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A person subscribing to your list is one of the greatest compliments a business can get. In many cases, it’s more important than that person buying something from you. A purchase can be a fleeting, one-off event. Someone going out of their way to hand you their personal details and saying “I want to keep hearing from you” can be a much more meaningful commitment, and opportunity. Today we released an exciting new feature that helps you better connect with these important people.

Subscriber Notifications provide a beautiful, flexible new way to keep up with the people joining your subscriber lists. We’ve given you and every person in your account complete control over what details you’d like to know about and when.

Instant Notifications

If you’re interested in learning everything you can about each person that joins your list, you’re going to love our instant notifications. You can activate them on a list-by-list basis, and every time someone signs up, we’ll send you something like this…

A sample instant notification with custom fields

Each email will include all the data they might have supplied when subscribing. Plus, we’ll show you exactly where they subscribed from and if available, what they look like. It’s amazing how quickly this turns them into a real person instead of just another email address. These notifications can be set on a list-by-list basis, so you’re only updated instantly when you need to be.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Summaries

As well as instant notifications, you can also choose a daily, weekly or monthly summary that gives an overview of all the new subscribers across every list. We’ll show you where they’re from, which lists they’ve been added to and even pull out a few friendly faces.

A sample monthly summary showing new subscribers across multiple lists

How to turn notifications on

This feature is now live and available for all customers. You’ll notice a new option in the sidebar of “Lists & Subscribers” like this…

From there you can select any lists you’d like instant updates for, and if you’d like to receive a daily, weekly or monthly summary across all of your lists.

Just like every email you send with Campaign Monitor, each notification will support a single click to turn notifications off, or change your preferences.

Private label notifications for your clients

First things first, notifications will not be turned on by default for you or your existing clients. But, if your clients would find these notifications useful, they can easily activate them from their own accounts and we’ll send them a version that respects any branding you’ve made to your own account. As always, there won’t be any mention of Campaign Monitor.

Here’s how it might look if your company is called ABC Widgets…

These notifications are set on a per-person basis. As long as a client has permission to manage their own subscribers, they can head into their notification preferences and choose the types of updates that suit them. Please also note that while notifications are off for all existing people in each client, any new people that are added in the future with “Manage Subscribers” permission will have a weekly summary turned on by default, which they can change at any time.

A focus on the right people

One final point worth mentioning, these notifications are all about organic subscribers joining your lists. This means we won’t notify you about subscribers you manually import yourself, only those that join from your subscribe forms, an integration you might have set up, Enlist or the API.

We’re really happy to get this one out the door, it’s something we’ve seen a lot of requests for over the years. A big thanks to everyone who got in touch and requested this – your feedback is what fuels these kinds of improvements. We’ve got another exciting subscriber related announcement coming in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for all the details soon.

  • Rishi

    This looks amazing! Nice work.

  • Mizko

    Neat work Adham! Keep it up.

  • Matt

    Nice, love this new feature and excited to test it out with some clients. Thanks CM!

  • Kevin

    Will this work with Segments of a list in future?

  • Akasa

    Great features! Thanks a lot CM.

  • David Greiner

    Thanks for the great comments guys. Kevin, right now this is purely based on lists, but if the demand is there I can see how it might be useful to only be notified when that subscriber is in a specific segment. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Anna

    Love this, helps makes your subscribers real and not just a no. count. I’ve gone for weekly updates, looking forward to checking it out next Monday!

  • Jason

    Nice update. I get asked about this feature a lot.

  • Roohbir Singh

    Love this. We use campaign monitor for various different audiences and demographics and this will let me keep track of the kind of people signing up for each of my lists!


  • Samantha

    This looks lovely, it would be great to be able to get notifications for just one list. Looking at it now it seems to be per account?

  • David Greiner

    Hey Samantha. Right now, instant notifications are based on specific lists, but you’re right, summary emails will cover all the lists for each client in your account.

    The good news is that these summary emails still show you exactly how many subscribers were added to each list in that time frame, so essentially, you’re still getting the exact information you’re after, only you’re getting that information across all lists.

  • Patrick Kuntz

    David et al, you are an inspired bunch. Keep it up.

  • Adrian

    Must echo previous comments. Great functionality, and gorgeous design, as ever.

    Is there a way to specify an email address, per list. Or do these go to an administrator.

  • Chris Sullivan

    Of all the cool and awesome things you do that keep improving your cool and awesome software, this might be my absolute favorite. This will add such a fantastic new layer of tangible value for all my clients. Thank you Campaign Monitor Team!

  • hdpl

    oh my goodness! wonderful!!!
    + yes, i have the same question as adrian about specifying an address.


  • David Greiner

    Adrian and hdpl, you’ll be pleased to know that notifications work on a per user basis, so you can set your own notifications, and any other administrators, or people within a client, can set their own too.

  • Matt

    This looks brilliant. Where do you get the subscriber’s image from?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Matt, thank you! Like with our social sharing reports, the subscriber images are sourced from Gravatar. Hope that helps!

  • Tim


    if you are using wufoo forms aswell will this affect the current setup? of just send another email to you?

  • jt

    Umm this is pure amazingness!

  • Jason

    One issue I just encountered with the notification emails is that they aren’t descriptive enough. I signed up to receive notifications for several clients but the emails don’t indicate which client they are for – they only include the name of the subscriber list.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Tim – If you already have new subscriber notifications setup through Wufoo and are also receiving instant notifications via the app, then you will receive two notifications. Sorry about this, but we can’t turn off things on the Wufoo end :)

    Jason – This is great feedback, thank you! We’ll certainly look into adding this detail to our instant notifications. Note that our daily summaries do include client name.

  • Rhydian Roberts

    I enabled weekly summary notifications a few weeks ago but I haven’t yet received any. Am I missing something?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Rhydian, that’s curious – everything looks a-ok in your account, so my first guess is that you may have not received new subscribers prior to this week’s summary cycle. If you don’t get the next notification on Monday, kindly get in touch with our team and we’ll happily look into what may have happened here.

  • Matt

    Guys this is great. As others have mentioned it is a great way to have your customers transform from a number to a face.

    However, I was sort of let down as I was secretly hoping this was a product that built notifications going in the other direction.

    I use campaign monitor on a few different projects and its great for bulk emailing, but am yet to find a (financially sensible) way to send instant notifications to my users via the platform.

    It would be great if you offered a product in the future that let a company use the API to send out instant notification emails to their users.

    Some examples include: “Sally just sent you a friend request, click here to accept”, or “Congratulations Peter, you’re order for 400 T-Rex eggs has just been shipped”.

    Currently its something I am handling with my own mail service, but it has not nearly the same level of reliability or support that you have now.

    Is this currently something in the works? Please let the answer be yes…

  • David Greiner

    Matt, thanks for the feedback. You’ll be pleased to learn this is definitely an area we’re interested in too. As always, we’ll share any details here when we have something more concrete to say. Cheers.

  • Gerry

    Can the sender of notifications be customized so it doesn’t appear to be coming from Campaign Monitor <support@campaignmonitor.com>?

  • Carissa Phillips

    Great question, Gerry! The answer is yes—notification emails sent to people with client-level access will use the address of the primary contact in the From field, the same as all of our other system generated emails.

  • Jack

    If someone subscribes to your list, and then edits their profile via their preference centre – is there a a way of producing an additional notification so you can assess what has changed?

  • Carissa Phillips

    Hi Jack, that would be a great feature, and I’ve added you vote for it, however, it’s not currently possible through our Subscriber Notifications.

    If you did want that information in real time now, I’d recommend having a look at our webhooks, which can post changes made in the Preference Center to your site.

  • Travis

    Is there a way to choose/change the email address that receives the notification? Right now it looks like it is only going to our main Administrator account’s email and I don’t see where to change it

  • Davida Fernandez

    Hey Travis, there’s no way to sign someone else up for the notifications, admins can only sign themselves up and it will automatically use the email address associated with their admin account. I have added a vote for you for the ability to start the notification for your clients on their behalf.

  • Allison

    +1 for Travis’ comment (26th August). I need to be able to change the email address that receives the notification as well. I have a client who recently requested subscriber updates but I can’t change the delivery email.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Allison, thank you so much for letting us know. We’ll certainly make sure we note your request here and keep you posted if this is something we introduce at a later date. Many thanks!

  • Ryan

    +1 for this feature – need to modify or add multiple email addresses to get these notifications.

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