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When we launched Canvas a couple of months back, we were blown away with the positive response. Every day, we see thousands of beautiful responsive email designs being sent that took minutes to create instead of days. While the reaction so far has been awesome, there has been one consistent piece of feedback we’ve been seeing from day one – you guys would love much more design flexibility.

We hear you loud and clear on that one, and have been working like crazy on a big Canvas update that will give you total control over the look and feel of your emails. This means changing background colors, text colors, button colors and more so they perfectly match your brand. You’ll also be able to choose from a broad range of gorgeous fonts for each text element in your campaign.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the upcoming UI changes that will give you all this power…

Font and Color Control Coming Soon

Like I mentioned, we understand how important this level of control is for many of you. If we had our time again, we would have made sure this was available from day one. But, we made the call to get Canvas in your hands as quickly as we could, and now we’re doing everything at our end to listen to your feedback and react as quickly as possible.

These customization updates will be the first of many exciting plans for Canvas, and they are the number one focus of the team right now. We’re shooting to get this big update in your hands some time next month, and will be getting in touch with everyone as soon as it’s available in your account. As always, a big thanks to everyone for proving their passionate feedback about how important this was for you.

  • Jay

    Fantastic! Thanks for listening to us and responding quickly. Canvas has a lot of potential and I am looking forward to using it.

  • Emma P

    Wahoo! Well done guys, thank you!

  • kym

    looks great guys!

  • Finge

    Have been waiting for this. Canvas is already amazing, and this could possibly make it 110% perfect :-)

  • Laura

    That’s the update I’m also waiting for! Canvas potential with more flexibility!

  • Tobias

    Can’t wait to check it out!

  • Nicki

    Thank you! This is what I’ve been hoping for. I’ve been using (and liking) Canvas anyway, but this will definitely allow me to use it for more of my clients.

  • Jacques

    This was my #1 complaint about Canvas. Love everything else :)

  • Luke

    Thank you! This will give us all a massive edge over the competition :)

  • Jason

    In fairness, it’s not more flexibility we wanted, just the same we had already on the previous system, and I still think you could have run the two in tandem until Canvas had the same functionality.

    Thanks for this anyway though and looking forward to it.

  • Terri

    well I can’t wait – Canvas is currently next to impossible to use for my clients due to the branding issues mentioned by many other users. Being able to tweak background and font colours to blend nicely with existing branding is a must, and not being able to do this is a deal breaker. I am excited by the responsive design, but losing patience as my clients are left hanging while we wait for this next update…

  • Calli W

    I’m glad to see this announced! This will be very useful!

  • Michael L

    I have a few questions about Canvas and dynamic content options not found in the content creation interface:

    1. Could you enable the text linking widget to accept dynamic content (example: social sharing)?

    2. Does the Canvas button creation widget accept dynamic content (Important Links, Personalization, and Social Sharing) for its label and link? Being able to use it on an image widget’s link would be useful, too.

    3. Is see that IF/ ELSE / ELSEIF seems to work in Canvas… at least in the draft tests.

  • Michael L

    Sorry, #3 wasn’t really a question…just an observation that conditional statements (https://www.campaignmonitor.co… seem to work fine within Canvas – good work!

  • David Greiner

    Hi Michael, cheers for the questions:

    1. Good idea, and and something we’re considering for both text and images. Right now we provide the default Tweet and Link buttons, but agree it would be nice to use these links for your own images, text and even buttons.

    2 and 3. You can hack this to make it work (like you discovered), but we have some really cool ideas around dynamic content in Canvas that will make what you’re asking for in 2 (and a whole lot more) super simple. Watch this space once we get the fonts and colours update in your hands.

  • Rhys

    First time using CM in a while (been too busy to send out Newsletters!) and I was stumped when I couldn’t see the old template builder, a quick google and I found this.

    I’m using canvas atm and it’s amazing, looks great and is really simple to use although as clearly many others have pointed out, some more control over font types, sizes, colour etc. etc. would be handy.

    Can’t wait for this update.

  • Michael

    Just to make sure: in Canvas, if I create a button with
    text: *Edit Subscription Preferences* and
    link: *[preferences]*
    and send the preview/test email to myself, I’m getting the following URL load up when the button’s clicked:
    http://http//http://facultyofextension.updatemyprofile.com/y-axvt-2A…. (doesn’t actually load up a page but that’s probably to be expected as the campaign isn’t live yet)

    Is it safe to use in actual/live campaigns?

    I’m curious because a similar button with “[forwardtoafriend]” didn’t work in our last Canvas campaign – it resolved to http://http//http://facultyofextension.forwardtomyfriend.com/y-l-2A… but that URL loaded up a blank webpage.

  • Michael

    Looking over my comment above, I see that it may be a Canvas bug:

    [preferences] resolves to http://http//http://facultyofextension.updatemyprofile.com… (note the extra “http//” in the generated URL)

    [forwardtoafriend] resolves to http://http//http://facultyofextension.forwardtomyfriend.com… (again, extra “http//” in the generated URL)

  • Davida Fernandez

    Hi Michael,

    You are right that this isn’t supported at the moment in Canvas. We do have a feature request in our system for the ability to add dynamic tags to the button [preferences], [forwardtoafriend], etc. I’ve added your vote for the feature and get in touch if it’s something we add.

  • Liam O’Leary

    I need this now!!!! When will it be released? :-)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Liam, a little after now, sorry. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted when we roll this out in the coming weeks. Sorry about the wait!

  • Ryan

    Ooh, neat! Why don’t you allow us the ability to over-rule CSS in the mean time?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Ryan, thanks for the suggestion here. One thing you could try for some extra flexibility in the meantime is building a template, then downloading it – then you’ll be able to edit the code to your heart’s content. Sorry for the wait on customizing fonts and colors, but we can’t wait to show you what’s in store.

  • Jason

    Great to hear this is due to be out shortly – I was talking to a client just now (as in I just left the meeting!) and knew it was in the works, but didn’t realise it was as soon as in the next few weeks. They’ll be pleased to hear that!

    Also, while this is more for the feature request wish list, I’d love to add a +1 to the ability to be able to make custom templates and enable Canvas support. Whether this is done automagically moving forward or simply requires some HTML-related setting (meta tag maybe?) to enable/disable, I’ll leave in your capable hands.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    HI Jason, it’s always awesome to hear from you and glad that the Canvas update is a bit of good news! I’m more than happy to add your +1 for custom Canvas templates. We’ve had a few requests for this, so rest assured it’s something that’s on our radar; if we do add it to the app, we’ll be sure to get in touch. Many thanks!

  • Phil

    Any news on this? I have campaigns I need to send but can’t yet because of fonts and colours. My boss is getting impatient.

  • Stephen Jesson

    @Phil – Apologies for any delays with this! Our devs are working round the clock on this at the moment, and with any luck, are aiming to release it within the next one to two weeks, so it should certainly be out by the end of the month, although we’re obviously hoping for a lot soon (as in next week sometime, fingers crossed!).

    Thanks again for your patience, and keep an eye out for an announcement soon!

  • Phil

    Thanks Stephen, I must say i’m impressed with the way you lot are active in the comments, that kind of client engagement is too rare.

    Can I please ask that you add a Custom HTML box to the feature list?

  • Paul West

    Hey Phil! Stephen has finished up for the day, but I’ve gone ahead and added a vote for a custom HTML box for Canvas, if we can go ahead with that, we’ll be able to let you know :) Thanks again!

  • Kent

    Big mistake guys. You really should have kept the campaign builder and added the canvas drag and drop feature. Don’t follow mailchimp, lead from the front.

  • Didster

    When the next release scheduled for the font control and the color control?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Didster, the good news is that you’ll likely see some changes as soon as next week. Stay tuned to the blog for updates!

  • Tess

    Any news guys?

  • Mathew Patterson

    Hey Tess,

    Great news, the font and colour customisation was released in October!. You can read the blog post for all the details, or just check it out live in your account.

  • Tess

    Tremendous! Thank you.

  • Curtis Chappell

    We are exploring new options for our email marketing, so thanks for providing such awesome support!

  • Rhyd

    All was going well until I needed to enter a dynamic image which seems impossible in the canvas editor. I’ve exported the design and reimported the HTML, but now the columns don’t line up properly – anything after the first column is spaced down slightly. Is there any reason why I can’t specify a URL with custom fields for the image href? I have over 200 different images to use, so an IF won’t do the job. https://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/3409/using-dynamic-images-in-your-email-newsletters/

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Rhyd, at present you can use a URL with a custom field when you import a campaign, or edit then upload a custom template. I’m sorry to say it’s not yet possible to add images by URL in the email builder/Canvas, but it’s certainly something for us to consider! I’ll add your vote for this internally and will let you know if it’s something we introduce.

    That said, we’re more than happy to look at your email campaign too and make suggestions – by all means, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help out.

  • Rhyd

    Thanks Ros. I’ll working around it by not having text in multiple columns so it’s not obvious there’s a stacking issue, but re-enabling custom images would be incredibly helpful!.

    I’ll have another go at exporting and importing the Mason template in a while and possibly send over a screenshot of the issue.


  • Rhyd

    Just checked again – exporting and re-importing the Mason template causes a stacking issue in Outlook. Sending directly without export / import works fine, and both ways look fine in Hotmail. I’ll email support..

  • Rhyd

    In case anyone else has the same issue, uncheck “Move my CSS inline” when importing a campaign exported from the public designer.

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