It goes without saying that it’s been a big 12 months in Campaign Monitor land. However, before we get into thick of 2013, we’d like to share some of our milestones, then find out how we can make this year an even better one for you and your clients. After all, it was your feedback and support that made it all happen.

A renewed focus on resellers

Let’s start out with some of the things which we hope made things easier for designers and agencies. What comes to mind first is our team management and collaboration update, which gave designers the ability to provide multiple people with access to a client account, with permissions to do tasks like view reports, upload templates and more. This was something that had been heavily requested – and we were more than happy to get into your hands. After all, email marketing is a team effort, so making the app something that could be securely used by your client, your intern, your accounting guy and whoever else was a big step forward.

To sweeten the deal, we also rolled out new monthly plans and a 10% discount to our agency friends. It’s all about offering a top-notch service to your clients at competitive rates.

Simpler ways to build your lists

Getting new signups into your subscriber lists as seamlessly as possible was a goal for this year, so it was with much pleasure that we rolled out Enlist, our very own app for transforming your Apple iPad into a subscribe form. Thousands of downloads later, it has proven itself to be a hit.

Just weeks previous, we also overhauled our subscriber import process. Alongside a new look and drag-and-drop interface, you can now also import Excel and compressed (.zip, .rar) files, watch how the import is progressing and weed out dud email addresses.

Fast track your campaigns with RSS content

Like the team management and collaboration update, the ability to send RSS-to-email campaigns was another in-demand item we let loose this year. Being able to automatically convert blog content into email campaigns was a big win for many of our customers, especially in light of Feedburner’s uncertain future.

Not wanting to stop there, we also made it possible to add RSS content to regular email campaigns via the email editor. We call it one-click content and hope it saves you time when composing campaigns.

API updates

Developers using our service may have noticed some of the new methods we added to our API last year (and updates to existing ones). Useful additions have included the the ability to create campaigns from templates and transfer email credits between clients – our official wrappers have also been kept in step with this new functionality, too. For the latest, it’s well worth keeping an eye on our API announcements forum.

A massive site makeover

If there was anything more thrilling than taking the wrapping off our new site in June, it was receiving your feedback. It was so good to not only receive a lot of constructive stuff, but to top things off, gems like this:

The response to our new design and branding was overwhelmingly positive. As was the response to a swag of new guides and resources that we added for good measure. In particular, our Guide to Responsive Email Design is worth a read if you’re keen to get your head around 2012’s email marketing hot topic – mobile email.

Now, this is only the skinny of what kept us busy behind the scenes in 2013. We wish we could do the proud parent thing and mention all of the smaller changes, like the extra design and spam tests and countless UI tweaks, but we won’t bore you with the details. Instead, we hope that they’ve improved your workday, even if they often go largely unnoticed (that’s okay).

On the home front, our team grew by 18 people this year. Now, we’re no mega-corp, so that’s kind of a big deal to us. With all these extra hands on deck, we’ll be bringing you faster replies to your support questions, more useful features and a rock-solid service into 2013 and beyond.

What can we do to make your 2013?

Last but not least, we wanted to hear your take on what one thing you’d like to see added or improved this year. Is there a feature you’ve always wanted, or a topic you would like to see covered in a guide? As always, we’re listening, so please let us know all about it in the comments below. And don’t forget that you can always chime in on our forums, or say hi to our team!

  • Oh boy… I’m the first to comment… on the one thing that I would like to see added, and one thing only….

    Well, I guess that will be….. Full localization support! I know that it’s a long shot, but BOY, would that be sweet. My clients now often complain about it.

    Please CM, tell us: is it coming?

    Then there’s some small wishes:
    1. Insight and reports on who clicked on the ‘preferences’ link in a campaign (curiously, these clicks are left out) and who adjusted their email preferences.
    2. The ability to remove a few subscribers from a single campaign only (for example: when sending to a target segment, surpress a few addressees by typing them in manually.

  • Hi Kym, thanks for your support! We’ll certainly let you know if we make progress on a white-label version. It’s something we’re giving a lot of consideration at present, so hopefully we’ll have some good news for you this year.

    James – Good call, I’d love to see this part of the app get a solid update. I’ve added your vote internally, so watch this space :)

    Karl – Superb, I know we have a lot of busy customers, so being able to do more with Recent Activity would be a big plus. Thanks for the suggestion! There have been a few solid votes cast for a way to view lapsed clients, so I’ll make sure your voice is heard here, too.

    Thanks, everyone! We’d like to wish all of you a prosperous year ahead! :D

  • Kym

    Thanks guys, keep up the great work
    +10 for a white label version of Enlist!
    Very frustrating we cant use

  • Hi Michiel, thank you so much for the suggestion here! Well, full localization of the app isn’t on the roadmap at present, but it’s not entirely out of the question for the future. I’ll certainly let our team know that you’re keen and keep you posted on this one.

    As for tracking the ‘preferences’ link and adding a suppression list to a send (either manually or via a list), I’m glad to say these are items that are more likely to be added in a future update. You can count on me to give them a bump on your behalf!

    Ted – Solidarity, brother – it’s Outlook, Gmail and mobile clients that eat up my testing time. If you find yourself doing loads of tests in the D&S tool, it may be worth looking at our unlimited monthly plans, which include unlimited tests.

    Just to give you an idea of my workflow, I usually do 1 D&S test, then focus on an email client like Outlook and tweak like you do. Generally I’ll only use another D&S test if I’ve made a dramatic change and/or just before send (to be sure).

    We’ll certainly be looking into how we can improve the email testing process this year, so please keep the feedback flowing :)

  • Just about the only pain point i have is finding a good way to repeatedly test a design. You guys know all about CSS rules across the clients, so sometimes I find myself in a loop like this:

    – Send test to Outlook or Android device
    – Something’s off
    – Tweak code
    – Resend test
    – Something’s still off
    – Tweak code
    – Resend test
    – Something’s still off
    – Tweak code
    – Resend test
    – Something’s still off
    – Tweak code

    You get the idea. It’s like reloading different browsers until everything looks good across the board.

    I don’t mind paying more than $5 to test a single campaign multiple times, but some of my designs would have cost me over $100 if I’d relied solely on CM’s device previews. So for now I do most of my testing outside the tool.

    ( And it’s always Outlook and mobile clients that trip me up. )

  • Improved segments and conditional logic pretty pretty please. Oh and auto responders based on segments…

  • Great work last year folks. Would l love to see more info on the reseller dashboard. Just a couple of suggestions…

    – Longer or Filterable recent activity (ours typically only shows a couple of hours)
    – Show us customers that haven’t sent or logged-in in a while so that we can chase them up to keep them sending

    Keep up the good work!

  • James – good info, thanks for adding

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