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Last month we announced a new design for creating and sending email campaigns. We’re always looking at ways we can make Campaign Monitor even easier to use, so we gave the whole workflow a new, cleaner look and feel – and also spent some time improving the usability of things like subject line personalization.

Following launch we received lots of positive comments on how clean and simple the new design was. As with all our releases though, nothing is ever final. For this one there were two main bits of feedback that kept popping up:

  1. Some people were having trouble finding their templates as they were seeing import as the default option.
  2. The send immediately option was the default but when it comes to striking fear into the heart of the email marketer, it turns out there’s nothing quite like the prospect of accidentally hitting send before a campaign is ready.

Armed with this customer feedback, we also dug into the data to see what else we could learn. We picked up some subtle changes in behavior following the redesign. Some of these were great, but there were a few standouts which backed up the feedback we’d been hearing from customers and we decided to make a few changes.

Now if someone has a template available, that is the default content creation option they will be presented with.

Plus, by picking either send now or schedule as the default we knew we couldn’t cover everyone’s preference for the way they would send out a particular campaign. Being such a critical step in the workflow we decided the best approach would be to merge the options into one page where you could easily choose what best suited you.

We want to thank everyone for their valuable feedback. Your input is what ultimately makes Campaign Monitor the tool you need it to be. Have you got an example of your own iterative design process? Or maybe you’ve seen a post-release UX update done well? Share your experiences in the comments below.

  • Rhys Harry

    Nice update. Small addition i’d like to see – ability to click any of the 4 stages in the green progress bar to navigate to those stage’s pages.

  • Greg Strutton

    Thanks Rhys! We’ve just added your comment to our feature request list.

  • Kathryn Scobie

    Great update guys! As always you are ahead of the game when it comes to user support:-)

  • Finge

    Love the new update. When building a B-version based on the current version it’s a but tricky to find the ‘build based on version A’. Maybe it deserves more attention?

  • Paul West

    Thanks so much for your message Finge! I have passed your feedback onto our design team here and added this to our feature request list.

  • Kim Harlow

    Great to see regular updates – really great update to segments well.

    2 small things on this redesign:

    1. When sending previews or test emails, the boxes for the test email sends remain checked after a preview is sent. Would be great if this was not the case and the boxes became deselected again.

    2. At the final stage of the process – on the screen where you can send campaign now or schedule, could you please add a small summary of the campaign being sent. At the moment it just has the name of the campaign nominated in the step 1. I’d like to see campaign name, subject line and number of recipients here. Only small but would be good to not have to navigate back to the start to triple check my segments are selected properly.

  • Paul West

    Hey Kim! Thank you for the detailed suggestions there, it’s really appreciated! I have passed your feedback onto the design team, if we can go ahead with that, we’ll be able to let you know.

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