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Since adding more customization options, as well as alignment and logo resizing to our email builder, we’ve been hard at work on adding more power too. We’ve now introduced dynamic content to the builder so everyone has the ability to create different content for different groups of subscribers.

What’s dynamic content again?

For those of you who have been using Campaign Monitor for a while you’re probably familiar with dynamic content. It allows you to send highly targeted emails to your subscribers, by displaying different content for different recipients, based on what you know about them. It’s a bit like creating multiple versions of a campaign, but bundling them together into one. It can help cut campaign setup times, but more importantly the increased relevancy of the message leads to better engagement and ultimately better results.

Now you might be thinking, how is that different to personalization? Which of course is something you can already do in the builder. Well it’s similar but with much greater flexibility. Instead of just inserting values into your email, you’re able to actually display different content based on those values. A subtle distinction that adds tons of power and opportunity to what’s possible.

A simple example of dynamic content in action is, say you sell clothes and know the gender of your email subscribers. You want to send out an email about a big summer sale you’re having, but not everyone is going to be interested in everything on offer. So instead of sending out generic email content to everyone, you can show women’s clothes for the females and men’s clothes for the males.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content in the builder

While dynamic content already exists in the app, to date you’ve had to insert specific tags into your email code to use it. Great for those who coded their own email templates, not so great for everyone else who wanted to get their hands on it. Since we’ve now introduced a new email builder to create amazing emails in minutes though, it just makes sense to also add in dynamic content so everyone can use it to create more relevant emails.

So how does dynamic content work within the builder? Well you go about creating your email as normal. Then say, following on from the example above, it comes to adding the line of clothing products to be featured. You’d create a section featuring women’s clothes, and then use the “who should see this” setting to pick the females segment that you’ve created in your list.

Selecting who should see your dynamic content

Then you’d create the men’s clothes version of that section and set it so that is what the male segment saw. The rest of the email, for example a banner saying Summer Sale up to 50% OFF, would remain set to all recipients and both segments would see it. In the email preview you can then check both versions to make sure everything was looking just right for both groups of recipients.

Selecting a preview for each section

To help make this whole process even easier, we’ve also now added the option to duplicate a section. It’s a fantastic time saver that allows you to create multiple versions of content for different segments simply by tweaking the original.

The power is in your data

We’re really excited about the targeted campaigns that you’ll be able to start sending using emails you build in Campaign Monitor. It’s important to remember though that you still need the subscriber information to drive the creation of the segments you use in these super relevant campaigns.

Sometimes, for example when using our geolocation rules, you’ll be able to build these segments using information found within your account. More often though it will require you to start capturing new information, or consolidate information you’re already collecting, and import it into your account. Whether that’s interests, gender, membership status, or job title. The list and use cases really are endless and often specific to your business and the relationship you have with your email subscribers. We’ve put together a few tips on what to think about when gathering data and what kinds of data is useful as some inspiration for those who haven’t used segmentation much before.

If you’d like to learn more about dynamic content you can also check out our full guide to dynamic content.

We look forward to seeing how you all use dynamic content in your email builder campaigns. And as always if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it.

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