the lower left when the sync is running.

    Just now I tested adding some subscribers while offline, and it correctly synced within a few seconds once I was back on the network. So to help us hunt down what’s happening for you, could you please drop us a line with the all the details and we can take a look for you right away.

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