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Today, a marketer’s job is more difficult than ever. Your customers are receiving more emails than ever so the only way to compete is to stand out against all the noise by sending the most targeted emails that resonate with your audience.

Six months ago we launched an all new visual journey designer to help our customers send personalized, timely, and relevant emails that stand out in the inbox. Today we take that ability one step further with new advanced conditions for journeys. This new capability allows marketers to create more sophisticated journeys that help precisely target their audience to deliver an even more personalized experience.

Utilize more data to get personal

At the core of the journey designer is the ability to define a basic condition based on information about a subscriber like email engagement or data stored in custom fields.

 If a subscriber is a repeat customer, send this email, if not, send a different email.

With advanced conditions, you can define multiple rules for a condition to get much more targeted with your journeys.

 If a subscriber is a repeat customer and lives in a particular region, send this email, if not, send a different email.

You can define up to five rules for any condition and specify whether any or all of the rules need to be true for the condition to be met. Rules can be based on custom fields or email engagement data. In the example below, we’re targeting our VIP customers who are high spenders but we want to make sure that offer is relevant to the recipient. Since it’s summer in Australia when it’s winter in North America, we’ll send a different offer to our VIPs based on their region.

advanced conditions

Build journeys easily and efficiently

In addition to being able to target your audience better, this new capability allows you to build multi-step journeys quicker and more efficiently. All the logic is defined in one condition so you don’t have to create child or nested conditions. Additionally, you can set the name of each condition so you can indicate how the journey will flow in exactly your words. With these new enhancements, designing a customer journey is now easier than ever.

Wrap up

This is the first of many great new marketing automation features we’re planning for the new year to help marketers build more sophisticated and powerful customer journeys in a simple, and easy-to-use way. Advanced conditions for journeys are now available in the journey designer for all Unlimited and Premier plan customers.

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