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Last week we announced the All-New Campaign Monitor and today we want to take a moment to explain what this revolution in email design means for you, our Agency partners, and your clients.

For over ten years, we have worked with thousands of agencies worldwide to enable them to deliver value to their clients with email marketing. We have continued to evolve Campaign Monitor so your clients can be as successful as possible. And today, your clients want their emails to look like their website because the world’s highest-performing email campaigns are comprised of expansive, edge-to-edge hero images. The best emails in the world are also hyper-targeted by serving up personalized, relevant content. They’re perfectly branded to match your clients’ corporate colors and fonts. And of course, they have to be responsive so the email looks great across thousands of different screens and inboxes.

We’re so excited for you and your clients to see the All-New Campaign Monitor! Check out the highlights below.


  1. Big, bold hero imagery – Now your clients’ email designs can flow edge-to-edge on both mobile and desktop, with full-width options available on every email builder template – so your designers and Account Managers never have to touch a line of code.
  2. Highly personalized content – We’ve made it easier to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time with dynamic, personalized content right inside the drag-and-drop email builder.
  3. Limitless, pixel-perfect control – You and your clients now have more customization and control than ever before so you can build beautifully branded messages, with your choice from thousands of font colors, and lots more sizes, and styles. Your designs are also more flexible than ever with enhanced spacing and layout options.
  4. Modern, flexible professional templates We’ve added new professional-grade templates for key business and industry-specific use cases – so you and your clients don’t have to start from scratch with each new campaign.
  5. Responsive design – We’ve removed the pain of coding emails for thousands of inboxes and screen sizes with a responsive approach to designing email templates.

What the All-New Campaign Monitor means for Agencies

More than 50,000 agencies worldwide are already using Campaign Monitor’s All-New Campaign Monitor: Agency Edition to send gorgeous email marketing campaigns on behalf of brands such as the Foo Fighters, Disney On Ice, and Topshop because it comes pre-built with functionality designed specifically for their business model.

The All-New Campaign Monitor: Agency Edition

Our Agency partners love that Campaign Monitor gives them the ability to:

  • Customize the branding of Campaign Monitor to match your agency’s brand to give your clients a consistent experience when they log into the application.
  • Markup the cost as much as they want so that email can generate revenue back to the agency.
  • Set up customized team permissions and workflows so certain team members can build emails while only a specific group can click Send.

So today we invite you to check out the All-New Campaign Monitor: Agency Edition. While you’re there, check out a brand new collection of resources to help you get started. We’ve put together a series of guides to help you prove out the value of email to your clients, alongside a kit of white-labeled content you can brand as your own and hand over to your clients as your own. Your clients’ success is our success.


We have more in store

Building new features for our agency partners is a constant focus for the product team here at Campaign Monitor. In the coming months, be on the lookout for functionality that will enable you to lock down certain elements of a template, share & automatically update templates with multiple clients, and create pre-formatted layouts for them to use in our drag and drop Email Builder without having to write a single line of code. We have lots more coming in 2016… stay tuned!

  • Louri

    sounds great!

  • Louri

    But what’s the news?

  • Evan Varsamis

    full width column doesn’t work on gmail + iPhone 4,5,6 6plus and iPad

  • jdancisin

    Is this different from what we have been using? It sounds basically the same.

  • ocorral

    I’m confused. I logged into my agency account and everything looks the same. When is this being pushed?

  • Corinne Roberts

    Hi Evan – this should work just fine, but it’s possible I don’t understand your question properly. Will you submit a support ticket at https://help.campaignmonitor.com/contact and a member of our team will follow up individually? Thanks!

  • Corinne Roberts

    Hi jdancisin – Thanks for your question! We’ve updated all of the designs in the gallery to a new, more powerful template. They may look the same but now have all new functionality under the hood. To take advantage of it just create a new email and select one of the Featured gallery templates (rather than copying a recent email). Be on the lookout soon for enhanced functionality that will enable you to lock down certain elements of a template and share them across multiple clients. Also, we’ve posted a bunch of new content to help you and your clients at https://www.campaignmonitor.com/agencies. Cheers!

  • Corinne Roberts

    Hi ocarral – Thanks for reaching out! What you see may look the similar, but we’ve actually updated all of the designs in the gallery to a new, more powerful template – which will give you much more flexibility with our drag-and-drop builder. Try creating a new email and select one of the Featured gallery templates (rather than copying a recent email) to see the new functionality. Also, be sure to check out the Resources section of our Agencies page (http://www.campaignmonitor.com/agenci..., where you’ll find content that you can brand and pass along to your client base. Hope this helps!

  • Corinne Roberts

    Hi Louri – happy to clarify! We’ve delivered a series of features to make our email builder more flexible than ever before. To check it out, create a new campaign and select a “Featured” template from the gallery (as opposed to cloning an existing template). Here you will see new tools that enable you to create edge-to-edge hero images, additional photo editing flexibility, more fonts and colors to choose from, and more!

    Secondly, check out our new page on the website dedicated exclusively to agencies at https://www.campaignmonitor.com/agencies. We’ve added a library of resources for both you and your clients. Hope this helps!

  • Louri

    Thanks, Corinne! I’ll have a closer look at this.

  • Pulse CMS

    Awesome :)

    Will RSS templates be getting some love?
    Tried this week to set one up and can’t use any of the nice new templates..


  • Simon Kibsgård

    Hi Corinne

    That announcement was REALLY confusing. Having read through the comments and tried it out, I think I now understand what is really new.

    Representing an agency I can say that we are mostly excited about being able to still control the HTML and offer the new useful features (my take: picture editing and “Who should see this” segmentation rules in markup).

    Will you update your templating guidelines, so we are able to still control the design and customer options (which has always been your USP in my view), while we can utilize the new features for our clients?

    Whether an image breaks on the iPhone (as Evan points out in the comments) will always be our concern in our customer relationship, so we still want full control over markup.

    Br, Simon

  • Steve Mebs

    I agree with some of the other comments – pretty confusing announcement! It sounds like five new features have been added, and you’re calling it “All-new”. For us giving our clients control over all of the colours and other design elements is not usually desirable – are there new controls for locking down what a client can edit when they’re putting together a campaign built off one of your templates?

    The reason I ask is that before hearing about the new banner images from you, a client of ours sent out an image using that feature in a template from last year, and we had no idea that was possible, so it wasn’t a nice surprise.

  • Corinne Roberts

    Hi there!

    RSS templates aren’t yet supported by the new email builder. Its a gap we’re aware of and something the team needs to find time to improve. In the short term, our team is focused on improving template management capabilities, so this initiative will come after that!


  • Corinne Roberts

    Hi Simon – we appreciate your feedback and apologies for any confusion, I’m not entirely sure I understand your question but want to help as best as I can. At a high level, the capabilities you mentioned are exactly what our builder team is working toward. But please email me at corinne@campaignmonitor.com and we can ensure we address your questions fully.

  • Pulse CMS

    Wahoo. Thanks

  • Halvard L. Simonsen

    Do you know what would be awesome? To be able to integrate with Intercom, and synchronize segments from there up to Campaign Monitor. That would be INSANE.

  • Square Candy Design

    Hi Connie. First, I agree with Simon fully. All this effort going into the new template system while many of us are still using the old system that is not getting any updates. We need full access to modify the template HTML. Second, it’s not very helpful that a lot of the more complex questions are taken into a private email discussion in this thread. The resolutions to these questions are of interest to us all.

  • Simon Kibsgård

    To follow up on the private reply. The new features (photo editing and segment rules for layouts) will not be added to the custom template system “at this time”. Their reason is that this is too complex.

  • Mike

    You guys are crazy awesome!

  • Square Candy Design

    Thanks, Simon.

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