The All-New Campaign Monitor: Big, Bold Hero Imagery


Recently we launched the All-New Campaign Monitor because we saw a revolution in email marketing taking place right before our eyes. More and more marketers are pushing the envelope with email marketing design, sending beautiful and engaging emails. What makes those emails so captivating? Big, bold hero imagery.


The most engaging emails today have images that stretch edge-to-edge across different screen sizes. They use clear, compelling text over images with strong calls to action that motivate subscribers to act. As marketers continue to evolve their websites with modern, responsive design, they want their emails to do the same. Marketers want their emails to look like websites because marketers want to deliver a consistent and seamless brand experience across all digital channels no matter where, when or how customers choose to engage.

With the launch of the All-New Campaign Monitor, we unveiled new functionality to help you create stunning emails with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder. Now your designs can flow edge-to-edge across thousands of screen sizes and devices. We know how important it is to get an image pixel perfect and that’s why we embedded image editing capabilities right into our email builder. Simply drop an image into your template and then crop, brighten, sharpen, and enhance the image to create professional-looking designs in minutes right from within the builder. You can also add text over images and call-to-action buttons over images to create modern, beautiful email designs and drive more engagement.

We hope you like what you’ve seen in the All-New Campaign Monitor. If you haven’t had a chance to see the new features in action yet, log in and check them out! Not a Campaign Monitor customer? No worries, you can create a free account in a snap.

Here are a few tips to get started:

How to create big, bold imagery in your email campaigns in a few easy steps

1. Log into your Campaign Monitor account and select “Create a new campaign” in the upper right corner (instead of copying a previous email). Once you’re in the email builder, add a new section to your email. You can create a hero image using any of the section layouts. For this example, we’ll select the single-column layout.



2. Click anywhere on the new section and you’ll see the left sidebar update to display Section Settings.


3. Under the Background and Border section in the sidebar, add your new background image. Make sure it’s wide enough to look great across different screen sizes. Update your background color to match your design. Since some email clients don’t load background images this ensures your subscribers will see a background color that’s on brand. Note: It’s always a good idea to run an Inbox Preview Test before sending to see how your campaign will display across different email clients.



4. Under Layout and Spacing header in the sidebar, select the full-width layout.



5. Customize your headline and text using our inline editing features. You can also save your headline as an image file and drop it into the builder on top of your background image. Every good email has a clear call to action. With our new button customization options, you can modify your call to action buttons to match the look and feel of your brand. Adjust the spacing to make sure everything looks pixel perfect.



6. Lastly, preview your email on mobile and voila, you have a beautiful email campaign with big, bold hero imagery in just minutes with no coding required.


Wrap up

Now you’re ready to give it a try and make your email campaigns pop with engaging hero imagery that will blow the socks off your subscribers. Stay tuned for more All-New Campaign Monitor pro tips in the coming weeks.

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