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We recently rolled out the All-New Campaign Monitor with a plethora of features designed to make creating beautiful emails that match your brand style easier than ever before. We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently added the ability to customize buttons within the email builder. This new capability is a direct result of feedback from our customers requesting greater flexibility to quickly and easily make call to action buttons that complement their email campaigns. And so we did.

How does it work?

1. Create a new email and select one of the Featured gallery templates (rather than copying a recent email) and add your email campaign content.

email template in Campaign Monitor

2. When you select a button, you’ll see new options available in the sidebar to customize your buttons for stronger, more engaging calls to action. In addition to modifying text and links, you can combine different button styles, corners, alignment, colors, and fonts for hundreds of new combinations, ensuring your buttons are always on brand.

Call to action button customization in Campaign Monitor

3. Select from new buttons styles, including flat, drop shadow, beveled or transparent.

Call to action button customization in Campaign Monitor

4. Customize your button by choosing rounded or square corners.

Call to action button customization in Campaign Monitor

5. There are new button alignment options, including centered, right or left justified or full-width.

Call to action button customization in Campaign Monitor

6. The button color and font can be modified to match your brand and maximize impact using the color picker in the sidebar. What’s even better is that the smart color picker will automatically recall the last eight colors you’ve used for quick and easy branding.

Call to action button customization in Campaign Monitor

7. Our templates (and buttons) are mobile-responsive, so they’ll look great on any device. We also show you how your email will look in our Preview.

Mobile call to action button customization in Campaign Monitor


There you have it! All the awesome new options to customize your call to action buttons and supercharge your email campaigns.

  • Andrew Armitage

    Looking great, and loving the updates to the editor.

    Would it be possible to allow tel: links on call to action buttons for phone numbers as well as URLs?

  • Emily Brackett

    Is this feature available on custom created templates (not your stock ones)? Or will it be soon?

  • Brigitte

    Thanks for the feedback Emily. You can continue to import custom templates and leverage the full suite of functionality you’ve always been able to with Campaign Monitor. However, the new features we’ve introduced above are specific to our drag-and-drop email builder tool. We’d encourage you to check it out!

  • Brigitte

    Hi Andrew, glad to see you’re loving the updates! Unfortunately we don’t support click-to-call links in buttons yet, but we’ve added it to the feature requests log.

  • Steve Coleman

    Would you be able to share the html used for the buttons?

  • Jennifer Wu

    I just tried to search for this very same feature on Campaign Monitor. I am stunned that a click to call link button is still unavailable, especially given the huge mobile audiences these days. Any word on when this will be added? It seems a fairly high priority.

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