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As we mentioned last month, we’ve been working hard on adding more design flexibility to our email builder Canvas. We know how important this level of control is to so many of you, so we’re really excited to share that it’s now live.

You now have total control over the emails you create in Canvas. That means changing background colors, text colors, button colors and more so they perfectly match your brand. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of fonts for each text element in your campaign.

Customizing Colors

You can now quickly match a Canvas email to your brand using the color options in the customize tab. From this single spot you can change the color of headings, body text and header/footer text. You can also change the background color of your email, the color of links, button color, and button text color. Changing is as easy as entering the HEX color code directly, perfect for those with specific brand colors, or using our easy color picker to find one that suits.

Customizing Fonts

Changing your heading and text typeface is easy now too. Unlike other email builders, Canvas really pays attention to typography by worrying about details like line height and padding. It even supports web fonts with nice fallbacks. With the addition of customization, we made sure we gathered a bunch of typefaces that work well in any environment and can be paired together for some good combinations. That means fonts that look great at any size or weight, such as bold or italicized. So when it comes time for you to design your email, whatever font you choose in Canvas, it will look just right.

We know you’re going to love the new flexibility and control that customization provides, but to allow for it we did need to make a few template design tweaks. So if you’ve previously created a template using Canvas you may notice some small changes. We hope you’ll agree it was a small price to pay to get total control over colors and fonts in your email designs. If you do have any questions about that, just get in touch with our Support team who are always happy to help.

While this new flexibility and control has made Canvas more powerful, we’ve made sure it’s still just as easy to create unique emails quickly that will automatically look great everywhere. And our work doesn’t stop here. Look out for more Canvas updates soon.

Thanks again to everyone who let us know how important this flexibility was. We absolutely listen to everything you have to say and are so grateful you’re passionate enough to share your thoughts with us. This update is now available in your account and we hope you take a moment to check it out. We can’t wait to see the emails you start customizing!

  • alrasbi

    Perfect timing :)

  • Gamin

    Still hoping for an “undo” button! Coming soon? Next release??? :)

  • Laura

    Was looking forward to this update, but I’m disappointed. There is still only very limited control of colours. We need to be able to have different coloured headings/links/buttons within a single campaign, to break up different product categories we are promoting without using images.

  • David Greiner

    @Laura – good call on more flexibility in each section, that’s coming soon. We wanted to get the template-wide stuff locked in and in your hands as early as we could, but have lots more cool stuff coming to Canvas in the coming weeks.

  • Jack

    Yes! I’d been considering moving to another service… you’ve just retained our business. Nice work guys.

  • Laura

    @David Greiner – Phew, ok…. good to know! I get it – you can’t do it all at once – thank you listening to feedback and your continuous improvements. Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

  • Nicki

    That’s terrific news as we really liked the layout of the canvas template, but couldn’t use as we have specific colours we use.

  • Andrew Beeston

    Great update guys, looking forward to more flexibility too. Some things in Canvas are still pretty quirky for doing different emails (like spacing around images) – but it’s a great solid start. Loving it.

  • Sam

    Great to see the CM Team making Canvas feel more like what many of us always wished it would be.

    As stated, still some further changes need to be made before it really becomes the “go-to” tool for all templates. Could really see a lot of people changing to CM if they nail this.

  • Kat

    My favorite template used to have a couple different options for the background color of layout pieces. Now they’re just all white. Am I missing how to customize these? I can only seem to change the background for the entire campaign…

  • Annette

    Great news.

  • Matreya

    Thank you SO much – this shortfall was causing much anxiety with quality control.

  • TOD

    Great work guys – keen to see more customisation in the sections though, including text alignment, customisation of sections and even more button customisation to include borders and radius.

    Can I add another suggestion about adding personalised links to the footer to go alongside ‘Preferences’ and ‘Unsubscribe’? We like to add the privacy policy in there as well.

    Thanks, and look forward to more updates!

  • Lloyd


  • David Greiner

    @Kat: Good spotting – as part of the work to make it possible to change fonts and colours across all templates, we did have to remove some some layout options from existing templates.

    In those cases, we’ve fallen back to a more neutral background colour choice so that everything keeps working, and you can modify the template look and feel as a whole. It’s a trade-off we had to make to give you guys more flexibility overall. Of course, we’r not stopping here, and have more updates around further customization coming soon.

  • Ganesh Krishnan

    Wow… Great

  • Emma

    Great update! I would also love the option to not have visible dividers between the layouts – would let me do so much more with our emails.

  • Alex

    Love this, but does anyone else now have problems with numbers in text boxes? When i go to type a number all the text on that line disappears.
    I do hope this was not one of the trade offs…. numbers are kind of useful :)

  • Mathew Patterson

    Thanks for the comments guys, we appreciate them.

    Alex, that’s definitely not a trade off we’ve made! I wasn’t able to reproduce that at all and we’ve not seen any other reports of it. To help us track that down for you, could you let us know via our contact form which browser version and OS you’re on, and any other relevant details?

    We’ll check it out right away.

  • Alex

    No worries, It appears to be only in Google Chrome.

  • Mark

    I would still like to see more control over text alignment. We often send out product updates and to have the title below the product central is a must. Any chance of getting this soon?

  • lex

    Nice updated! Was looking forward to this. One item for the wishlist though. Is it possible you can add an option to add an image (for instance at the bottom) to the mail without having to create a box where there sticks out bgcolor at the bottom and top?

    we are obligated to put a banner in every newsletter we send, but with canvas i cannot just load a graphic at the bottom it always has a (white) background color at the top/bottom.

    That would be a very helpful add-in for us.
    hope that you understand what i mean :)

  • Lex

    oh one more thing, could you be so kind and make it possible for us to edit the ‘no images, click here’ text in the top of the newsletter. I really want to edit this text a bit, so if you could fix this that would be really great :-)

  • Lex

    any chance you will add the possibilty to let us change the font size of text (in for instance a footer of ‘subtext’?

    and the question is had about adding a graphic .. here you can see what i mean .. http://nieuwsbrieven.arcusresorts.nl/t/r-30E1010C769323232540EF23F30FEDED

    as you can see the AFM banner at the bottom has a lot of whitespace at the bottom .. it would be a lifesaver if you can give me the tools to get rid of this :)

    ps sorry about the spamming … i’m very happy with the new update, but i also have got some issues i have to deal with :-)

  • Daniel Tome

    I can’t find the option to edit the html in browser.
    At the moment you always have to start a template from importing HTML or an existing one in the gallery.
    Has this feature been removed? https://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/3084/edit-your-campaign-in-the-browser

  • Dries

    Next up,… bringing the canvas to the template language?

  • Jop Berkhout

    Great work guys. This is a big improvement. There is some more work to do as I can read in the comments (and I agree), but this makes it a lot easier to service clients with smaller budgets. And there is no coding to do.

  • Greg Strutton

    @Mark – Great suggestion there, it’s not something you can do just yet, but just added your vote for this in our feature request list.

    @Lex – No need to apologies, you’re not spamming at all, it’s great feedback. We’ll take a look at your campaign and will see if there is a better way to achieve what you require. We’ll email you shortly.

    @Daniel Tome – The option to edit the HTML is only available for campaigns that you’ve imported. It’s not available for any template based campaigns.

    @Dries – Just added your vote for that in our feature request list :)

  • Simon Hill

    So close to perfect! We just need one more thing – I can’t see how to change the background colour of the content blocks when they are added?

    Unless I’m missing something obvious, this is a fundamental problem. We can now match the fonts and the overall background colour to our brand which is great, but each time we add some content it adds a totally random background colour to the article which is nothing to do with our brand, breaks all the rules and makes it look awful.

    When we will be able to control that crucial part? Without that we still can’t use the system for ourselves or our clients I’m afraid

  • Toby Martin

    Ok guys, that’s a step in the right direction and I appreciate it, but no text centring or justification options ?? I quite like the Canvas platform but that is a very basic function which should have already been implemented.

    Apart from that I’d love to see deeper colour customisation options for the different layouts, that would be awesome.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Kevin

    I’m still relatively new to the system, but I’m sure there used to be a Default (Basic) template I’d used to start of with new clients which doesn’t appear to be listed in the Gallery any longer.

    Have you moved this to a new location or have you deleted this option from the gallery. If so, that’s a real shame. Please could you advise?

  • Gitte Winkler Knudsen

    Hey – that is so nice – I’ve missed that function – great.
    I also like the “new! templates a lot.
    Now I just need the opportunity to duplicate my Lists & Subscribers, without them counting as “new” subscribers – They do now and then I have to pay for a larger amount of subscribers.
    But thanx for a nice software.

  • Grant Bartlett

    Looking fantastic. A nice update!

    My only two issues from a quick glance:

    1). The full width section background colours. I would rather be able to control them individually, and not have it generated based on the background colour you set.

    2). Autosave/Undo. Even being able to disable autosave, would be handy. You can easily delete an element by accident and not get it back.

    TLDR: Give us an advanced section for developers!

    This is a great update though, but please consider the above points.

  • Greg Strutton

    @Simon – We replied to your email into us a while back. Just to reconfirm, it’s currently not possible to change the background colour of specific blocks/layouts I’m afraid. More flexibility in that area is coming soon though – we just wanted to get the colours and fonts customisation options out there first.

    @Toby – Thanks for the feedback, some good ideas there. We’ve got some more updates coming in the near future which may address those points for you.

    @Kevin – When you create a new client, we don’t automatically generate a basic template in the client account and it’s not something we’ve had as a feature before. Nothing has changed in the way templates are created or set up, we’ve just extended the functionality of Canvas itself.

    @Gitte – Thanks for the comments, glad you like the templates :) I’ll add your vote for the duplicate subscriber count to our feature request list.

    @Grant – Thanks for that feedback, some neat ideas there and I’ll make sure they are noted in our feature request list :)

  • Jim Cronin

    One feature that would be nice is the ability to underline text. Single and double underlines. thank you.

  • briona

    Great update guys! This was the main issue I was having with you all and it really increases the customization of each of my projects. Keep the good stuff coming.

  • lanetrain

    Thank you! Canvas felt like a step backwards until now. Keep it up!

  • Ross

    Canvas is a nice development for CM, and it’s good to hear you’re improving the customization options.

    It seems to me the obvious solution is an option to append custom CSS rules to the template. It could simply a left tab that opens a text field for CSS rules in the Canvas template edit page. Or it could be an attached CSS file, in the same way you separate out the HTML page from the other template assets for non-Canvas templates.

    True, this goes against the idea that “no coding is needed.” But you need some way to let us customize precisely, especially given CM’s value to developers.

  • OF99

    Great new feature, thanks! Looking forward to further updates. It would be great to make the backgrounds of different layout portions different colors. The ability to change the font size and leading would be a great improvement, too.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback! We’re definitely keen to look into more improvements, like further text formatting options and the ability to edit code. In the interim, it is possible to download and edit templates to make changes like this – but of course, it would be great to see Canvas extended to give you even more control over your email templates :D

  • Peter

    Vote also for canvas support in templates please.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Peter, good stuff – thanks for letting us know this is something you’re after. More than happy to add your vote for Canvas support in templates and will keep you updated if it’s something we add :)

  • Penny

    Canvas would be wonderful if we could actually create our own templates within it rather than having to use the ones provided. They’re all rather uninteresting and don’t leave much room for personalizing a design to match a client’s website. I’d love to see a system where we could drag and drop the pieces that make up the template so we could have more control over the placement of items and size of logos, etc.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Penny, that’s awesome feedback and we’ve definitely received a lot of support for this idea. As above, we’ll keep you posted – thank you so much for speaking up!

  • Lex

    +1 for Penny’s idea :-)

    And any more news on my own feedback .. any ideas how to add a ‘banner’like graphic on the bottom of the mail without the unnessary white box? (see posts of oct 23rd)

    Thanks again for the cool update .. loving it!

  • Breetel Graves

    @Lex Thanks for bringing this up again, sorry for our delay in getting back to you! I’ve added your votes for the feature requests you’ve mentioned.

    There’s currently not a way to drop in images and remove the white space below the image so it will sit flush against the bottom of an element in every template (I’ve added a vote for this though!) You may consider playing around with different templates though, as some will have less distinction between the background colors (such as Broadsheet and Slate) which may work for you in the meantime. Here’s an example: http://cm.d.pr/12gph/3uwgihpe using the Broadsheet template.

  • Giovanni Sanguily

    HI Campaign Monitor Team,
    I think you guys have taken a fantastic first step in customizing the the Canvas Templates. I think you’re very close to perfect. Please add my vote to the following updates.

    1.) The ability to Edit the font size of both headers and regular paragraph text

    2.) The ability to align all text and headers to the left, center, and right

    3.) The ability to align buttons left, center, right

    4.) The ability to change the background color to any given section

    5.) The ability to change the color to the footer text and social media icons

    Thanks for all you do guys we love you!

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Giovanni, great requests here! I’ve recorded these internally – stay tuned to the blog and we’ll be sure to keep you updated if we make these happen :)

  • Giovanni Sanguily

    Thanks you’re the man @Ros!

    One more thing I forgot to mention.

    6.) The ability to have Multiple color options for buttons on the same email

  • Henry

    I want to send campaigns but the font customisation in Canvas is not yet good enough. I need centred lines and left-aligned lines, and choice of fonts. I am holding off sending my campaigns until we have this function and this is frustrating :(

    How soon?!?

  • Lex

    Hey Guys,

    I found a small bug in the templates. If you would be so kind and look at the newsletter i’ve send recently:


    At the bottom you can see a red button. In Ootlook (i have got 2013 version) i can see two black lines around the button AND the normal tekst is nog in the correct font i have selected in canvas.

    Is it possible to put this on the ‘to-do list’ and maybe we can get a fix for this :-)
    Also sometimes it would be cool to add an extra small image next to (left or right) the text.

    And maybe the possibilty to add two buttons next to eachother. That would be helpful (in different colours ;-) )

    Thanks again.
    Sincerely Lex

  • Paul West

    @Giovanni – Thanks for the request, I’ve gone ahead and added a vote for you :)

    @Henry – I’ve added a vote for the ability to align text, thanks for your comments on this! We’d love to get some more details on the additional font options you need. Would you be able to drop us an email to support with what you had in mind and I can make sure we get that information to the development team.

    @Lex – Thanks for letting us know of the problems you had and sorry about the hassle there! There are some aspects of the Canvas templates that can’t be rendered on all email programs. We always try to provide good fallbacks so the email looks as good as it can across as many email programs as possible. With the fonts you select in Canvas, unfortunately they won’t show in Outlook, instead we specify a suitable alternative to be shown. That said, I’ve asked our team to take a look at the black borders you saw, to see if we can improve how that appears. I’ve also added votes for the other features you requested :)

  • Lex

    Thnx Paul i really appreciate it :)

  • Hannah

    Hi – is it possible to put text adjacent to images and more than one image next to each other? This was very easy in my old template but not in these new ones. Any help? Thanks.

  • David Greiner

    Hey Hannah – it sure is. Just use the Add Layout button at the bottom of your email, and choose the type of layout you’d like to use for that section of content. You could choose a two column design and then add the image in one and your text in the other, or a three column layout with an image in each, etc. Hope that helps.

    Right now we don’t support resizing images within a block of content so the text can wrap around it, but that is definitely on our radar.

  • Giovanni Sanguily

    Is there a tentative date on an update to Canvas that includes at least some of the requests from all the clients on the thread? Please let us know. Thanks“

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Giovanni, sorry for the wait on this one. We don’t have a firm date as yet for changes like text alignment, but we are getting close to sharing the good news about updates like this and more. Stay tuned to the blog over the next week or so, it shouldn’t be long now ;)

  • Jenine

    Is there any chance more social networking options will be added soon? Such as Instagram or Pintrest?

  • Mathew Patterson

    Hi Jenine,

    More social sharing options are something we’re considering for the future, so thanks for letting us know about your interest!

  • Stella Gassaway

    Would really like to add social options within a layout option. Then be able to drag it where we want. The social icons are so small and out of the way in all the templates. Also want to be able to add forward to a friend in other places. It’s really insufficient as is.

  • Bernd

    Hi thanks for all good news. I love Campaign Monitor and the way to easily create campaigns and newsletters. I have more than 3000 subscribers and to edit and organize names and emails in Lists&Subscribers is uncomfortable if you have to click from page to page and edit names/emails and start from page 1 again and click thru to page xxx. It would be easier if there are 5-page steps or even the chance to move to page xx if there would be a box for a page to choose. Love to hear from you, you will program that (for me) for all users ;-)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Stella, as Mat mentioned earlier, we’re certainly looking at building out our social options. Stay tuned to the blog; we’ll hopefully have some good news for you in the new year.

    Bernd – thank you for all your positivity! We’re keen to make it easier to update subscriber details, but what we’d recommend in the interim is that you export your subscribers to a spreadsheet, then use an app like Excel or Numbers to edit names and any other details. If you then import that spreadsheet to your subscriber list, any updated names and custom fields will overwrite what’s there already. Just be careful not to change any email addresses when doing this :)

    If you need a hand with updating your subscribers this way, please contact our team and we’ll gladly help out.

  • Laura

    +1 for being able to customise the footer links. We’d like to be able to add our privacy policy too, like @TOD said.


  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Laura, thank you so much for letting us know! We’ve certainly had a few requests make the templates’ footer area more flexible – and so I hope we’ll be able to add links at a later date. Stay tuned and we’ll hopefully have some good news for you down the line :)

  • Rebecca

    Hi, I am a graphic designer (not a developer) and have used campaign monitor in the past to set up templates for clients, with the ‘old template builder’. As I am not a developer, I now cannot use these new templates to suit my clients needs. I just preferred the simplicity of the old builder, for basic emails. Can I access this somewhere. It is really frustrating and wasting hours of my time, trying to work out how to use these new ones. I don’t want to have to tell my clients to swap to mailchimp, but I can work that program if I have to.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Rebecca, we’re sorry for the trouble here and I just got in touch personally via email in regards to the basic templates you’re after. We’re certainly aiming to make email creation as simple and stress-free as possible, so very keen to get your feedback and hopefully, help you create a template that both you and your clients can use. Thank you so much for writing in!

  • jess

    Hi there, I’m testing the canvas editor and for the moment I miss a lot more control over the different elements (color-blocks, type size, text-over-images,etc.)
    I would like to know how can I put the ‘forward to a friend’ link within a text link or custom button different from the template-built.
    Where can I copy-paste the link to this?


  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi there Jess, I’m sorry that you’re finding our email builder’s editing options to be a bit limited. At present, you can’t add a Forward to a Friend link to copy in a template, sorry. For changes like this and what you’ve suggested in regards to type size etc, my recommendation would be to create a template for our email editor, perhaps even by using one of our templates as a starting point. That will definitely give you the customization you’re after.

    That said, this is incredibly useful feedback, so I’ve noted your interest internally and will keep you updated as we continue to extend what can be done with the builder. Sorry again for the trouble, but I hope we can work towards giving you the flexibility you need here.

  • Christoph

    Is it right that the whole Canvas builder is based on Angular JS? Why is it not possible to provide an API for developers to bind your newsletter editing logic which has been implemented so far (changig fonts, colors etc.) to custom layouts and designs? Or simply provide a way to add some lines of ustom CSS to change for example button styles?

  • Paul

    The end user editor is great for clients but unless the templates can be styled more then can’t really show it off to clients. For example, all the templates have large amounts of padding around the logo but can’t see a way to edit the css to reduce.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Christoph – Yes, we used AngularJS. In short, we haven’t seen a lot of demand so far for an API-driven editor, but allowing people to add custom CSS may be something for us to look into at a later date. Thank you for the suggestion!

    Paul – Thank you so much for the feedback and sorry for not offering the flexibility you’re after at present. In time we may look at providing more options for adjusting whitespace in your email designs, so please stay tuned :)

  • Tim

    Hello. I’m so grateful for all the work the CM team does!!
    I’m using the Broadsheet template in Canvas but I’m having a hard time getting my CTA buttons to stand out. The button design only puts a frame around the button with the background color showing through. Any chance you can tweak the buttons on that template? Or is there another solution I can use?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Tim, thank you so much for writing in! If you could kindly get in touch with account and template details, we can certainly see if we can come up with a more effective color combination :)

  • Allan


    Canvas is awesome!!! I was just wondering how long before you guys implement “font size”?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Allan, thank you so much for your kind words! We don’t have any concrete plans just yet to make it possible to change font-sizes, but we’ll certainly keep everyone updated via the blog if we introduce this. Many thanks for chiming in!

  • Mike

    We just signed up as a promising alternative to mailchimp. There are some features I am assuming are not yet available, these are the items I would like to be able to edit…

    I see the ability to edit the H tag color, but not the font size or style?

    Can we add a background color to the block backgrounds?

    Besides color, we can not style the buttons or turn off the underlining on text links?

    Are these options coming soon, or do we have a way of adding custom css?


  • Elliott

    Can we change the button font size yet AND if we create an email link add a subject?

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