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Today we’re excited to share that we’ve made great strides toward making Campaign Monitor’s email templates easy to build and reuse in our drag-and-drop builder so that creating on-brand emails every time is simpler than ever. And to get you started with this new functionality, we’ve added over a dozen new modern email designs to the library. 

Introducing a new way to create custom templates

“Create once, use many” is a phrase most marketers are familiar with, most commonly as it relates to content marketing. We used this same approach with our email templates by enabling our customers to create a template once, then reuse it as often as desired.

You can now create an email template with our drag-and-drop builder and reuse the template in as many new email campaigns as you like with different content for each campaign – saving time while ensuring your emails are always on brand.

To get started, navigate to “My Templates” where you can choose from the following options to design your next template:

email templates

1. Choose a design: for those of you who love our pre-built, mobile-ready designs, these aren’t going anywhere. You can select a design you like, and save it as a template to customize and use again later.

Campaign Monitor Choose Email Design

2. Select from recent emails:
A large contingent of our customers use “recent emails” as a starting point for their next campaign. Choosing a recent email as a starting point enables you to rapidly convert one of your recent email campaigns into a reusable, branded template!

Campaign Monitor Choose Recent Email

3. Start from scratch:
Begin with a blank canvas and save time by not removing everything in a template design first. This is a great option for designers who find themselves modifying the “closest match” design.

Campaign Monitor Start from Scratch

For those of you who prefer to upload your own template and code it, the process for importing an HTML template hasn’t changed.

Define and set your font size styles

When you’re customizing your design, we’ve added deeper control over your brand settings in the template itself. For users with “Build or import their own Templates access,” you’ll notice in the Customize tab the ability to customize the preset font size styles of each Heading. This new capability provides further control for campaign creators.

Campaign Monitor Customize Brand Settings

Get started today with 15 new email designs

What better way to try out the new template capabilities than with a new, modern email design? We’ve added more than a dozen new designs to our library, inspired by the most successful email campaigns we see our customers sending today.

We partnered with our good friends at Really Good Emails to build the best designs in the industry; designs that are incredibly modern, always mobile-ready, built for conversion, and compatible with our drag-and-drop email builder. We’ve also added industry-specific designs, so building an email that will perform well for your business is a cinch.

Campaign Monitor Create Email Template

Wrap up

Delivering features that make Campaign Monitor’s templates and email builder easier – yet more powerful – is something we’re committed to every single day. We hope you’ll find the new designs, new way to create templates, and capabilities in the builder enable you to send even more effective email marketing campaigns.

This blog provides general information and discussion about email marketing and related subjects. The content provided in this blog ("Content”), should not be construed as and is not intended to constitute financial, legal or tax advice. You should seek the advice of professionals prior to acting upon any information contained in the Content. All Content is provided strictly “as is” and we make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the Content.
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