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It’s a fast-paced, multi-device, multi-screen, mobile world. Today over 53% of emails are opened on a mobile device and that number continues to grow. Mobile can’t be an afterthought; marketers must design email marketing campaigns with mobile customers in mind. Email marketing with responsive design is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must-have.

With the All-New Campaign Monitor, we’ve taken the guesswork out of email design so you can focus on perfecting your message and optimizing your campaign. Every email campaign created with our drag and drop builder is designed to look beautiful in thousands of inboxes, giving you confidence that your emails will deliver the right message to your customers’ device screens.

Let’s take a look at how to create a responsive email with the All-New Campaign Monitor:

Start your email marketing campaign by selecting a responsive email template from the template library in your account.

Campaign Monitor email templates


Add campaign content, including hero images, customized call to action buttons, and personalized offers using the drag-and-drop email builder.

Ringly Email Design


Preview your email on mobile right from within the email builder.

Preview Ringly Email Design Preview

When you’re designing an email on your desktop, keep in mind how the content size and layout may change when viewed on a mobile device. You may notice that content elements that are ordered left to right in the desktop version will stack top to bottom on some mobile clients.


 Preview Ringly Email Design


To see how your content will look on different email clients, it’s always a good idea to run a Design and Spam Test.

Design and Spam test

Learn more about optimizing your email subject line and preheader in our guide to Email Marketing in the Mobile Era.

We hope you like what you’ve seen in the All-New Campaign Monitor. If you haven’t had a chance to see the new features in action, log in and see what they can do. If you’re not a Campaign Monitor customer, you can create a free account in a snap.

  • Gary Mumford

    This article fails to mention that Outlook don’t support background images. The responsive templates use background images and therefore are useless when the majority of users actually use Outlook

  • Balthazar Simões

    Hi Gary! Our email builder doesn’t actually use background images by default. You can use a background image, but that’s something the user would add (not us). We do note in the builder when adding a background image that they aren’t supported in all email clients and recommend that they choose a background color as a fallback.

  • Gary Mumford

    Hi. This is not quite true! The first 3 of YOUR templates I looked at all use background images..

    This IS something you (your company) has done. NOT a user!!
    A user like me will be really disappointed when using these templates

  • Balthazar Simões

    Hi Gary! Sorry if I wasn’t super clear! Some of our examples definitely use background images, however, when someone uses the email builder to create their own email they’re going to need to add their own images and decide if they want something as a background image or not (and again, we display a notice about some email clients not supporting background images in the app). Even without background image support you can still make your emails look nice in those email clients by using an appropriate background color as a fallback. Also, it’s really going to be dependent on your audience. Many senders will only have a tiny percentage of subscribers who use an email client that doesn’t support background images so they may make different choices than senders with a large percentage of Outlook users. It’s just one more option for senders to consider when designing their emails and something we’ve had a lot of requests for :)

  • Gary Mumford

    Yes. So I was right! Some of your supplied templates use background images, a style that is not compatible with Microsoft Outlook, which I think is the most popular email client used today.
    My original point was that this is not highlighted very well. Yes you do mention that background images may not supported in all email clients, but as Outlook is the main client used throughout, I believe you should mention it as an example by name, thus preventing people from expecting the template to work as intended for the majority of recipients. Of course this may have an impact on your email testing facility that you charge $5 per rest!

    I fully understand the concept of background image usage as I develop responsive websites and these have to be tested on all browsers. As a Mac user my default browser is Safari, but I test on Chrome, IE, Firefox and a few others on Mac, PC and Linux. And likewise I’ll do the same with email development and test on Apple Mail, Outlook and others for All platforms before I send a proof to our clients. But I believe not all of your customers are going to fully understand this concept and could ultimately be disappointed….
    Apologies for the rant, but I’m just trying to help.


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