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Earlier this week we pushed a small but very useful update to our RSS to Email feature. Instead of using the same static subject for each issue, you can now use the title from the most recent post in your RSS feed. You spend time crafting great titles for your blog posts, so why should your email subjects be any less polished?

This change is a big win for our frequent RSS senders, like those firing off daily updates whenever there are new posts on their site or blog. We think it’s going to have a big impact on your open rates too. Here’s how it looks in your account:

Use your latest post titleYou’ll see a new option in the first step of creating your RSS campaign

Make the change in 20 seconds

If you have an existing RSS campaign and you’d like to switch to using the title of your latest post for each subject, it only takes a couple of clicks. Head into the reports for your campaign,

Update an existing campaignClick “Edit this campaign” to change the subject for each RSS email

Still using Feedburner?

We often hear from customers using us for their regular newsletters and wondering if they should switch over to us for their RSS campaigns as well. Given the recent concern over the future of Feedburner, we’ve been hearing this a whole lot more of late. We even created a little landing page explaining some of the benefits of using us over the other options out there.

If you’re interesting in moving across, we’ve put together a very simple switchers guide which walks you through the process of getting your existing subscribers into Campaign Monitor, switching your subscribe form over and then using our template builder to blow the socks off your old Feedburner design. They’ll automatically look great on a mobile device too, which is pretty important these days. Plus, if you’re already on a monthly plan throwing your RSS emails into the mix is almost always free of charge anyway.

  • Christian

    I just adore you RSS-to-mail-feature! So simple. Got our first testfeed going smoothly this week. Got one issue though… The images. They don’t show up in our RRS-mail. I guess they don’t get imported like the man-made mails we send.
    Is there something i can do? Or is there a post I’ve missed and should read from You explaining what I should do?

  • David Greiner

    Hey @Christian, great to hear you’re loving this feature. Issues pulling in images from your feed are often related to how that RSS feed is formatted.

    Here are the docs that cover what we’re looking for when we display images from your feed. It’s a little technical, but feel free to drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help you out here.

  • Rhys

    I second Christian’s praise. We love RSS to email & use it for our own blog, after suggesting to many clients it looks like we may be implementing on a client’s site soon.

    Like this update a lot, one way we’d improve it further is an option to have custom text as well as recent blog post title, eg:

    ABC Widgets Blog – New chamfered widgets help with smooth routing.

  • David Greiner

    Nice idea @Rhys, that’s definitely something we’ll consider down the road.

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