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Today we’re seeing a revolution in email marketing — a revolution in design. Marketers want their emails to look like websites. In fact, many of our great customers are on the leading edge of this revolution. The world’s highest-performing email campaigns are full of big, bold, full-width hero images. They serve up personalized content, extremely relevant to the recipient. They are beautifully branded, with the correct colors, fonts, and design delivering a consistent experience across all interactions with a brand. They are mobile-friendly so no matter where those emails are read, they look incredible.

But to create these beautiful, highly effective email campaigns, many marketers have had to resort to coding HTML and CSS. This is because first-generation drag and drop tools are designed to be easy to use but lack some of the key capabilities that marketers need to create these modern pixel-perfect campaigns.

That’s why we’ve spent the last year focused on building the next-generation do-it-yourself tools which give you the perfect blend of ease of use and advanced capabilities to execute your vision without the need for HTML and CSS developers.

We are so excited to share the new Campaign Monitor with you.

Big bold hero imagery

Bold hero imagery

Now your designs can flow edge-to-edge across any screen size and device. We know how important it is to get an image pixel-perfect and that’s why we’re excited to announce that image editing is now in the builder. No need to jump into Photoshop. You can crop, resize, brighten, sharpen, and enhance images to create professional-looking designs in minutes right from within the builder. You can also add text over images and buttons over images to create modern, professional designs and drive more engagement.

Highly personalized content


Hyper-personalized content, specific to each customer, will drive more engagement with your campaigns. We’ve made it easier to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time with dynamic, interactive content. You can more customization and control right inside the drag and drop builder including content, images, subject lines, interactive content, and surveys with just a few clicks.

Limitless, pixel-perfect control

Limitless, pixel-perfect control

Email builders of the past were cumbersome and inflexible. You asked for more control and flexibility. We’re happy to announce you now have more customization and control than ever before so you can build beautifully branded messages. Choose from thousands of font colors, sizes, and styles. Our new smart color picker will remember your recently-used colors, giving you quick access to your brand colors with one click. Adjust spacing and padding around logos, images and text. Select from new layout designs in every template, including 2-column, 3-column, and full-width layouts. We’ve also added new social sharing options, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Modern, flexible, professional templates

Modern, flexible, professional templates

You shouldn’t have to start from scratch. We’ve added new professional-grade templates for key business and industry-specific use cases. Our templates were created by professional designers and built with mobile-responsive design and the flexibility that leading brands need.

Responsive design taken to a new level

Responsive design taken to a whole new level

Today over half of all emails are opened on a mobile device and that number continues to grow. Mobile isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must-have. But we all know the pain of coding and testing for thousands of inboxes and screen sizes. It’s nearly impossible, not to mention takes time. That’s why we’ve taken a mobile-responsive approach to designing email templates. Every message created with our drag-and-drop builder is designed to look beautiful in every inbox, giving marketers confidence that their emails will deliver the right message to every customer’s device screen.

The revolution taking place in the email design world has inspired us. We’re delighted to share the power and flexibility of the all-new Campaign Monitor with you and hope you’ll check it out. We’re looking forward to the future with even more exciting product updates planned over the next few months. Thank you for your feedback and keep it coming.

  • itsKrisJB

    Fantastic. Looking forward to experimenting.

  • Alex Wright

    Looks promising. Interested to see how Outlook and Gmail are handled. With Gmail, it’s likely that responsive structure is just ignored and at least the email can look good full width, albeit often with relatively smaller body copy on mobile. But Outlook is just a mess. Will be interested to see how the new email builder handles both.

  • Matt Douglas

    Great to see the innovation. Looks nice. Can you set our expectation about when we might see improvements to some of the “core” features like Worldview and the CM iOS app?

  • Ryno Siegfried Cronje

    I have been waiting for this, so excited! This is great guys,thank you and keep it up!

  • Brad Lindenberg

    Great work, well done everyone!

  • Saaskoo

    Fantastic upgrade! Now we can send more beautiful newsletters.

  • Julian Wellings

    Just tried the image manipulation tool – excellent! Just one thing though it says above “You can also add text over images and buttons over images” – I’ve tried that but am not seeing it as an option. How do we do this?

  • AutoSoft NET

    I don’t see how any of the design options have changed. Am I missing something? I don’t even seem to have the ability to make my template full-width.

  • Jason

    Agree the OS app needs some work. Like adding transactional email options.

  • Rasmus Larsen

    When dose this be available for users

  • Ben Henderson

    Thanks Julian! This works using background images on a section. Select a section in your template, then upload a background image using the sidebar tools. Then you should be able to add content, like text and buttons, over your image. Make sure you’ve started in one of our new templates vs duplicating an old email so you get the power of the new templates.

  • Ben Henderson

    Hi AutoSoft – We’ve updated all of the designs in the gallery to the new template. They look the same but now have all the functionality under the hood. To take advantage of it just create a new email and select one of the Featured gallery templates (rather than copying a recent email). We’re also working on a bunch of new designs for the gallery based on the new template which will be released soon!

  • AutoSoft NET

    I’ve selected a featured template but still don’t seem to have a full-width option.

  • adamelovalis

    I’m really excited by this change! It looks like our account does not have any changes to it – is this an incremental roll out?

  • Ben Henderson

    Hi AutoSoft, please submit a support request at https://help.campaignmonitor.com/contact and we will take a look.

  • Ben Henderson

    Thanks adamelovalis! All the changes are available now when you create a new email. If you’re still not seeing them please submit a support request at https://help.campaignmonitor.com/contact and we will take a look.

  • Ben Henderson

    Hi Rasmus Larsen! All the changes are available now when you create a new email. If you are not able to access them, please submit a support request at https://help.campaignmonitor.com/contact and we will take a look.

  • Derek Szeto


  • Thomas Morrison

    Thank you for the informative post. Really loving the new template and editing features, and the built-in responsive design sounds awesome too!

  • Shawn Robles

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you made in writing this post. thanks for sharing it..


  • Jadehenley17

    The Virgin email examples shows the text as: Header 1, Lato, 36. When I use this selection the font looks completely different?! Please help – the examples shows the closest match to our branded font.

  • NiftyImages

    Looks really good! Our clients love CampaignMonitor and this is exactly why!

  • Katie Kohler

    Was the red header in the Virgin email done with coding? If no, how do you get the vertical lines, no underlined links, and guarantee that the three text links remain on one line when viewed in mobile?

  • Ben Henderson

    Hi Matt Douglas, Jason – thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately we cannot give you a confirmed timeframe at the moment but we’ve taken your comments onboard and added them to our feature request log.

  • Jason

    Awesome thank you. Really would like to track transactional emails via the app.

  • miloezger

    will the image editing feature come to uploaded handcrafted templates as well ?

  • Shaimoom Newaz

    Love the bold templates. Nice upgrade.

  • Mike Nelson

    Looks like CM just got themselves a new DeLorean. Can’t wait to take it for a spin.

  • Brigitte

    Hi Katie, glad you’re checking out the new features! You can create a similar header by selecting a 3-column section, select full-width layout, adjust the bottom and vertical spacing, set the background color, add text tiles, and customize your colors and fonts. All the featured templates will have these capabilities so make sure to create a new email to start. If you’re still not seeing them please submit a support request at https://help.campaignmonitor.com/contact and we will take a look.

  • Dee McKenzie

    I was looking at the gallery from the menu and I was wondering how the campaign ON was created as it has 4 columns, but that option is not in the layout options… When I click on to create a campaign like this it takes me to sign up but I am already logged in… Would like to know how to do a 4 column layout using the builder, thanks.

  • Ben Henderson

    Hi miloezger – Unfortunately we cannot give you a confirmed timeframe at the moment for Image Editing to be added to uploaded templates but we’ve taken your comments onboard and added them to our feature request log.

  • Brigitte

    Hi Jadehenley17, we’re thrilled you’re already trying out the new features! Happy to help you customize your emails to match your brand. Can you send us your brand style guide at https://help.campaignmonitor.com/contact and we can help you select the styles and templates that best match your brand?

  • Gaurav Vohra

    This looks awesome. Can’t wait!

  • Katie Kohler

    Excellent – thanks so much Brigitte! Love the new features. Would be great if eventually there is a 5-column section so we can put more images or text tiles side-by-side, such as social icons and a hashtag.

  • Brigitte

    Thanks for your feedback Dee! We currently offer 2 and 3-column section layouts in the email builder. While 4-column layouts are not available in the email builder section options, we’ve taken your comments onboard and added them to our feature request log. Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can provide further support to help you create beautifully-designed campaigns. https://help.campaignmonitor.com/contact

  • Virginia Romo

    Looking forward here too! Thanks for the improvements, looks really promising.

  • Henry Laker

    Looks fantastic! I’m guessing that many people using Outlook will still receive email without images loaded though right?

  • Nathan Rofkahr

    Great work.

  • chsweb
  • chsweb

    Can we create and import custom templates that leverage the new features?

  • Dan

    Are full screen background images supported in every device and email app?

  • murgatroydj

    looks awesome

  • Chris

    Good to hear. As we shifted to MailChimp a while back because the interface at CM seemed dated in comparison since many assets were not retina friendly and had not fully embraced flat design.

    Upon logging in, the header now appears to be embracing flat design but a lot of the other elements still use the old elements from years ago, also many random elements are still not retina. So perhaps the completely new version of Campaign Monitor is still rolling out?

    The new features is still great news even if the backend interface remains dated compared to MailChimp.

  • Eoin

    I agree, the Block Grid here is also good http://foundation.zurb.com/emails

  • Eoin

    I don’t see how they can put type over an image the way they have shown without it being an image. Doing it any other way requires a background image which will not render correctly on all devices.

  • Eoin

    You should test this feature thoroughly, I have never seen it working for all devices. You can see here Outlook doesn’t support it. https://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/

  • jufemaiz

    Can I also add the ability to either use 1Password for password entry *or* the ability to paste into the input fields so I can log in to the damn thing ><

  • Kathryn Taylor

    Jaw dropping. Thanks.

  • Brigitte

    Hi Chsweb, you can continue to import custom templates and leverage the full suite of functionality you’ve always been able to with Campaign Monitor. However, the new features we’ve introduced above are specific to our drag-and-drop email builder tool. We’d encourage you to check it out!

  • Brigitte

    Hi Dan, some email clients don’t support background images yet (we sure wish they would). We recommend selecting a background color similar to the image as a fallback. The best way to check image support is to run a full inbox preview test. Our design and spam testing tool lets you see exactly how your campaign will perform before you actually send it. You can see screenshots of your email in 20+ email clients and make sure your campaign passes all of the popular spam filters.

  • Dan

    Thanks Brig.

  • Mark Debono

    Excellent, super looking forward to using so much of these!

  • chokdidesign

    i see absolutely no difference. I’m struggling using the canvas thing already, my templates are hell to deal with, and i do not see these changes, nor the agency par of it (having the agency discount means we are considered to have agency account?)

    Aside from that, i still love working with you :)

  • TimT

    Does the Subject Line field now support “if / else” conditions?

  • Brigitte

    Thanks for the feedback Chris! We’ll continue to roll out new features over the coming months. You may have seen we rolled out even more button flexibility this week. With this launch we focused on delivering new features and functionality that enable our customers to send modern, beautifully branded, professionally-designed email campaigns using our drag-and-drop email builder.

  • Brigitte

    So glad you like it!

  • Brigitte

    Glad to hear Mark, can’t wait to see what you create with it!

  • TimT

    Presumably the answer is “no”?!

  • Girly cotton

    You guys have always been design-oriented but design can come in the way of scalability, personalization and performance aspects too. It’s constraining and only one part of the picture.

  • chsweb

    If the new templates are based on the “Future-Proof Responsive Email Without Media Queries” concept, I will give it a try.

    Future-Proof Responsive Email Without Media Queries:

  • chsweb

    I had trouble getting Zurb’s Ink to handle images responsively in the Gmail App for Android. I think it was my error, but I ran out of time to trouble shoot.

  • WebNet Creatives

    Really fantastic, it’s really new to me if in any campaign monitor we can edit images also. We can say more than a campaign monitor or a dynamic campaign monitor.

  • alexplus

    Feature request: Ability to style header (“teaser + web version”) and footer (imprint) the same way as you can do with template content blocks. e.g. changing background colors, font colors, etc. Sometimes, they just don’t match to the rest of the template or brand when changing fonts and colors.

  • chsweb

    Thank you @Brigitte. I love making custom email. For now, I am using aText snippets to make Bullet-Proof HTML Email buttons easier to add and edit, for me and my clients. I have them install aText, and it’s easy after that.

  • Eoin

    I believe it was your error. They just released a new version :)

  • Ara Garabedian

    Love it so far but are there plans to bring over the beautiful CM editor to custom coded HTML emails? The custom HTML drag and drop editor is awful compared to the CM editor.

  • Sebastian Querelos

    Fantastic. Looking forward to experimenting.

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