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Thanks to your feedback, the ability to search sent campaigns is now available in the reports tab.

We’ve spoken before about how we’ve developed a customer feedback system to make sure we’re collecting all your suggestions, requests, and bug reports and making them accessible to our entire team. There are always going to be big ones, but sometimes the greatest strength of this system is in capturing the smaller suggestions that would just make doing your job a little bit easier.

We’d heard from you that once sent campaigns started to stack up in your reports tab, a quick way to search through the clutter would be really useful. So we’re excited to say that the ability to search sent campaigns is now available in the reports tab.

Search using partial campaign name

Sometimes you might just remember part of the name of a campaign report you’re looking for, but not the date you sent it. You could type in the partial name to narrow down the list of options to choose from.

Compare emails from a selection of campaigns

Or, you might be only interested in comparing emails belonging to a particular subject or series. For example, say you’re a travel insurance company and over the course of a few months you sent out emails promoting a big trip giveaway. At the same time, you also sent out your regular weekly newsletter too. Now you’d like to compare the performance of specific emails within your giveaways series. So first you could narrow down the selection to the broader giveaways group using search. Then you could tick the boxes of the ones you were interested in, and use the compare option to look at their results together.

Thanks to everyone who let us know how this improvement would help them. We can’t promise we’ll be able to make every change or feature that gets suggested, but we can promise we’re listening and always looking to make the app better for you.

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