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We’ve made a couple of big changes this year to help you build your lists. Following the introduction of our subscribe form apps for the iPad, the subscribe button and the subscribe page, we’ve turned our attention back to the original subscribe form.

After we spruced up the “Grow your audience” pages in “Lists & Subscribers”, it became very evident that the trusty option to generate your own subscribe form code within “Copy/paste a form to your site” was well due for an update. While the old form builder sure did the job, it was well, looking a bit tired and not at all consistent with the rest of Campaign Monitor.

After a solid amount of work, we’re happy to announce that we’ve overhauled the “Add a subscribe form to our site” section of your account, to make it easier to create a form, get the code and preview the results. It’s also a lot more pleasant to look at.

New subscribe form code generator

Flexible forms with and real-time previews

While many of you have no trouble customizing our subscribe form code to your heart’s delight, we’ve gone the next step with our form builder. For one, it’s now easy to re-shuffle the order of form fields – for example, if you want the “Email address” field to feature before “Name”, you can now drag-and-drop it into place. As you make changes to the forms, the preview alongside it will update automatically.

An improved workflow

Once you’ve tailored your subscribe form to taste, you can simply copy the code, or move on to other popular tasks, like customizing your subscribe confirmation page, confirmation email or setting up an autoresponder. All it takes is a few minutes to build a form, then customize what your subscribers see, before and after signing up for your lists.

While these changes are all fairly subtle, we really hope that they make the process of creating subscribe forms for your sites a touch more pleasant. Of course, if there’s anything we can improve to make it easier to build your subscriber lists, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Sam

    …Perfect Timing! I was just looking out for an alternative as mentioned -“The forms were looking a bit tired”

    Thanks Campaign Monitor!

  • Amir Shamsi

    In the example above, there is a third field name Birthday present, which is not standard in campaign monitor. Can also additional fields be added here? If so, how exactly?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Amir, you can create a “Birthday” field using date custom fields – once you’ve created one, it should be available when you create a subscribe form. Hope this helps!

  • Lee

    Would be even better if you had some styles to choose from and maybe include a bunch of standard CSS controls. Someting like http://css3button.net/

    We’d love to code it for you if you like ;-)

  • Kevin

    Beautiful & works great!

  • Jop Berkhout

    I agree with Lee on having control over some styling. It would also be nice if you could make some translations. With both options combined, you can send your client some lines of code which work instantly (styled AND in their language).

  • Reynir

    Will the forms work in webpages written in HTML different from 5, for instance XHTML 1.0?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Lee and Jop – Thanks for the feedback here – that’s certainly something for us to take on board. We decided to keep things intentionally simple for now, but we’ll let you know if we work translations and more styles into a future subscribe form update :)

    Reynir – Absolutely, the subscribe form will still work. The only catch when using a Doctype other than HTML 5’s one is that the “required” may not be respected – as was the case before, you may have to add your own client-side validation. Let us know if you have any questions about this.

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