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At Campaign Monitor, customer success is a core value of our company. As our product evolves, we’re constantly looking for new ways to support customers and their email marketing pursuits.

Earlier this year, we conducted a study to research additional services we could offer to provide even more value for our customers. The most popular feedback was related to training, best practices, and channels to interact with our support team.

To meet these needs, we’re introducing a Premier Plan, a new edition of Campaign Monitor with brand new features that are all centered around customer support.

Phone support from our experts

The Premier Plan is all about a more personal support experience. As our customers do more sophisticated things with their email marketing, there are some requests and issues that benefit from a more personal and high touch interaction. For these types of support requests, Premier Plan customers have an exclusive phone number to reach our team of Campaign Monitor experts so they can get instant, personal support from our email experts.

Dedicated customer success resources

Along with a direct line to our support team, we wanted to give customers an ally for their email marketing, so we’re matching up a member of our Customer Success team with each Premier Plan customer. This dedicated Customer Success Manager will partner with you to understand your email marketing goals and help create a roadmap to get there. Additionally, they’ll provide training on Campaign Monitor features and will be a resource for email design best practices.

Get started with Premier Plan

We’ve been testing the Premier Plan for a few months with a small group of customers and we’re excited to make this plan available for all of our customers today. It’s super easy to log in and upgrade right from inside Campaign Monitor. You can reach out to our sales team to learn more about all the Premier Plan has to offer.

  • Ben Zoh

    Excellent! I have always received quick, detailed, and helpful responses to support, but being able to speak to someone immediately, will be great. We have been testing other ESPs and with the exception of 2 feature requests, campaign monitor continues to come out on top

  • Damien Buckley

    I’d be interested to hear if the Premier Plan is available to any and all customers or just the partners who on-sell Campaign Monitor to clients?

    Campaign Monitor providing this kind of direct service in-house would appear to to be an aggressive move to dealing directly with end-users and seems to fly in the face of the wholesale ‘for web designers’ business model on which Campaign Monitor was built.

    Happy to be corrected if I’m reading this incorrectly.

  • David Vaassen

    Second that

  • Mathew Patterson

    Thanks Damien for your comments. Our premier plan is available to all Campaign Monitor customers, but it’s important to note that it isn’t offered direct to your clients.

    So you as an agency partner can select a premier plan for any (or all) of your clients, and that gives you more access than ever before to our customer service and success team. That can help you provide your client even more valuable service.

    Since the beginning Campaign Monitor has always served both agency partners and customers who came direct to us. While some features and changes are more aimed at one group or the other, we’re still committed to helping you build your business and make your clients successful in their email marketing.

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