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There are often good reasons to exclude subscribers from a campaign. For example, you may want to send an email update that’s only relevant to people who haven’t registered for an event. Or alternately, you may want to avoid sending your monthly newsletter to people who are already on your weekly mailing list. Well, it’s now possible to exclude lists and segments with a single click – here’s a quick look at what you’ll see when you next send a campaign.

As with much of the app, we’ve really aimed at making the exclusion of lists and segments as simple and self-explanatory as possible. When creating a new campaign in your Campaign Monitor account, you’ll now see an “Exclude list” or “Exclude segment” button when you hover over either a list or segment on the “Who will receive this campaign” screen. Clicking this button will ensure that subscribers in the list or segment are not only removed, but excluded, or “washed” (as it’s sometimes called) from other lists that have been included in the send.

Exclude with a single click

What’s also worth mentioning is that excluded lists and segments are subtracted from the unique subscriber count in our updated Campaign Snapshot. To see this in action, check out our new docs on excluding subscribers.

This has been an actively requested addition to the app, so we really hope that you find it to be helpful when sending targeted campaigns. Just to give you an insider tip, we’re going to be unveiling a few updates to how you manage your lists in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned using our blog’s Subscribe Button, or at least checking back often. In the interim, if you have any questions or feedback, either let us know in the comments below, or get in touch directly – naturally, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Michiel

    Great update. Been looking forward to this for ages!
    Just one other – totally unrelated – feature request:

    I’d love the ability to easily create tables from within the newsletter builder. Is there any such thing coming up as well?

    Best wishes from Holland!

  • Julian Wellings

    I’ve probably missed the point here, but what I do currently is if I want to send only to certain segments in a list, I only select those segments.
    Is this exclude feature not the same as I describe above, but in reverse?
    Or is there a subtle difference? :-)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Michiel, thanks for the feature request here! We certainly will be looking at how we can improve the template builder in the coming months, so happy to add this request on your behalf. No promises, but we’ll do our best :)

    Julian, haha! Well, there is a difference. For example, lets say that you have a multi-option custom field, “Interests”, and you want to send to people that are interested in “Widgets”, but want to exclude people who are interested in both “Widgets” AND “Gewgaws”. In this situation, you could send to a “Widgets” segment, but exclude subscribers that belong to a “Gewgaws” segment. Yes, you could segment things differently to achieve the same, but there are likely scenarios where this kind of thing will come in mighty handy :)

    Ultimately, list exclusions are where this feature really makes its mark – for example, being able to exclude “Gewgaws mailing list” subscribers/email addresses from a send to the “Widgets mailing list”. This couldn’t be done in the past without manually exporting the list, so hopefully folks find this to be a time saver :D

  • Andrew

    Oooo lovely. This is definitely a fantastic addition.

    We target recipients very specifically for some clients which is what we believe good email marketing is about; casting the line deep gets good stats. It helps move genuine email marketeers away from spammers.

    Thanks, from an pleased segmenter.

  • Nate

    Super awesome! My hope is that some of these “few updates to how you manage your lists in the weeks ahead” include something to allow my to now properly segment and move around some lists I have that are very disorganized, all without losing their history from previous campaigns. :)

  • Jakob Ravn

    Is it possible to re-send a newsletter only to the recipients who haven’t opened it?

    Possibly with a new subject and slightly adapted content to avoid spamming.

  • Alex

    This is really insightful, but my question is: What’s the right balance of segmentation info to ask on something like a Subscribe to Our Newsletter form that doesn’t turn someone off from joining? If you want to determine things like Gender, Age, Location, etc. do you put that into the Subscribe form and risk lower subscription rates or try to collect that info later through a welcome campaign or manually by matching email addresses against a CRM?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Nate, there might be something we can help you with now. If you get in touch with your account and list details, we’re more than happy to make recommendations for you. :)

    Jakob – it’s possible to create segments based on “Not opened” and one or more previous campaigns. Following a send, you can create this segment, then “Edit and resend” the earlier campaign.

    Note that we generally don’t recommend this – for one, opens are an imprecise measurement and therefore, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up emailing (and annoying) people who have previously opened the campaign. Second to that, if a campaign wasn’t opened initially, engagement won’t likely be that great next time around.

    If you would like to try something like this, you would be better off segmenting by “Campaign was opened – No link clicked”. :)

    Alex – That’s a tricky one that probably requires a bit of A/B testing to get right. If this information is important to your sends, personally, I’d be inclined to collect this information upfront, as it’s less likely that subscribers will update it later. Mind, if you do have this information in a CRM (or say, via user accounts on your site/service), this could work, but I’d be more inclined to do this using an integration, than manually. Just my 2c – I hope that helps!

  • Simon Greenland

    This is a crucial feature – can this functionality be applied to autoresponders too?

  • David Greiner

    Simon – glad you’re a fan of the feature. Right now our autoresponders are based on a single list, and so you can take advantage of segments or the new exclude functionality. That’s something we plan on changing soon, but right now it’s limited to regular campaigns.

  • Emily

    Thanks, this is really helpful! I’m wondering if it is also possible to exclude sending to emails duplicated across one or more lists?

  • Mathew Patterson

    Good news Emily,

    That’s just how it works – no matter how many lists a person is on, if they are in a list or segment you choose to exclude, they won’t be emailed.

  • Kate

    I love you. Been doing it manually for 3 years. Thanks! <3

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