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We’ve taken one of the most essential features in our app and rebuilt it from the ground up, to help you send more targeted email campaigns. Today, we’re introducing a whole new segment builder and new segment rules, so you can focus on delivering relevant messages to your subscribers – and rely on us for the rest.

While it’s said that good things take time, for many of our customers, an update to how we handle segments likely feels like it’s a while overdue. Admittedly, this is one part of the app that’s needed a bit of work – and thus, like Orange Juice, we decided to rip it up and start again.

If you’re not using segments yet to specifically send to, or exclude, groups of subscribers in your lists based on criteria you set, then we’ve got a great guide to help you get started. Otherwise, read on to find out how you can now use segments to send campaigns specially tailored to your subscribers’ preferences, job titles and more.

The new segment builder

If you regularly use segments, jump into your account – the first thing you’ll likely notice is that we’ve updated our workflow so you can now name a segment, create rules and save in one step. You can also change a segment’s name on the fly, too.

Creating a new segment

Once elbows-deep in creating a segment, you can preview and export subscribers, without having to leave the segment builder. Hopefully, this will make it a touch easier for you to ensure you’re targeting the right people… Or excluding the right people, as the case may be.

Previewing subscribers in a segment

Introducing OR statements

We’ve received a fair few requests for OR logic between rules, especially given that the workaround – creating multiple segments – could hardly be called an efficient process. Now, let’s say you want to target subscribers with the job title, “Manager” OR “Assistant manager”. Too easy – just add an OR. Multiple custom fields can be used with OR statements, so you can include both say, Job title and Location as criteria in a single segment.

By mixing and matching AND statements with the new OR statements, you can do sophisticated things like send a targeted campaign to subscribers who have one of several job titles OR are based at a head office AND are located in New York.

Using AND & mixed OR statements together

Better, faster segment building

Behind the glossy new look, our segments have been reworked for both speed and stability. For starters, you’ll find that the number of subscribers in a segment is calculated automatically throughout the app. Building relatively large or complex segments has also been taken into consideration, so hopefully our power-users will experience vastly reduced wait times when working with their lists.

What will happen to my segments?

The great news is that it’s business as usual. We’ve migrated all segments to the new builder, so they can be edited and used in both current and future campaign sends.

Finally, we’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who let us know what they needed to send better targeted and more relevant campaigns – hopefully, we’ve delivered on many a wish list out there. That said, while we’ve been pouring a lot of energy into making this update a truly valuable one, we’re far from being done yet. So, if there’s something you would like to see us add or improve on, get in touch – we may have some good news for you shortly.

  • Wayde Christie

    Great work folks!

  • Julian Wellings

    Liking this. Another excellent innovation from CM.

  • kym

    great news

    Now how about something that has really annoyed me AND my clients, me having to field this question over and over again

    This regards the way CM calculates total subscriber count for billing purposes!

    Many of our clients have multiple lists, with the same email addresses existing in more than one list, after segmenting into seperate lists for easier reporting etc

    logically this is still the one subscriber
    they just happen to belong to multiple lists

    but we are being charged for each of them as seperate unique subscriber!

    thus artificially inflating the actual subscriber count

    much as if lists are merged only one email is being sent, so your costs dont change but ours do?!

    in my opinion this is a rort

  • Mathew Patterson

    Thanks for the feedback Kym,

    I can definitely see it’s a pain to be charged more than once for the same person and I have passed that feedback on to our product team already. We are always working on ways to make Campaign Monitor more effective for you, financially and strategically, and your comments help.

    Segments (especially after this update) is actually one great way of reducing your costs while also improving your reporting. Instead of duplicating the subscriber over different lists, you can have the address once with all your custom fields to define the different sub-lists the address should fit into.

    Doing it that way means you have a unified view of all the campaigns sent to that one address, which means a better understanding of your subscriber, what they are interested in and how you could be more valuable for them.

    Of course, that’s not always a practical approach but it’s definitely a great option for some customers. There are plenty more improvements on the way too, so keep an eye out and please don’t stop sharing your thoughts Kym. We really appreciate them.

  • Kym

    Hi Matthew thanks for the reponse
    we understand that but doesnt allow for certain applications

    1 popup welcome lightbox on site
    pushing for mailing list signup, offers a discount for doing so
    needs it own list because we want to track its effectiveness and also because it needs its own form return page (within lightbox) and its own autorepsonder with copupon code…

    2. signup via normal account creation

    3 signup via footer of website

    4 signup via facebook

    5 signup via partner site

    as you can we can easily get to 5 different lists for one client

    subscribers/customers are unlikely to sign up for all of them as they assume (rightly) by signing up to one they are on the list..

    but they may be in a combination of lists, given the welcome popup runs a coupon code time sensitive campaign etc

    and the acocunt creation has a checkbox that is added to list in background

    in other words they can esaily get themselves on multiple lists but of course CM only sends them one email if we merge lists…


  • Mathew Patterson

    You’re certainly right that a single, segmented list isn’t feasible in every situation Kym.

    You probably could still do it though, by recording the signup source in a custom field and handling the redirect to different confirmation pages via your own ajax code.

    You make some great points though, we’re definitely listening!

  • Brandon

    Great news! I would love to see autoresponders be able to use pre established segments… Say based on clickthrough or opens. Basically completely automated triggers based on behaviors. But seriously you all are the best.

  • Mika Tuupola

    This is great! Consider also making it possible to attach autoresponders to segments. Would make life much easier for us who work in countries with more than one language.

  • Greg Strutton

    Hey Brandon & Mika!

    Thanks for the feedback here. The ability to run an autoresponder off a segment is something on our feature request list, so I’ve just added both your votes for this!

    And Brandon, we also have a request for more behavioural based triggers too, so I’ve added your vote for this as well.

    Thanks again!

  • Karl

    Awesome work. Would it be possible to have a “today” selector the date picker.

    This would keep date based segments dymanic. i.e. A current member list would be “Renewal Date” is after today… rather than having to go in and update the date each time.

  • Paul West

    Hey Karl, that is a great idea! I have gone ahead and added your vote for a ‘today’ selector to our feature request list. If we can go ahead with that, we’ll be able to let you know.

    Thank again for your suggestion!

  • Ikhlaq

    Looks good. How about the ability to clone a segment? I create a lot of segments with a number of segmentation criteria. At times it’s just a minor condition that needs to be changed for a new segment. Right now, I have to create the whole segment from the scratch. Would be great to be able to clone a segment and then make changes to it to create a new one.

    Thanks again!

  • Chris Bowler

    Thanks for the suggestion Ikhlaq! We also have an open feature request for segment duplication — I’ve added a vote for that on your behalf. That would definitely be a helpful addition!

  • Nicki

    Thanks for the OR statements. I’ve been hoping for that.

  • mishka

    I’m glad to hear this news. Actually we all were hoping for this upgrade.

  • Michael

    >> “I would love to see autoresponders be able to use pre established segments… Say based on clickthrough or opens. “

    That is something we are hoping/waiting for as well. While we’re at it, would you consider a “last time emailed (date)” pre-established segment? How about “# of times contacted in past 30 days”?

  • Carissa Phillips

    Those would be great, Michael! I’ll add your vote to those requests which I’ve just added for colleague, Brad, as well. It’s really good for us to know what would most help you!

  • Anne

    The updated segments function is looking great – very smooth and streamlined, as well as simple and easy to use. Good job!

    There were a few suggestions that I was going to make, but reading through the comments has shown that other people are already well ahead of me!

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