Recently we launched an update to allow the use of custom fields in links leading to custom subscribe and unsubscribe confirmation pages.

While many people choose to use the default pages, we also provide an option to redirect to your own so you can completely customize the experience for your subscribers. The original fields that could be passed through to this custom page were name and email address, to cover the basic information needed for the subscribe/unsubscribe action.

Over time though, customer’s started coming to us with cool ways they would like to use custom fields to further personalize the process or add extra layers of control. So, we have now introduced the ability for you to pass custom fields through to your custom subscribe and unsubscribe pages.

What can I do?

You can now personalize your subscription confirmation page with even more data you collect during the signup process, such as last name, city, company name or birthday. As well as just showing the information though you might be able to get even more creative. For example, say you are a pet supplies company and you capture whether someone is a cat or dog owner when they signup to receive emails from you. You could pass this information through as a custom field and maybe use it to trigger a cat or dog-specific version of the confirmation page.

You can now personalize your subscription confirmation page

Another example is that you could pass through a secondary form of identification, like an id number, to securely identify someone when they unsubscribe. As they were securely identified you might then be able to automatically send them through to a page where they could see and modify any of their other email list subscriptions with you.

Finally, some of our customers use custom unsubscribe confirmation pages to sync information with their own system. Now additional information such as a customer number could be passed through to assist in this syncing process.

Overall, we hope the changes allow you to use information already known to create even better user experiences for your subscribers.

Find out more about setting up custom confirmation pages or synchronizing unsubscribes with your own database.

  • Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

    This blog post gives no actual information on how to use this feature. And I can’t find it elsewhere either.

    I encourage you to improve on this. Passing custom fields into the confirmation page is an important feature, but it doesn’t seem to be documented or even available in the UI.

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