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We’re excited to announce a new design for our campaign creation workflow. We’ve made it easier than ever to see what step you’re at, what you’re sending, who you’re sending to and when your campaign will go out.

A redesigned Step 1

The Create & Send section – the part of Campaign Monitor where you set up a campaign, select your recipients, test your email and schedule delivery – is one of the most important parts of our product.

As the heart of Campaign Monitor, the Create & Send pages do a great job of helping our users create amazing email campaigns. But as we added more and more features over time, we started worrying about overcrowding our original design. For example, when we added the option to personalize subject lines in the “Define the Campaign and Sender” screen, it was squeezed in on the far right in tiny font, while the subject line stayed on the left.

To make sure Campaign Monitor stayed as user-friendly as ever, we gave the whole workflow a new, cleaner look and feel – and also spent some time improving the usability of things like subject line personalization by making the feature in line with where you write your subject line:

Personalize your campaign

We also wanted to make sure users knew where they were in the workflow at any given point, so we made the status bar more prominent. At any time, you’ll see what steps are left and all the options available to you at each stage.

See your progress

We’ve also made use of icons in the new design to help make navigation easier than ever before, particularly for things like our A/B testing feature or RSS-to-email option:

Breeze through using our tabbed navigation

Overall, we’re proud and excited to share this change to the campaign creation process with you — and we look forward to your feedback in the comments below!

  • Seb

    Great ! as usual :)

  • arsen

    looks neat… can’t wait to try it out!

  • Todd wright

    Nice one. Will let you know the feedback from our clients. Looks like a tidy redesign.

  • Julian Wellings

    Like it. Such a clean look and feel.

  • Anne

    Funny, I woke up thinking about whether the interface was too tricky compared to the other products available (constant contact and MailChimp), and here is this email! Great! Please consider something for adding new mail recipients, too. A super easy option with a few fields, and advanced for people that understand what you have there now. Thanks! And, thanks for your constant updates!

  • Jan-Willem

    Nice, well done! Two things you might consider:
    – make the statusbar clickable
    – make the statusbar visible while creating the email in the editor

  • Danielle LeComte

    Love that you are always adding new goodies! Thx!

  • cmchris

    I would be helpful if the ‘templates’ were the first option at that step instead of ‘import’. Most of our clients use templates but do not use ‘import’, and they’d get confused on that screen not realizing to hit the light gray button up top to switch to pick a template. Is there some way to allow template use but not import html designs in the settings, or have templates as the default option at that stage?

    Otherwise great, but that one is a bit of a problem….

  • cmchris

    clarification edit: our clients do use the template editor to create their own templates but I dont want them importing anything, or having to deal with that option (‘import’) in the process :)


  • Carissa Phillips

    Hey Anne, were you wanting something specific to importing recipients directly to a campaign?

    Thanks, Jan-Willem! Great ideas. I’ve added these feature requests for you.

  • Fran

    Very nice!!! Congratulations.
    When will it be possible to choose the general interface language. We need it in spanish…

    Good work

  • Kam

    Today I found 2 problems, firstable in the last version i can pick 5 emails when i was sending Test Mail, now i have to write everytime, the second was with the calendar to program campaign, now after select Subscribers the email is send inmediatly.

  • Chris Bowler

    Thanks, Fran! Unfortunately, we have no plans currently to offer the interface in any language other than English. We’ve considered the idea over the years but have decided against it to this point. I’m sorry for the inconvenience to you!

    Thanks for getting in touch, Kam! The ability to see the last 5 addresses used for testing is still there. If you’re not seeing that, please contact our support team here: https://help.campaignmonitor.com/. And the ability to schedule a time for a campaign is also still available. You simply have to click the ‘Schedule’ icon on the top of the campaign creation screen (see here: http://d.pr/xnkq).

  • Lennart

    I strongly have to agree with cmchris. While the general redesign is nice, defaulting to the “Import” tab makes things super confusing for clients. The tabs are outside of the main interface flow, you don’t notice them changing from the previous step and many international clients won’t even know what a “template” is.

    You really need to either get ride of the confusing / hidden tabs on that page, or just make “Templates” the default one.

  • David Greiner

    Lennart and cmchris, you’ll be pleased to know that the app does in fact default to Templates for your clients, that’s what they’ll always see by default.

    However when you log in, as a designer/administrator, you’ll be presented with the import option by default. It can be a bit tricky when you get a different default to your clients, but rest assured we always focusing on making sure your clients get the simplest experience possible.

    cmchris, you can also turn off the ability for a client to import their own campaigns in their client access settings, and then they’ll only ever see the templates tab when they log in.

    Cheers, and thanks to everyone for the great feedback so far.

  • Micha

    +1 on the import default.

    I build templates for a number of clients who run their own Campaign Monitor accounts and will log in as admins. I’m bracing myself for the “where have the templates gone” emails ;-)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Micha, good call and thank you for your feedback here. We’ll certainly be looking into how we can make the various options available as intuitive to select as possible and will keep you posted if we make any further changes in this regard. Many thanks again!

  • Kate

    “t.he ability to schedule a time for a campaign is also still available. You simply have to click the ‘Schedule’ icon on the top of the campaign creation screen”
    I think this should be the other way around. I was very close to unintentionally sending my campaign when I saw the new screen.
    Don’t you think most people prep emails in advance and schedule them and not send them immediately? This is my experience with many clients, so I would put “Schedule” as the main option and “Send now” as the second available upon clicking.
    It will take some time to get used to the new interface, especially when you are on a very large screen like I am, but I am glad you guys keep working to improve the application! :)

  • Chris

    Whilst I generally really like the improvements I have to say we’ve already had 2 clients accidentally send their campaigns immediately rather than scheduling it as intended. I would have to concur that ‘scheduling’ as a main option rather than ‘send now’ would be less risky. It’s just easy to keep clicking the green buttons and progressing through the steps and inadvertantly send the campaign immediately.

  • Stephen Jesson

    Many thanks for your comments regarding the current, default ‘Send Now’ option in the Create & Send campaign wizard, Kate and Chris, and sorry to hear its caused some issues for you, however that’s useful and important feedback here, and so we’ll be sure to pass this over to our design team here for their consideration!

  • Angela

    I have to say it’s not very intuitive the way it’s designed. I spent way too long trying to figure out how to use an existing template while sending a campaign on behalf of a client. The “template” option should be further into the main section. Choose a template, upload or import. Not way at the top. Just my 2 cents. And, so you can disregard my support ticket ;)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Thanks, Angela – we got your support ticket, no sweat. And double thanks for this great feedback, we’re most certainly taking all of it into account and will keep you posted if it’s something we change up in a future update. Either via the comments or email, we’re hearing you loud and clear :)

  • Michael

    I agree with the comments about scheduling and defaulting to the import page. I have already had multiple people say things like “I can’t create the new email because the templates are gone”. In addition, I almost sent an email immediately instead of scheduling it. Both of these functions used to be intuitive, and now they are confusing, both to a newbie and an experienced user.

  • Carissa Phillips

    Wow, Michael, I’m sorry so many people have thought their templates were missing! We are keen to sort it out for you. Both that part of the Create & Send process and the ‘Send now’ vs. ‘Schedule’ tabs are being reworked by our team based on the feedback we’ve heard. We hope things are more clear for you real soon!

  • Emmsee

    Top stuff Campaign Monitor.
    It’s wonderful that you are continually updating and (usually) receiving much positive feedback.
    The new look and practical usage is tops; as long as you know about the template/import and send now/ schedule issues.

    Although this has nought to do with the improvements just released, I’ve been trying to get CM to update the editor for over 2 years.
    When it comes to the editor, you are way behind Mail Chimp, who updated their editor 8 months ago.
    Probably one of the most frustrating editor issues is the lack of a spell checker.
    Any clue when we can expect the editor update – previously promised?
    cheers, from FNQ

  • Stephen

    @Emmsee Thanks so much for your feedback and great to hear you’re enjoying these recent changes!

    Just to also let you know, the good news is that we’ve also been working hard on an editor update as well, and are hoping to make this available within the next month or two, so do keep eye on our blog for further announcements regarding this, and thanks again for your patience throughout here :)

  • Gavin

    Where has One-Click RSS-to-Email gone?

    The Preview link only gives you a static preview with no options to change content nor select a feed and posts for a data-repeater in the template.

    Where has this Preview/Edit feature gone?

  • Mat Patterson

    Hey Gavin,

    Sounds like something has gone wrong there! I’ve just confirmed that RSS to email is still working as expected (I created a new campaign and imported posts from my selected feed).

    We haven’t made any changes, but it’s possible something has broken for you. Could you please drop us a line via https://www.campaignmonitor.com/support and let us know which campaign you’re working on?

    We can take a look for you. Thanks!

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