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Back in May we announced Monitor, an iPhone app that gives you real-time access to what’s happening in your account. We’ve had thousands of downloads to date and lots of great feedback on how useful customers are finding it. The initial release was just the start though, we’re excited about a number of new updates that are now available.

Grouped recurring RSS campaigns

Recurring RSS campaigns had been listed separately in the campaigns tab, which made it a bit messy to keep track of what was going on. We’ve now grouped them together so you can choose say, your daily blog updates option, and from there be able to dig into what was sent each day.

Autoresponders in snapshots

We also know how important it is to get a complete view of what emails you’re sending to individual subscribers. So when you take a look at subscriber snapshots now, you’ll see they contain any autoresponder activity as well.

New icon plus more notification control

On top of that we’ve also made a couple of minor changes that should help with the usability of the app. For those who found the notifications badge a little distracting, you now have the option of switching it off in the notifications centre. We’ve also moved to a new icon to help make our branding just a bit more consistent with other channels like our Twitter and Facebook accounts. It should always be super easy to know it’s us.

Of course like any app update we also fixed a few minor performance issues and bugs too. In particular some customers had been experiencing issues with the app freezing and we’re happy to say that’s no longer a problem.

Haven’t tried Monitor yet? Now’s the perfect time! See who’s joining your lists as it happens, watch your campaigns live with Worldview and add new subscribers when you’re on the go. Find out more about Monitor.

Waiting for an Android version?

We’re working hard on an Android™ version of Monitor. Enter your email
address and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

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