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Today we’re super excited to show you a completely new way to use Campaign Monitor and connect with your audience, especially when you’re on the go. Monitor, our brand new iPhone app, gives you real-time access to what’s been happening in your account.

Monitor for iPhone

At a glance you can see who is joining your lists and where they’re from, check in on a recently sent campaign or watch one in real-time with a new mobile version of Worldview. See it in action and install the free app here – we can’t wait to hear what you think.

We haven’t forgotten about our agency customers. If you’re reselling Campaign Monitor to your clients, we’ve also created a completely white label version of Monitor called Metrics where our name is never mentioned. And finally, we’re hard at work on an Android version, so let us know below if you’d like a heads up when that’s ready.

Looking for the Android version?

We’re working hard on an Android™ version of Monitor. Enter your email
address and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

  • CC

    Apps looking sharp but what is up with that app icon? Looks like a distorted version of your official icon with a weird dotted circle outline then regular circle then a gradient.

  • Ted Goas

    Whoa, bang up job everyone, this looks sweet. Nice landing page, too!

  • Carissa Phillips

    We’re so glad you like what you see, Ted!

    Sorry the icon isn’t to your taste, CC :)

  • Julian Wellings

    Liking this a lot. Much more functionality than the mobile web version. Yes more continuous improvement from CM!

  • Carissa Phillips

    Thanks for being patient with us, Julian. We’d love your feedback as you use the app!

  • Damien Buckley

    I might be missing something but both links for Monitor and Metrics go to the same Campaign Monitor account.

  • Nerida Cook

    Hi Damien, thanks for picking that up. The Metrics link has now been updated.

  • Damien Buckley

    Cool : )

  • BKD Home

    Great fuctionality, really love this :)

  • Jason De Santis

    Thanks BKD, happy to hear! :)

  • Zach

    Any word on the Android app? Or projected timeline?

  • Chris Bowler

    Hey Zach,

    No word yet. Our team was pretty heads down on Canvas (released yesterday https://www.campaignmonitor.com/email-templates/) … now that it’s in the wild, we’ll be focusing on our other projects. Keep following along here!

  • Matt

    Any news on this being a white label App for us resellers???????
    It would be perfect for our clients but we can use it due to it being branded Campaign Monitor : (

  • David Greiner

    @Matt, good news for you – we already have a white label version called Metrics available for your clients right now.

  • Roisin Anne Hughes

    Is there a way of seeing draft campaigns and sending them from the app? Is it only a tool for checking sent campaigns?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Roisin, good question. At present, this app is focused on reporting – either on sent email campaigns, or on subscriber list growth. To view and send draft campaigns, you need to log into your account in the browser.

    At a later stage we may well expand it, so I’ll keep you posted on this one!

  • Young Ha Kim

    Any word on the Android app?

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