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Back in November last year we announced Enlist, an elegant little app that turns your iPad into a beautiful subscribe form. The response has been amazing, with close to 6,000 downloads and lots of great stories from customers who love it. However, since the launch, there has been one bit of functionality that’s been requested more than anything else, which we’re excited to finally make available to you.

Enlist goes private label

Hello, private label

While Enlist is perfect for anyone familiar with Campaign Monitor, it can be a tricky sell for our agency customers and resellers that might be pitching Campaign Monitor as their own app. Today we’re happy to announce a sister product to Enlist that provides the same great functionality, but doesn’t mention our service at all. You can also rest assured that we’ll be keeping it updated behind-the-scenes.

Install now

Enlist, now with lots of nice updates

While we’ve put a fair amount of energy into bringing you a white-label version to use, we haven’t overlooked a couple of improvements that were worth making in the original app. In fact, this release coincides with a timely update of Enlist, in which we’ve made some noticeable changes… And more subtle ones, too. For example, offline syncing is now rock solid, so you can confidently collect new subscribers, regardless of whether you’re connected to the Internet. When you get connected after being offline for a stint, a nice “Syncing” message will display when any subscribers you captured are synced back to your Campaign Monitor account:

We’ve also made the ‘unlock’ icon much more visible, especially for those of you using darker backgrounds. Plus, if you’ve set up an autoresponder for new subscribers, it will now be sent to anyone who subscribed while you were away from an Internet connection – that was our bad and we’re glad we got it fixed.

Across the app, we’ve squished a fair few bugs and generally made the app more reliable and hopefully, a pleasure to use. Of course, if you see anything that’s amiss or can suggest an improvement, be sure to let us know about it.

If you’ve already added Enlist to your iPad, be sure to get the recent update to take advantage of these changes. Otherwise, get it for free from the App Store and start collecting subscribers.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in requesting a white-label subscribe form app, or helped us improve Enlist. It’s always an exciting moment for us when we let loose with useful updates; now we have apps for everyone, we hope that we can share some of this excitement with both you and your clients, too.

  • Christophe


    What about the “required” and confirmation screen translation ?

  • David Greiner

    Hi Christophe, we do have more updates for both apps planned, but localising those items wasn’t part of this update – which was all about a private label alternative.

  • Jared Armstrong

    I think Enlist is turning into a nice product. Its nice to see you putting more effort into the development of this.

  • Chris

    When will we see these apps for the Android platform?

  • David Greiner

    Hi Chris, we’re definitely tallying votes, and we’d love to support Android. I’ll notch up the count on your behalf.

  • Chris

    would be nice if this was available for iphone as well. for those who are on the go. this is a great way to connect and continue adding to your crm. i know you can create the capture code in a mobile web page… but an app would be so amazing. thanks

  • mu giwa

    I second that andriod request.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Chris, thanks for the suggestion! We’ll certainly keep you posted if this is something we do, but for now, there is the option of creating your own form, as you’ve mentioned. In our Guide to Responsive Email Design, there’s even a chapter on this topic :)

    Thanks, mu – I’ve added your vote! We’ll be sure to keep you posted on this :)

  • Sol

    +1 for android, IOS is so last year ;-)

  • Ian

    I tried it out and it looks really good (two clients already shown interest).
    Another +1 for Android please.
    It would be nice if we could design theme for a client and they have a link to download the app with the these (logo, text etc) already set up – this may be more likely to be possible through Google/Android than through Apple

  • David Greiner

    Thanks Ian, stoked to hear you already have clients who are interested. You’re right, we can’t create a custom version for clients to download from the App Store, it’s just not a possibility under Apple’s model.

    The Android feedback is coming through loud and clear too thanks everyone.

  • Nick Carpenter

    Really great, simple data gathering solution. What I would like to see is the ability to have hidden fields that can be given a value during set-up. For example, if I was using this at an event, I might want to give the event name in a custom field I use called ‘Source’.

    I wouldn’t want that field visible to the user, but I’d like its value to be sent along with the other info captured.

  • rick

    Does this work on the iPad mini?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Rick, all iPad apps work across the iPad Mini too, so you shouldn’t have any troubles here. Best of luck!

  • Klaye

    We sent this feature out to our client list and the very first response was asking if it could be installed on a Galaxy tablet. So +1 for Android :)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Thanks, Klaye – noted! We’ll let you know if this is something we introduce at a later date. Stop by with feedback anytime :)

  • Rebecca Knight

    Is there a way to edit the confirmation text after the user hits submit? Right now it says something about being in touch with the “latest news.” We would like the ability to change it for our client.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Rebecca, it isn’t possible to change the confirmation text at present, but I’ve passed on your feedback and will be in touch if this changes in a future update. Thanks for letting us know!

  • simongarlick

    +1 on being able to edit the confirmation message. My lists have nothing to do with “latest news”.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Thanks for letting us know, simongarlick – we’ll certainly keep you posted on this one :)

  • Moz Nugent

    +1 on editing confirmation message. It’s bugging my client.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Thanks, Moz – noted. We’ll keep everyone updated if this is something we update :)

  • Niels Philbert

    If this is supposed to be White label, how come it says “Campaign Monitor” at the top of the login screen?

    Otherwise good and useful addition to the tools!

  • Feast Creative

    Downloaded the white-label service, that shouldn’t mention you guys however when users first start up the App it states ‘Campaign Monitor’ across the top of the login screen…

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Niels and Feast Creative, we’re really sorry about this – the “Campaign Monitor” mention got accidentally slipped in during a recent update of the app. We’re working to get this fixed in the coming week, sorry again for this trouble.

    Once you’ve connected your Campaign Monitor account to Subscribe Me, you shouldn’t come across this again.

  • Niels Philbert

    Thanks for the update – and good it’s a slip.

    Will be looking out for an update on the app.

  • Gary Wright

    It is now May 2014.

    Is there any update on when an Android version is going to be available?

  • Dries Van haver

    +1 for android a leading brand is showing it’s interest

  • Paul West

    Hey Gary and Dries! I’m afraid we don’t have an update on when an Android version will be released, I’m really sorry about that.

    I have gone ahead and added your votes to our feature wish list, we’ll be able to keep you posted.

  • Ed

    Just downloaded Subscribe Me and it still has Campaign Monitor at the top of the login screen … is this going to be resolved any time soon?


  • Stephen Jesson

    Apologies Ed, we don’t have a definite timeframe as to when this may be fixed at this time I’m afraid, but when we know more, we’ll be sure to let you know :)

    Thanks again for your patience here!

  • Rhydian Roberts

    +1 for Android :)

  • Tom

    Another vote for Android. There are lots of us out here who don’t iAnything.

  • Steve

    Android support is imperative.

  • patrick

    vote for android version

  • Mike

    Downloaded the subscribe me app onto an ipad mini and the themes backgrounds are not showing or working, only works for my own pics, this seemed to be working previously… Is there any QA on this before updates roll out?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Mike, thank you so much for reporting this. I’ve just sent you an email to follow up; our team are looking into this issue. Many thanks again and we’d love to get themes working for you here :)

  • Kikkos

    I cant change the number of fields in the signup part.
    I only get Email and Name. I would love to have more fields! Is this how it is supposed to be or do i have some kind of glitch?

  • Scott Boyd

    Is there any news on being able to update the confirmation page? This is a good app and the ability to simply update the confirmation page would be good. Even if the text was more generic and just said we will be in touch soon rather than mentioning the newsletter I think it would be more useful.

  • Kim

    Hi Scott! Thanks for reading and commenting. While this is not in our immediate plans, it is on our feature request list for sure.

  • Hervé

    +1 for confirmation page customisation !

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