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Since the addition of font and color customization, we’ve been working hard on more updates for our email builder, Canvas. You can now control the alignment of your text and buttons, as well as the alignment and size of your logo.


We know being able to change the alignment of text, buttons, and your logo in Canvas was something many of you were craving, so we’re really happy to have this update out to give you the layout flexibility you need when designing your emails.

Text alignment in Canvas

Plus as each element is controlled individually, things like ensuring various buttons line up with different content will now be really quick and easy. Of course we’ve kept all the smart button defaults for mobile too, so your email will continue looking great on any device automatically.

Button alignment in Canvas

Logo Resizing

We’ve also now added the ability to resize your logo from within Canvas. Maybe the default sizing for some templates isn’t always the right fit for your needs, or you just want to make a little tweak to get it looking just right. Now you can simply use the slider in the logo menu to resize your image. Text and no logo also remain options as well.


We know you just want to focus on creating your email, so we’ve paid special attention to the logo resizing details too. Like showing the image dimensions above the slider, so you can quickly check them when you’re making any changes. You’ll also never have to worry that resizing your logo will break the layout of your email or leave you with an image of poor quality. We take care of all that. A good tip though is making sure you upload a nice and big original logo image. Finally, we’ll also make sure your logo is always crisp and clear, regardless of the device it is viewed on.

Look out for more updates soon as we continue making Canvas even better. As always, your feedback continues to help Canvas evolve, so we hope you check out these updates and continue sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us.

  • Gavin Elliott

    Just keeps getting better!

  • Adi Goldstein

    Love it ! Thanks

  • Alexander Booth

    This is a great feature but it stops animated gif logos from animating!

  • Joerg Berger

    Campaign Monitor is simply the best!!! Your product is awesome an a big big help! Thanks Joerg

  • Chris kitzmiller

    It’s like Christmas! Thanks for adding this. My clients have been requesting this feature like crazy!

  • Gene Wolf

    Does this allow for the insertion of multiple photos and text wrapping around them?

  • conrad

    Sounds a great idea, well overdue – but is alexander booth right about animated gifs?

  • Jonny Macdonald

    Would like to be able to change the size of inserted images, rather than being limited!

  • Edgar

    When do we get to edit the CSS?

  • Nicki

    Thank you – another improvement!

  • Toby

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for these changes for a while. Canvas just got very useful for us.
    Thanks for the hard work and consistent improvements.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive response – we certainly were hoping to address a few of the items on your holiday wish lists :) That said, there’s still plenty of room for improvement, so by all means, get in touch if there’s something you feel Canvas could really benefit from. Thank you again for your feedback – its really helped us improve!

    @Alexander Booth – Thank you for pointing this out, fixing animation issues is on our radar. Note that animated GIFs that aren’t resized still animate when added to a campaign, so in the interim, a workaround may be to either resize the GIF using your image app of choice (eg. Photoshop/Fireworks) or a service like ezgif. Sorry for the trouble here!

  • J.

    I’m in Canvas and I don’t see these new options. Do I need to do something special to enable them?

  • Josh

    <3 Canvas makes me look like a superstar at work! Thanks.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi J, these options should all be in there, as per the images above. If you still can’t find them, kindly contact our team and well take a look at your email :)

  • Sarah

    Hi Ros, is there a way to justify the alignment?

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Not at present with text-alignment, Sarah – it’s just left-aligned, right-aligned or centered. Happy to add your vote for this, though!

  • Henry

    Yay! Great job people :)

    Please add my vote for:
    1) Block justification
    2) Line-height
    3) Editable CSS
    4) Forms in the email (I know, but I can dream, right?)

  • Simon

    We are still just waiting for 1 tiny thing before we can use Canvas – all we need is the ability to change the background colour of the blocks!

    It feels like it should be simple? Because we can already change the colour of everything else, but as soon as you go to put any actual content in it appears in a block with a random background colour that you have no control of at all.

    So you can’t actually brand things properly because that background colour is wrong and breaks the rules.

    Even getting rid of it altogether and having no background colour would be better than a random background colour that we can’t control.

    Any idea when that 1 tiny change might be implemented meaning that we can actually start using this? Because apart from that it looks great.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    HI Henry, will do! Lots of great requests here.

    Simon – mind us asking, which template are you using? With Canvas’ fonts and colors customization, we may be able to suggest a template that gives you the control you need over background colors. You’ll see in our recent Canvas round-up that people have been fairly creative with their color choices, so by all means, get in touch with details and we’d be happy to make suggestions as to how you can create more on-brand templates.

    That said, there’s definitely a lot we can do to improve the editor, so I’ll add your vote for individual color block control and keep you posted :)

  • Josh Tong

    Great improvements! Is there a way to adjust the amount of spacing above and below a text area?

    By default, Canvas seems to add extra space above a text area so users can start the column with an image… but oftentimes we don’t want to put an image there. I can’t find a way to remove the white space. Thanks!

  • Giovanni Sanguily

    Hi Guys,
    You’re doing a great job! Please count my vote for the following items.

    – The ability to change the color of the font within a text block section (meaning we could highlight a word or sentence and give it a color code)

    – The ability to change the background color of a new layout section

    – The ability to change the color of Individual buttons within an email so that we can use multiple button colors in one email.

    – The ability to change the social icon colors

    (This functionality is good for newsletters so we can have different background sections and button colors to break it up a bit.)

    Thanks Team Happy New Year

  • Breetel Graves

    Wow, some really great feedback for us here. Thanks everyone!

    @Josh Currently, you can increase the spacing between paragraphs using the spacer element, however, it’s not currently possible to decrease the spacing beyond the default. I’ve added your vote for that though!

    @Giovanni I’ve added your votes for all those features as well :)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us informed of your experience here, and keep the suggestions coming!

  • Giovanni Sanguily

    Hi Team, Is there any planned updates for Canvas in the near future. We really need more customization options.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Giovanni, our email builder is most certainly a work in progress. If you could kindly let us know what you’re hoping to see improved – either here, or by contacting our team directly – we’ll most certainly keep you in the loop. Thank you for writing in!

  • Giovanni Sanguily

    Hi Ros,
    I outlined the required changes in several posts most recently I commented on the desired features on January 8th on this very thread. Seeing that’s its been a few months I was wondering in there was any actions taken on improving Canvas.

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Giovanni, I’m so sorry for not putting two-and-two together. At present, I can say that your requests are really a mid-term goal – while we are working on improvements and are aware that changing font colors etc is highly beneficial, we likely won’t have this ready for another few months, I’m sorry to say.

    That said, we do have your details here internally and will do our best to let you know when we’re heading in this direction. Our apologies for the wait, but we hope you find our more imminent email builder updates both encouraging and valuable.

  • Steph

    Hi – this is great but I also need to resize the other images I’m importing – not just the logo. Is it possible to go this at all? Thank you! :)

  • Ros Hodgekiss

    Hi Steph, great question. While we’re not sure entirely what the timeline is for updates like image resizing in the email editor, we will be working on some pretty sharp updates in the coming months. Happy to add your vote for this and keep you posted as our plans become more clear :)

  • David Geffen

    Any update on this? Upon signing up I never thought there could possibly be a lack of a simple feature such as resizing an image. This is huge pain for me considering I spent a lot of time creating a template that I now need only to resize one single image on. Having to start completely from scratch makes no sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Love everything else!

  • Mathew Patterson

    Hey David,

    Thanks for following up, I can appreciate it is a frustration to have just that one piece left! Image resizing and other image editing functionality are definitely on our roadmap for the email builder, though I can’t give you any hard deadlines right now unfortunately.

    If you’re looking for simple image resizing tool there are some great online options like Pixlr that you can use right in your browser. Then you can just drop that into your template, no need to start from scratch.

    Thanks again for your comments, we always like to hear them!

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