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Marketers crave email marketing that pushes the design envelope. They want emails that look more like websites, that also deliver a consistent and seamless brand experience across all digital channels. That’s why we launched the All-New Campaign Monitor, to help marketers everywhere send beautiful, engaging email campaigns.  

In the past, marketers had to resort to coding their emails using HTML and CSS because many first-generation email tools were designed for ease of use, but lacked some of the key capabilities marketers needed to create modern, professional email campaigns.

Marketers craved more control and flexibility and we listened. That’s why we’ve spent the last year building the next-generation, do-it-yourself tools that give you the best of both worlds: the ease of use and advanced capabilities you need to execute your vision without needing to code any HTML and CSS. With the All-New Campaign Monitor, you have more customization options and control than ever before so you can build beautifully branded email messages.

Here’s a quick look at how to create a pixel-perfect email using the All-New Campaign Monitor:

Virgin Email Dashboard

More section layouts in every template

Select from new section layouts in every template, including two-column, three-column, and full-width layouts. (Pro tip: the navigation bar at the top of this Virgin Experience Days email was created with a three-column layout!)

Virgin Email

Smart color picker

Choose from thousands of font colors, sizes, and styles. Our new smart color picker remembers your recently-used colors, giving you quick access to brand colors with one click.

Virgin Email Color Picker

Pixel-perfect spacing

Adjust spacing and padding around logos, images, and text. Add a spacer and fine-tune until you find a pixel height that’s just right or adjust vertical spacing in the left sidebar.

Virgin Email Spacing

Customizable call to action buttons

Customize buttons right from the email builder. Choose from different button and corner styles, modify button colors and fonts, and adjust button alignment. This gives you flexibility to quickly and easily make call to action buttons that complement your email campaigns and drive action.

Virgin Email CTAs

Social sharing options

New social media options, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, enable more ways for your customers to connect with your company and amplify your message. Your email is ready to be shared over social channels to reach a broader audience.

Virgin Email Social Sharing

Wrap up

There you have a quick look at how to create a pixel-perfect email using the All-New Campaign Monitor. Watch this quick live demo and see it in action.

We hope you like what you’ve seen in the All-New Campaign Monitor. If you haven’t had a chance to see the new features in action, log in and see what they can do. If you’re not a Campaign Monitor customer, you can create a free account in a snap.

  • Pierre

    All fantastic improvements, truly. For the next version, even MORE useful wish-list items (for me, and therefore the MOST important in the world, obviously) would be:

    1. Adjustable vertical line spacing in text.
    2. Adjustable space before and after paragraphs. It’s always too much or too little, Baby Bear.
    3. Text wrap around images or other objects. If Squarespace can do it, you can too!
    4. NO GAPS (vertically) between layout sections. It’s a huge pain that I can’t create a three-column space below a one-column space unless they have that awful background in the middle of them.
    5. Lose that hideous squiggle “divider” and replace it with a simple horizontal rule. That thing looks like a clip-art image from 1993 — you’re better than that. Ever wonder why none of your examples feature it? Okay, enough. At least offer some options.
    6. Now that you mentioned it, vertical rules between columns would be groovy too — presumably those would be either left-side or right-side vertical rules for a text block, but actual section-based rules in the actual midpoint between columns would be excellent.

    Thanks for considering those. The product is good; it could be excellent.

  • NiftyImages

    How about adding some options like Countdown Timers or Personalized Images using customer merge fields? :)


    Great update though, it looks very slick and the usability looks second to none. Way to go CM!

  • Brendan Patterson

    Are there any plans to allow some of the new features within the old template language? For example the bullet proof background images (but allow the user to change both sources through the template manager – not currently possible with <img src=”” editable=””/>) ?

  • Brendan Patterson

    Sadly, saying squarespace can do something is totally irrelevant – technologies available in a web browser are far superior to any email client (even a web based one). Neither float or positioning are supported in even fairly ‘modern’ outlook clients. https://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/

  • Brigitte

    Hi Pierre, thanks for checking it out and for your suggestions! It sounds like you may not be seeing all the new features and functionality of the All-New Campaign Monitor. With the updated section layouts, you should be able to adjust the vertical spacing between columns and the bottom spacing around each section in the lefthand sidebar. You can also adjust vertical spacing in the Customize tab. If you’re not able to access the new features, please submit a support request at https://help.campaignmonitor.com/contact and we’ll take a look.

  • Brigitte

    Hi NiftyImages, glad to see you’re enjoying the improvements in our email builder! Thanks for your suggestions about images and countdown timers. I’ve added them to our feature request log.

  • JorgeLuisBorges

    ‘d love to see all these features available in the templating language.

  • Justin Berkovi

    The inability to allow custom or more social icons is absolutely lamentable or even any type of graphical customisation of the social icons. This is not 1999!!

  • Midas Gordon-Farleigh

    Thank you so much for fixing the line around content blocks issue! This was one of our annoyances. However, the option of a line around the whole email (all content blocks, rather than individuals, so it looks contained) would be really useful, if that makes sense?

    Also, I echo @phantomtides:disqus ‘s sentiments about paragraph spacing. Or, more importantly (and possibly the root cause) the headache that is high-DPI settings in Windows 8 and later.

    The additional settings with buttons are brilliant too.

    Thanks for the update, and please do try to look at the high-DPI issue.

  • Scratch Digital

    +10 – From my experience in Canvas / new CM the template options are a bit limited; would be awesome to be able to build this level of flexibility in the templating language e.g. full width, then add elements within this – rather than having to code every layout separately.

  • Hayley

    Is it possible to create a ‘locked’ template?…so that my (non design confident) colleagues can create emails, without me worrying that the branding/layout will be changed by them?

  • Brendan Patterson

    They are just images with an href to the sharer url so you could create whatever icons you like, and share/tweet/pin almost anything you like. http://www.sharelinkgenerator.com/

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