Announcing Flexible Preheader


Every year the adoption of mobile devices continues to fly even higher than the year before. And when it comes to email marketing, we know that more than half of your messages are opened on mobile devices before they’re ever seen on a desktop. In 2016, open rates reached 68 percent.

That’s why preheader text has been proven as an extremely important way to add more context to your subject line and help compel subscribers to open your emails. The challenge for brands with a large mobile readership is that preheader text can take up a significant amount of valuable screen real estate.

Today we’re excited to announce that all Campaign Monitor customers can now decide where you want the preheader text to show – both in the inbox preview and the body of the email or only in the inbox preview to optimize engagement with your core email content.

If you want to try out the new flexible preheader, simply log into Campaign Monitor, dive into one of your campaigns and click to edit the preheader like you would for any other section. You’ll see a new option in the sidebar to edit your preheader text, and check the box to either see it in the email body or not. Just point, click, preview, and you’re all set.

Wrap up

This new level of flexibility allows all of our customers to continuously test and optimize how their preheader text influences open rates, without pushing down the revenue-generating content that matters most.


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