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One week after launching Canvas, we’ve been thrilled to see both thousands of new templates created and campaigns sent, using our new email builder. However, if there’s been one thing more satisfying than simply the numbers, its been how people have totally re-invented their email campaigns. Here are some of our favorite “redesigns” so far; so, are your newsletters overdue for an update?

To make it clear how much these email newsletters have changed since their Canvas updates, we’ve provided a before/after comparison.

MiaDonna & Company

Mia Donna, before CanvasMia Donna, after Canvas

Designed by MiaDonna and Company, using the Mason template

Diamonds are forever – and so MiaDonna have taken a classic, minimal approach to their new newsletter, by using neutral colors, a timeless typeface and quality photography. It’s romantic without the schmaltz – and quite a departure from their earlier aesthetic!

Yorkshire Bicycle Show

Yorkshire Bicycle Club, before CanvasYorkshire Bicycle Club, after Canvas

Designed by Yorkshire Bicycle Show, using the Tint template

The Yorkshire Bicycle Show‘s switch from a wordy, somewhat cramped template, to one with eye-popping color, whitespace and, wow, video is as dramatic as a wheel-to-wheel sprint to the finish line. The call to actions are now much clearer, the imagery has certainly had an upgrade and in all, there’s a lot more tying the design to the cycling event at first glance than before. Pedal on, ladies and gents!


Interrupt, before CanvasInterrupt, after Canvas

Designed by Interrupt, using the Tint template

Pinch me no more! The new template by creative agency Interrupt is distinctly less cluttered and more generous with whitespace than ever. The result – a design that requires no pinching or zooming to read comfortably on mobile devices, is more consistent with the design of their landing pages and all-round, a pleasant interruption to have.


IAET, before CanvasIAET, after Canvas

Designed by IAET, using the Mason template

To show that elegance transcends any language, translation agency IAET have created a template that is more on-brand than ever. Tiny type is out, as are the generic stock photos and busy layout. In their place is a wholly professional design that is sure to look fantastic in any inbox.

Hopefully these newsletters have given you a few ideas for your own email redesign – or perhaps you have a friend or client whose campaigns need a little love? Why not give Canvas a try in your account, or check our our demo. Either way, we’re looking forward to see what you’ve got in the coming weeks, so feel free to share your favorite designs with us!

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